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 Bite on my neck? please help
i got out of my shower and i noticed a small bump on the back of my neck

i used my phone to take a picture, and it looks like a red bump

i dont think its a zit or anything

i have a mole that keeps growing and growing?
i have a beauty mark on my forehead. it is getting bigger as i have gotten older. i want to hack it off! i wonder if i will really bleed to death.

A dermatologist should have a look at it.
Any mole that changes in size should be examined. It may be nothing serious, but if it looks suspicious, they would want to remove it and examine it in the lab.
That is why you should not attempt to remove it yourself.

you should go to the doctor and sometimes they put a liquid called beetle juice on it and it burns the mole or wart off or you could get it surgeicly removed

I suggest you avoid sunlight and tanning beds....and you may want to see a dermatologist. Most health insurance companies cover the removal of moles to avoid skin cancer. DO NOT remove it yourself!!!! Have a derm do it!! If you try to do it yourself, you could cause major bleeding, scarring, and it might even grow back!!! Good luck!

Call your doctor. If you are underage tell your parents ASAP. It could be a melanoma & should be checked. Make an appointment. When you call for an appointment tell the receptionist or nurse exactly what is going on so that maybe they can fit you in sooner or put you on the cancellation list. Do not wait. Get this checked as soon as possible.

Victoria C
Um u should go to a doctor and see if he has any idea of what to do. Because if u do hack it off you'd probly be screaming for a long time.

Princess of ♥
Don't do it yourself! Go to a doctor's and have it removed surgically!!

you want to hack it off? are you out of your mind? if it is growing, it could be melanoma, "hacking it off" could release cancer cells that are contained inside the mole into the blood stream. Please, don't be stupid... go see a doctor to have the mole evaluated and removed if it is safe to do so.

Go to a dermatologist.

You may be left with a scar, but it will be a lot better if you have a professional excise it and stitch it up afterwards.

definetly go to the doctor for that..

find a good dermatologist

Steffi Nicole
I don't know if you will bleed to death or not....o.O....but maybe you could see a dermatologist. They could help you!

yoli yoli
Dont do it yourself who knows it might bleed. Go with a doctor and like you said this mole keeps growing and growing i dont find this quite normal. Good luck if the doctor takes it off its possible he might leave a little mole and it will look gorgeous my cousing had this done and its very cute.

See a doctor. Moles that grow tend to be cancerous.

please see a doctor xTake a look at this website
hope it helps.

Sarah C
you need to have a dr do it because you want to be sure it isn't a form of skin cancer

want a answer
get it checked

Shar Pei Lady
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Things like this have to be removed by a doctor,probably in an outpatient surgery due to it being on your face.Talk to your parents,and let her know how much you dislike this mole.Let her know you would like it removed,then see your doctor.

Go see a dermatologist. This could be cancerous. Not to scare you...but better to be safe than sorry. And they can remove it for you.

go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

The Observer
No you wont bleed to death, just have an ugly looking scar. i think you can get them removed though. just say to the doctors that your depressed because of it and wont leave the house and they will take it off for free lol. atleast in the uk :P

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