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how to take the heat out of sunburn?

Yogurt gets rid of the rendness and aloe vera helps with peeling.

Big Mike
sunburn and sunstroke is entirely preventable: you simply need to take sensible precautions and be aware of the damage that the sun can do to your body.

• In hot places or during a hot day, stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at its fiercest.

• Cover up: wear a hat to protect your face and neck - the areas most commonly damaged by the sun; and wear loose clothing. Be aware that wet clothing lets through more UV rays than dry.

• Do not wash yourself with soap all the time. Soap removes the oil from the skin that is there to keep it supple and resilient. Ingest good quality omega 3 oils preferably together with broad spectrum (water and lipid soluble) antioxidants.

• Taking aloe vera capsules, before and during a holiday much helps the skin to stand up to a sudden change in sunlight exposure; it can also help to rejuvenate the skin following exposure.

Aloe gel, as has been mentioned, & yes, keeping it in the fridge will make it feel divine on your skin.

Plain yogurt is also very soothing... just smooth some on, leave for awhile, & gently wipe or rinse off.

definately aloe vera... if you are in the UK the other thing is Nivea aftersun balm... Take oral paracetamol and plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration

Next time best to buy the higher factor sunscreen rather than having the sunburn.... Sunburn is all well and good it shows you that your skin has been burnt much like if you burnt yourself with a iron.. how long would you let some one press an iron on your back when hot ?? Carry on sunbathing without sufficient screen if you are happy enough to get skin cancer

Barb H
vinegar it really works

aloe vera gel - best to keep it in the fridge then when you come to apply it it will feel fantastic. It will also stop your skin from peeling if you apply it early enough.

aloe vera - or calamine lotion or cream.

aloe vera or natural yogurt

Shelby J
Aloe and vinger helps to soothe it too ! and a cold clothe

Have a warm bath with vinegar added, preferably white
After use neat aloe vera juice if you can get it

Sheri L
There are TONS of different products u can use.... any thing with aloe is the best to chose. it really helps the stinging.

always b natural
Apply cool cloths. Lots and lots. And then don't let this happen again, wear sun screen.

Fancy That
vinegar. Sounds terrible, but it works wonders.

Aloe vera-the stuff directly from the plant, not in the bottle

Cool, wet washcloths changed often

Noxema-the white stuff in the tub.

Derek G
calamine lotion....love the smell of it for some reason!

I'm with those above, Aloe Vera is the best bet. But not just aloe vera creams, try to get the real thing, or at least a gel that will say it's 100% Aloe Vera Gel.

I agree with the many above.
Aloe Vera Gel.
I have a plant in my house ....just water now and again ..you really can't kill them. If you get a sunburn take off a piece open it up and apply directly to the sunburn. Also works if you get a burn from cooking.

dab vinegar on your sunburn or pour it in your bath water and sit in it. It will "pull" the heat out of it and you won't even feel it tommorrow or later today depending on when you do it. i have tried aloe and it dosent give me any relief.

Nicki P
put your aftersun lotion in the fridge, its brilliant it really cools the skin down.

calamine lotion is the cheapest or a good after sun cream

since milk is so expensive now i don't recommend taking a bath of it though it does help. soaking a tea bag and kinda sponging it on the burn helps take away the redness and the actualy burn. lifeguard trick from miami.

Before you read this I will tell you I have a brother and a sister and 27 cousins and none of us use the same method. All of thee below can be use for first second and third degree sun burn AND other burns like hot water and burns from cooking. Some of them sound so silly and out rages but they work.

*Do NOT use anything with lanolin in it., It will actually increase pain when the cool cream is warmed by your body heat.

*Aloe Vera or calamine lotion or cream work on minor burns.

*Aromatherapy. Lavender oil is preferable but chamomile or peppermint oil should suffice. Simply drip the oil onto the affected area and then spread lightly with tissue or cotton wool. Be careful not to touch the burn directly as this will aggravate it. The pain will start to recede after about half an hour or less and should not return. For severe cases you may need to reapply in the morning and try to avoid direct sun the following day. Simple, effective and you'll even keep your tan!

*Teabags can provide surprisingly effective relief - the tannin in them will help to soothe and cool sun burnt skin. Brew a large pot of strong tea and allow it to cool, either naturally or with ice. Soak a cloth or towel (preferably dark colored!) in the tea and drape across the irritated area for about half and hour. If the burn is not localized then bathing in strong, cold tea may be more appropriate. Don't throw away the used bags either – they are useful for especially sensitive areas of the body, such as eyes.
Overexposure to the sun can also lead to dehydration and often sunstroke. Try to increase your fluid intake to re-hydrate your body and aid recovery.

*Slice a fresh tomato into several slices and laid the slices over the sunburn It is instantly cooling and actually healed the rather severe sunburn in just over a day, which used to take over a week. I think it has to do with the vitamin found in tomatoes that helps heals burns

*Another thing that works is white vinegar or apple cider vinegar , it takes away the sting. Fill up a bath with cool water and add 2 cups of vinegar and soak in it for about half an hour. Or fill up a spray bottle and spray all over the sunburn

*Put noxema cream on the area during the day, the vapors help cool the skin. this is fast relief.
At night i dampen a hand towel and place it on sunburn, the towel will dry as your skin soaks up the moisture. If you wake during the night re dampen the towel

*Put a pack of oatmeal in a baggie, even flavored oatmeal works. Then add cold water to the bag but only enough so it is like a paste. mush the oatmeal in the baggy untill paste form. When you are ready rub in with a spoon or your hand . When it dries wipe it off but how bad it is depends if it hurts with a towel when you take it off.

*Cocoa butter. rub the lotion on and let the air hit it. It is a Relief!!

*Whip an egg white and beat in a teaspoon of castor oil. Apply to the affected area.

* Or add a handful of baking soda to the bathtub of warm water and soak in it for awhile.

*For a bad sunburn - I recommend Witch Hazel over any other remedy. It will calm the pain and heal the burn faster than any medication I know

*Calendula ointment topically to the skin, purchased it at my health food store

*Look for sun care products made from natural extracts of plants or herbs that are known for their UV protection. Shea butter and edelweiss plant are examples of such natural products. The edelweiss plant grows at a very high altitude and has a built-in SPF and high concentrations of natural UV-absorbing chemicals

*Apply fresh milk cream onto the sunburned area to obtain immediate relief from sunburn.

*Mix in one teaspoon of turmeric powder in an eight ounce cup of plain yogurt and apply it onto the sunburned areas.

*Topical applications such as gels and salves made of calendula herb are considered to be beneficial in treating sunburn. Calendula herb has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and will help to soften and heal burned skin. It is believed to speed up the recovery process by stimulating new cell growth.

*Put 20 drops of calendula tincture into four ounces of water and bathe the affected skin until the pain subsides.

*Apply cucumber or potato slices onto the affected skin to cool the burning sensation

*Prepare a compress using Epsom salt or baking soda dissolved in water. Gently apply it onto the sunburned areas

Aloe vera gel, works like magic!!!!!!!!!!

aloe vera or try steeping a tea bag for a bit and then squeeze the excess water out of the bag and then put the tea bag on the sunburn... of course make sure your tea bag isn't too hot first!

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