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i burned my finger, on a hot hot lamp? how long is the healing process?? WHAT SHOULD I DO?
PLease help me im so afraid i dont wanna die!

Cut a tomato and put it on the burnt place. : )

Trilinie Sarah S
BLOW ON IT ! ! !
I don't recommend putting anything on it at all.
Don't touch things with it.

Don't run it under cold water it makes it worse:(Try to call the doctor about it ...put some ice on it too just not for too long cuz it will make it swell...i hope i helped

if you have a first aid kit...it should have a burn cream in it...put a small amount on and leave it alone. If it is really painful take a Tylenol, or see your dr.

lol its ok i did that with my wrist trying to turn it off once... best thing is just to leave it alone and eventually it will stop hurting and go away.. probrobly be a red spot for awhile and will burn but other then that.. u wont die... im still here :)

This might sound weird but if it just happened cut a potato and put were you got burned on it, (the potato takes in the heat)

dont run it under cold water it might blister the pain should go away in a couple hours but it might take some days to get better


crazy ed
It varies based on how much skin was burnt. If it was only like the top layer, then you shouldnt worry. Be sure to place a slice of a potato on it. It is known to reduce scarring. Get some ice in a bag and place it over the area.

Based upon the size of the scar it could take a few days to a week or two. But if it is just your finger, i'd say up to a week maximum.

If you see that its scarring, place scar gel on it to reduce skin discoloration.


Abby S
First of all, run it under cold water. Then switch from icing it to heating it with a heating pad. After your finger starts feeling a little better, put some pressure on it. If you can't go to sleep, put a glass of cold water next to your bed and keep your finger in it until you fall asleep or it gets to cold!

I ‚ô• Cheerleading
Run it under cold water, if you have bactine i would put that on tht will help it heal faster. Just continue to put that on ad it should feel a little better. Hope this helps!

Also, put some ice on it, then it should feel way better. It sould be fully healed in a week.

Do not cover it.
Apply ointment. Three four time in a day
Put daily under running normal water two times
a day if wound is not there
Keep it clean by using cotton softly
In seven days it will starts healing.
Becoming blister will be good sign it
Indicate flow out of bad liquid. It also
Indicate that below blister there is a good skin developing.

-Run it under cold water
-Ice it
-Put a cold wash rag on it
It will just be a little bump and go away soon! You won't die!

Put some Neosporin on it, and aloe helps with more then just sunburn sometimes, and don't wrap it up unless you actual need to go do something where you think that it will get bumped and hurt more. It needs to be aired out, just make sure it does not get infected.

shiningstar405 ‚ô•
i think you should put it in ice cold water, even if it hurts, or you can just put ice on it

feel better soon <3

ur joking right?
youre not going to die.
put it under cold water.
DO NOT ICE. the ice will stick to the burn and make it worse.
it should be gone in a couple of days.
it amazes me that u just got a burn and u immediately go on ur computer and type this instead of telling ur parents...

Burn the other finger on the opposite hand to even it out. I swear it works

how bad is it?i got a 2nd degree burn from my oven,and it happend a few weeks ago,and its healed now.but it has a terrible scar.put ice in a washcloth or in a ziplock bag and hold it on there.also try some bactine.it still leaves a scar,but it takes pain away and heals fast,and the scar isnt SO bad.

Hahahaha Die???? If it just happened pour some milk on it if not you may want to go into the doctor so they can give you some ointment for it but I am certain and 100% sure that you are not going to die.

lol if ur finger hurts so much, how can u type on the computer.

OMG calm down, its just a burn, you're not going to die. it takes about 1-3 days to heal, and after a while, it will leave the slightest ring around where you burn you're finger. I burned my finger on a hot iron when I was around 5, and I have a barely noticeable line around where I was burned. You'll be fine.

Darren E
Its not going to kill you. Run it under cold water for a minute or so and leave it to heal itself.

put ice on it and keep it cool for about an hour, theres probably going to be a blister on your finger. its going to take probably two days to a week depending on how big your blister is. dont pop your blister!
-unless your finger is bleeding.. then idk

you won't die
ice it if it hurts
don't be dramatic

let me sing
you are not going to die! put you hand under cold water, then you go to the hospital to get some burn cream to put on your hand.


Booman 1234
You can't really do much. You can only put ice on it and just wait it out. It should only take a couple days but may blister.

‚ô•Lola Bunny‚ô•
i burned the whole side of my arm on the oven
u will live
pain goes away in a couple of hours
try and keep your mind off the pain

Put aloe vera on it.

ok.... you're not gonna die....
just go to a drug store a buy something. if the pain continues go to a doctor

If it hurts that bad go to the docter to get it checked hoped i helped an di hope u feel better

mairmair <3
run it under cold water, ur not gonna die, it will take about a week, dont worry!!! u will b fine!

G&J's Mommy
Omg, calm down. It's just a burn.

Put it under cold water for a few minutes. And apply ice if needed. If it's a severe burn then you need to go to the ER.

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