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 What do iI use for my acne !!I've tryed every thing!?
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 What could this rash possibly be?
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how do you get rid of lice?
i think ive had lice for two weeks but what do i do about it i mean its sooo ichy

Get it cut

danyal e
put mayonaise on

Bumblebee☆ALWAYS☆ Liason☆ fan
Sleep with mayonaise in your hair. It really does work well. Also you can buy tea tree oil shampoo. That will also take care of em

if you put maynoise in your hair and put a shower cap on it and sleep in it then that will smother then and they will die quickly

another thing you can do is put grease in your hair but that takes aleast a week to kill them

so i would go with the maynoise

I Luv Yoo Sooo Much!
Get a special shampoo... not sure how mny kinds there are but pick one! :)

mayonaise works wonders

Go to Walgreens and get the Rid X products.
Treat your hair with Rid X mousse and other products.
These are sold at Walgreens,Jewel Osco, Osco Drug, CVS,Target, and Walmart.
Keep your linen, clothes, and hair washed.
Get well soon.

you can get many solutions from a chemist or supermarket which is the best way to go about it.
A cheap way is to get a very fine comb (a lice comb) and a bottle of really cheap conditioner and comb your hair thoroughly twice a day for a week.
The combing will pull out live lice and the conditioner will make it easier. The combing over 7 days will make sure that any eggs that are laid will come out before they hatch. Wash bedding and hairbrushes too

There are medicines/shampoos that you can buy that kill lice and lice eggs.

I have gotten rid of them a couple time with just very frequent brushings with the special combs. I dont like the shampoos.

Dee R
use the lice medicine as directed
and be sure to wash wash wash and wash all the bedding and clothes that have been worn in hot water. maybe some powder for lice on the carpet etc... good luck fighting the lice.

basically all you do is
1.) find shampoo/ conditioner that will kill lice,nits,and eggs
2.) find the special combs that take them out...i would recommencd RID,
3.) then apply then shampoo and after your done comb your hair so get all the died lice out and the eggs

do this every week and soon you'll see no more.......oh and dont forget to wash your pillows and get a new hair brush and anything that you have put your head on...otherwise they will jump back on you....

**best wishes**

Crisco & Vinegar, put Crisco on hair let it
set over night (plastic shower cap) Shampoo
two or more times to remove Crisco, then
rinse with vinegar & warm water, or go to
CVS and get a lice & kit follow directions
on how to use your nit & egg comb.

Products are fairly expensive and the chemicals are basically putting insecticide straight on your brain! Naturally made products are good for maintenance and prevention, ie tea-tree oil. My suggestion cover your hair in oil - any kind of cooking oil, soak it through, this suffocates them. After 15mins, comb through with vinegar, that removes the dead eggs that stick to hairs. Do again in a week, as a life cycle precaution. Some knowledge around isn't true, you don't need to wash all your belongings and they don't swim, ie in pools. But do soak your brushes and don't share. Check other people in house!

there are special shampoos for lice. i dont know any but you can ask your doctor or make a prescription.

go to the store.. they have home kits or something

Yay Meeeee!!
Brush your hair often to remove lice eggs, and shower and make sure when your shampooing scrub really deep in your hair.

1. Be prepared to fight a long battle. Adult lice and immature lice are pretty easy to get rid of, but their eggs are much harder to get rid of, and it is with these that the most problems crop up. People can think that they are rid of lice, but then get another case of lice from just a couple of eggs. Constant vigilance will be necessary to win this battle.
2. Get a good nit comb and thick conditioner and find a room with lots of light. Good nit combs are metal and typically cost ~$12 or more (e.g. LiceMeister or Nit Free Terminator comb). Without a good nit comb you will not be able to remove the eggs. Sit the subject down on a firm chair and cover the neck and upper body with a towel to prevent too much mess.
3. Look for the living adult lice, which have pinchers in front, and scuttle around. The small, white "crawly" things are the little immature lice and the white/brown microscopic things attached to the hair shaft are the eggs.
4. Disperse thick conditioner thoroughly through the hair of the affected person. Doing so will make the hair silky and much easier to comb through with fine tooth combs,and will also loosen the eggs so that they slide right off the strands.
5. Separate and clip the hair up into four sections and start combing, stopping to wipe the lice and eggs on a towel every few strokes. Continue until all the sections are done.
6. Repeat, wash the combs, and start again. You should comb through the hair until not a single egg or nit shows up! This will probably take an hour or so.
7. Pour a cup of white vinegar into a pitcher of water. Vinegar is also supposed to help loosen the eggs. Wash the hair out with the vinegar rinse and then with water.
8. Clean all of the infected person's contaminated belongings: clothes, towels, and bedding will need to be washed in hot water, and their mattress and room vacuumed thoroughly. Use the hottest setting on the dryer and dry for the longest time you can without harming the fabric.
9. Wait a day, and then repeat the process, sitting down, putting in the conditioner and combing through the hair. You could be be surprised after the last comb-through that the little parasites are back; although if they are, they should be back in greatly decreased numbers.
10. Again, comb through the hair until not one of the lice shows up. Repeat again. And again. And yet again. Usually two weeks will pass until all the lice are gone.

Good luck! (:

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