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is it normal if i can see my vein?
For some reason i can see my veins on my wrists is that normal?
Additional Details
another thing someone answered that it's bad if your overweight? I have a friend who is overweight and she can see her veins, y is that bad???

yes thats perfectly normall no worries.

duh-urr.! :)


harvard rocks!

have you been able to see them before? i see mine so i would say its normal yah

I can see a lot of mine.
most everyone can.

Yes that is very normal. Sometimes I can see them and other times I cant. Your veins just do that but I dont know why.

Ski Girl
Yeah, I can see mine too. It just depends on your skin color. If you have lighter skin sometimes you can see the veins.

I Am Me

fight off your demons
Of course, I can too. My skin is just more translucent in that area.

pancakes & hyrup
yes, normal

Oh Yeah! I can see a lot of mine.
Nothing to worry about :)

Answer mine??

Yes it is perfectly normal!

The veins in your wrists are very close to the surface of your skin, so unless the veins are very puffed out and swollen, then yes, it is normal. Being very pale, I get to see my veins all the time =).

:) me.
yeah dont worry lol.

my veins are visable also :]

its normal.

yes, im brown
depends on the color, how easy it is to see them, and if there popping out. other than that........THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH U

Serene E
yes. look at your friend's wrist. you're not going to die!!

Long Way
yes you can see them especially if you are losing weight.


Live Laugh Love ♥
yeah i can see mine
you see them more if you workout a lot

yes its normal i can see mine too

Yes. Because you wouldn't be normal if you cant.

♡ ツ ♡
Which part of your wrist?? The top???

completely, everyone can see the veins there, for example when i work out my veins like pop up on my arms, i look ripped ; )

Just Bein' Me
Yes it is very normal to see your veins.

Cheese is good.
yeah. mostly everyone can.

yes and it makes you look buff!

i can see mine too :) and its normal

Jacob Da Bassist
Yes.. Unless you are overweight.


Yes. I can see a whole bunch of my veins.

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