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if i have a scar on my face will neosporin help?
or will end being worse.

J K (Semper Fi) Beer is good!!!
Depends on what kind of scar it is, it might or it it might not, you didn't mention how or what kind of scar it was.
There are product's on the market that will take away scars, you just need to do some research and find the right product for what kind of scar you have. This question would be easier to asnswer if you provided more information beforehand.

It will not help unless its not healed up already. It will not make it worse. They used to say Vitamin E oil helps scars but nowadays people are saying it doesnt but you could try that. There are all types of oinments that help fade and get ride of scars. I have tried one called Mederma that may help you. That along with others are found at Walmart. You can get prescription ones if you go to the Dcotor those may be more effective. If you are pretty young it should go away by itself. Moisturize!

Lola P
i have a huge scar on my face...when i was 4 i got bit by a dog. and now im 17 its still there but u cant really see it so just let urself grow. Hope this helps=]

only if a fresh wound. If you have a scar plastic surgeon may help. Neosporin is just antibiotic,But doe help in healing and less scarring

Kate E
Yes it will help heal the scar. If the scar does not seem to be fading you can also try Mederma which works very well.

Neosporin won't worsen it, but Neosporin isn't a medicine to help remove scars. Neosporin is a medicine that blocks out parasites and cleans the wound so it won't be affected.

I would recommend Mederma if you're trying to remove a scar, it's doctor recommended and it does work pretty well. It won't remove the scar completly, but it'll make it faint enough to be unnoticable unless someone's inspecting your face.

Demetruis A
no, coco butter

it will only help the healing process. If your cut has healed and it has formed a scar it won't help.

Michele C W
Use aloe vera leaves. Ask your dr.

Neosporin is an antibiotic to prevent and more appropriately treat infection, if you have a scar on your face it is better to consult with your doctor who will know that do you need a plastic surgeon or not

Tiffany P
I work for a dermatologist and i can tell you that neosporin would not help if its an old scar.. If it's a big scar you can always go to a dermatologist and they can put some medicine into the area and help shrink it down, but it will never completely go away. You can try some over the counter products to help make it softer, but it takes time to work.

Neosporian is really just for small cuts. But putting it on a scar wouldn't do anything. Maybe google for some mo re answers.

it could help it ..but the best thing for that is to put Aloe Vera gel on it, or Vitamin E oil and if you have none of those then Vaseline. Neosporin will help the healing but will not necessarily get rid of the scar.

Good Luck!

Very good idea to do this. Apply often too.

kelly e
Neosporin works for a wound if yours has healed and you are left with a scar it won't do much.
Try pure vitamin e - or there are a few products for scars to try.


Prophet 1102
No. There are some over the counter "scar" treatments - I've never used them.

If the scar is very unsightly and makeup won't cover it - you should see a plastic surgeon

If the scar is old and completely healed, no creams will help now. If it is a relatively new wound and not healed, Neosporin may help. Have you checked with a Doctor? Talk to your Mom or Dad. Explain how it makes you feel and ask them for their advice.

I know it is difficult to understand this because it is your appearance and your face but, many times, most of the time we are our own worst critics. What we feel about ourselves and our appearance is always worse than what others think. People who know you and care for you probably don't even notice the scar and strangers should not be of any importance to you. I am sure that you are not really identified by your scar but by the person that you are.... Beautiful for who you are.

It will not make it worse, but if it's a healed scar, it won't improve the look of it.

4 women tried different otc scar treatment they preferred these brands: Scar Guard, Scar Zone and New Skin Scar Therapy, which all contain silicone.

the article is below

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