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how to get rid of feet odor?

Additional Details
No stupid answers. Like really GET A LIFE.

when i glanced at question i thought it said feet color...this is boring

yes, i'm THAT girl
shower..&&..wear clean socks...lol...

Sometimes its the shoes.

wash them!!!

Dee Fr
eeeeew. feet odor? nasty.

Sailor Jupiter
take a shower

my dad uses odor-eaters in his shoes.
i guess they work cuz he loves them.

Always wear socks with your shoes.

I'd say it's bacteria related. You may sweat more than others due to genetics, which makes your feet more prone to bacterial growth. I found this online:

"Bacteria are to blame. These tiny critters normally inhabit your feet and love dark, damp places like the insides of sweaty shoes.

These bacteria eat dead skin cells and oils from your skin. Their colonies will grow and start getting rid of waste in the form of organic acids. It’s those organic acids that smell bad.

And for 10 percent to 15 percent of people, the smell is really bad. Why? Because their feet are extra sweaty and become home to bacteria called Micrococcus sedentarius (say: my-kroh-kah-kus seh-den-tair-ee-us). These bacteria produce more than just stinky organic acids – they also produce stuff called volatile sulfur compounds. You know what volatile sulfur compounds smell like.

So how can you stop your feet from stinking? Well, you might not be able to stop stink completely. But if you cut down on sweat, you’ll cut down on the odor.

Be clean: Bathe your feet every day. Be sure to dry your feet.

Wear the right socks: Cotton, some wools and special knits made for athletes will absorb sweat and let your feet breathe. Put on a fresh pair if they get damp.

Good-fitting shoes: Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight. If they are, your feet might sweat more than normal.

Switch shoes: Wearing the same shoes every day can make them smellier. Let them dry out for a couple of days before wearing them again.

Kill those germs: Try using a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria in your shoes. You might also wash your feet with antibacterial soap.

Wash shoes or insoles: Some insoles or shoes, especially sneakers, may be washable.

Go barefoot: Let your feet air out by spending some time in the open air, especially at night.

If you still have problems: Consider getting odor-fighting powder or insoles. If nothing seems to work, you might want to talk with your doctor about which steps to take."

Carry a change of socks and use foot powder, i like the gold bond powder, but you'll find 1 that works 4 you and keep your feet clean and dry

Soak your feet in a bath of tea and lemon.

Believe it or not, soak your feet in some diluted clorox. Use different CLEAN socks everyday after doing this. The clorox kills the germs. If your sneakers or your shoes are kicking throw them out and get yourself a new pair.

Wash your feet. Go to a salon and get your feet cleaned and pedicure and stuff. Wear clean socks. Deodorize your shoes. Use like frebreeze or their good smelling dryer sheets.


Mandi :)
Baking soda in the shoes. Let it sit for a day or so, maybe even over night. Then just dump out the powder.

Gold Bond Foot Powder works very well.

alli C
cut them off.. no im jk. ask yahoo questions about it. u know, it's a great site to get answers. u should try it though seriously. i asked a question adn within moments i recieved answers- so try it. it works

try different shoes
try different socks
put purfume / collogne in the bottom of yr shoes
use deodordant on yr feet
hope i helped:D

odor is caused by bacteria and fungus. I used a cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda in enough water to cover feet. I did this every other day for a few weeks. it got rid of the smell and no more callouses or yellow thick toenails.

Some good ideas here already... odor is indeed caused by bacteria and fungus - and the fungus is the most difficult component to get rid of (any good antiseptic will get rid of the bacteria). Some good remedies include:

1) dilute chlorine bleach (like Chlorox) - a bit drastic and your feet will smell of chlorine for a while, but it DOES kill pretty well everything especially fungus.

2) Any good anti-fungal powder or cream.

3) Borax!! - can still be bought in almost any supermarket, and is a wonderful anti-fungal treatment. Just make a saturated solution of the stuff: boil water with some in it, and then let it cool until warm - not sure exactly how much to use but it's not that expensive so just use lots. Soak your feet in it for a half hour to an hour for several nights, and they will smell MIUCH better - and will be tougher, sweat less and you'll get fewer blisters or foot sores on hikes. This is an old-fashioned cure that really works. Best of all, it is most effective in helping KEEP the problem from coming back - better than most other treatments do, since it toughens up the skin and reduces sweating.

Always wear socks with your shoes. Keep your feet clean and use a foot powder to keep them dry. Wet feet can cause athlete's foot so keep your feet dry and clean.

Colton R
I know this sounds nasty. But, Honestly "pee" on them when you get into the shower. Stand there for about 1 min then take a shower and wash your feet. When you get out dry them completely.

Now if you wear the same shoes everyday put powder in them. And make sure that you wear socks.

Carolina V
Wash your feet very well with a deodorant soap and dry very well in between the toes too, use some sandals at home to air out the feet and let your feet rest from closed shoes. Buy some spray to put into your shoes and deodorant can be rubbed onto your feet too.

Put some talcum powder in your socks.
It'll absorb the sweat from your feet and it'll smell less.

rub deoderant on the bottom of your feet

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