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love, love, love
i've been getting really bad rashes under my arms....?
my arm pit to be exact... it started with a deodorant that i use all the time.. but i switched any way and its still happening.. some times they will be huge pimples almost like a boil.. i sweat a lot so most deodorants dont even work on me this one actually does (for now any way) is there anything i can do?

[ | $ÙiCiÐë | ] ^ [ | ÐréÅm | ]

It might just be because of the kind of deodorant it was. idk if the reaction was from a stick or gel, but if you switch, it should solve the problem. If you already did that, just go to the doctor.

I had this problem too. It may be because you shave too often OR you shave with no water. This was my problem. Hope this helps!

Ok, so your allegic to some types of deoderant. Go see your doctor, and maybe he can prescribe or give you and idea of what deoderant you should use.

♥Team Jacob forever♥
it might be because of the mositure i nkow baby powder is bad but ut works for me try but on baby powder then deoderint han baby poswder again

could be razor burn or eczema, try putting lotion on and letting it dry before you put deodorant on.

You need to stop using deodorant for a time and let your underarms heal. It sounds like you had an allergic reaction to something in your deodorant. Wash your armpit well, dry, then rub hydrocortisone cream on them and put baking soda on them. Do this until your rash is gone.

I think you should make an appt with a dermotoligist..
They will be able to tell you what is really going on and they can also give you options on the types of injections that you could get for the sweating problem =)

ha! lol i had a huge boil in my
armpit for about 1/2 a year!!
put pimple cream on it every night
and will EVENTUALLY go away.

my mom had that the doctor said it was some alergic reaction to the sweat they just gave her some cream

fast steve
maybe cortizone cream

linda w
Yes, stop the use of deodorants for awhile. It's caused you to have an allergic reaction. It's happened to my husband too. Just wash armpits more frequently & use a baking soda (arm & hammer) deodorant.Or you can use a deodorant stone. Thats my best advice. You can also use baking soda as a dusting powder. I use the deodorant stone 'cause I can't use any kind of deodorant; it irritates me so bad.

I feel for you, I have similiar problems. Try a different shaving cream for sensitive skin and try moisturizer there (I know it sounds weird) after you shave your underarms. If that doesn't work, talk to your dermatologist. They might not be able to help with the pimple-like boils, but they have things (special deodordants for example) than can help with the sweating. Good luck!

Your M
Anti-Perspirant deoderants close up the pores in your armpits which doesn't allow air to get through.. And also don't use deoderant directly after shaving because it opens up all your pores and then your just clogging them up

Its the heat. You shopuld go back to the original deodorant that u used all the time. Don't change it up if it works. Try Dove Clinical Strength, it works!!!!!!

when you do have the sores..dont shave your arm pit. that will just make the rash spread more and take much longer to heal. untill you are healed wear shirts that cover your under arm and wear deoderent. they have the spray kind so that you dont have to acctually have physical contanct with your skin than you wont smell and you will heal.

good luck :D hope this helps.

shaving too close??

Tim K
Probably go to your doctor and get treatment. Then ask him if they make deodorant that is hypo-allergenic and is made for heavy sweaters

I know someone who got the same problem; even if you stop using the deodorant the rash will take a while to heal. Changing brands will not help much since most of them have almost the same chemicals.

Start using the natural "salt deodorant", the rash will go away and it works as good as any other deodorant but its only made of mineral salt and water (NO OTHER CHEMICALS).

cute redhead
i use to have this problem i don't know if it was from shaving and then applying deo or what but i am now using secret clinical strength and now no bumps or anything and it works great i don't feel wet under my arm pits like i use too id try it and if it don't help maybe ask your doctor but the secret clinical strength is wonderful lol i can wear tank tops again

Your using an antiperpersant -- not a deoderant. Suggest you stop the use of under arm junk till ya find out why it is sore. See the pharmasist at Walgreens and ask if there is any product on the self -- show him your boils.. ---FREE

your best bet would be to see a dermatologist. Or just keep trying different deodorants.

Yeah, deodorants tend to block the sweat glands in your pits and cause this blockage. It's not cute if you have to raise your hands I know. It usually happens after shaving, then applying deoderant. Try using a product called TEND SKIN. It's like $20 @ Sephora, and its greats for bumps, including razor bumps...the best product, I promise it will work, I live by it. Also you could try using a spray deodorant. Degree makes one if your pits are strong, or try using a aluminum free deodorant. Aluminum is the key ingredent in most, and is usually what causes the blockage.

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