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I had dandruff for a long time, i've been using shampoo and some stuff for itching and it dosen't work! Do u have any tips or products i can use? please help me!

head and shoulders dandruff shampoo

Kirvana W
have you tried t-gel? or maybe your not washing your hair out enough.

just use biolage shampoo and conditioner

21 y/o single mum to Liam :)
do u apply conditioner all over?

I'd go with "Head And Shoulders dandruff shampoo"

ohh thats real bad. it happens to me all the time. my head used to itch all the time before. use head n shoulders or dandruff drowsy.

Theresa O
Try a hot oil treatment.

Use heads and shoulders. It works for me. And also it makes your hair nice and soft. NO MORE ITCHINESS

i am the eggman
scrub your hair until it hurts dandruff i when te skin dryes out drink lots of water and try oiley food dont blow dry it

T gel.
If you use styling products make sure you use alcohol free products.

ask a dermatologist.
we're clearly not qualified..

head and shoulders
definitely helps

make sure you're washing out ALL the shampoo.
i'd cut out conditioner.
try selsum blue, it really does work.

if all else fails, go to the doctor.
some people have psoriasis(sp?) and don't know it.

Selsun Blue shampoo works great!

first of all dont try head and shoulder their product is not that good for dandruff
i recomed selsum blue i recomend it and my doctor did to it works like a charm i swear

Maurice R

and shoulders.

head and soldiers.

Apple cider Vinegar, this isnt something your going to want to wash and go though, do it like before bed or something you know. Dandruff is usually caused by acid in the skin casing it to flake and vinegar is a natural product that neutralizes acid so it will help a lot. Dont do it everyday but its good to add to a routine of maybe couple times a week.

Midnight Train
I have sebhorric dermatitis and after hundreds of dollars on prescription shampoos, I found that the only thing that worked for me was Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment -- the dark blue bottle.

Brush your hair frequently, use a light leave-in condition spray where you can spot treat the trouble areas on your scalp overnight.

i'm not sure but you could always call a salon up and ask them what they would recommend or you could google it

Graham H
Same here.

I've tried everything and nothing works.

Email me if you get any good answers please.

use the creams they put on shelves, that should work, you know where you put it on and wash it off, using a comb

þ qq tan þ
use anti-dandruff shampoo. same things happened with me

Head and shoulders.
Panteve Prov.


you might be using it wrong. Too much ? too little?
and then your hair is dry.
Try using it every day.
Head and shoulders

Head and Shoulders use the menthol it's really cool in the summer an doesn't make you cold in the winter

i had the same stupid problem.

now be prepared. this is going to sound really stupid.

but the most amazing hair product out there is only 6 dollars a bottle.

its actually shampoo for show horses. the reason it works so well is because there isnt as many chemicals in it. i get mine from walmart, in the pet section.
i just got a new dog, and the people at petco said to try it for my pup. but when i got it on the back there was directions for human use too.. so i looked it up. its great for dandruff and dammaged hair.

check out the site for my source if you dont believe me.

try it. if you dont like it, you only wasted 12 dollars.

I had a lot of trouble when I was younger. I discovered that there were two issues.

First, I was slightly auto-allergic. I would produce chemicals in my hair oil that would cause an allergic reaction, resulting in dandruff.

Second, I discovered that I produced more of those chemicals when I was stressed or upset. If I had a major emotional upheval then I would have a serous dandruff break-out.

Treatment: Reducing the intake of milk and milk products can really help - try Soy Milk if you need milk. If you are auto-allergic then wash your hair in the morning and in the evening and use a cream rinse so you don't dry things out too much.

I found that coal tar shampoos and Selsum Blue would start off by making the problem seem worse at first, but after a day would bring it under control (Head and Shoulders and T-Gel made things worse - maybe more allergic reaction). However, they smell bad and will damage your hair if you use them too often. I now use Dove shampoo and cream rinse and only go to Selsum Blue if I am experiencing a break-out (once or twice a year).

You may have another food allergy, so keep a diary for a while about your emotional state, what you are eating, and your itching/dandruff.

try neutragena t-gel shampoo. i think the active ingredient is coal tar or something crazy. anyway once you use it (only rub it into your scalp, don't wash the rest of your hair with it or it will dry it out) you should then use a conditioner to get the bad smell of the t-gel out. i have dandruff in the winter and although i haven't found a product that completely solved my problem, this nutregena t-gel shampoo works the best, for me. it works better than suave dandruff, head and shoulders, and pantene dandruff shampoos.

OK put baby oil in your hair and scratch it so that the dandruf will become loose and then after a little bit wash your hair and the dandruff will decrease. Then after that i just went back to regulary washing my hair 3 times a week.

if u get it bad u should wash it 3 times a week like me.
ur not alone :) im with you.

Yes, head and shoulders is best.

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