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how do you get rid of acne?? plsz help!?!?
hey everyone does anyone have any idea how to get rid of acne??

Bob the tomato
pray to Jesus and use an ointment that gets rid of achne. I hope you know that hell is real and Bill Wiese has been there for 23 minutes in a vision.


Jesus is coming soon!
I don't believe in the rapture only the 2cd coming but here goes nothing.
This one's funny.

crankin that proactive

Matt T

try Roaccutan plz. that's the answer.,,,, look it up on line .i tried different things this is the only one that deliver it results what it said it would do. all my acne was gone in 2 wks i had it some on my face , back an shoulders all gone and it havent come back

Ginger Equation
See a doc and tell her/him about your acne. The doc will give you a cream or something to cure it. But in the meanwhile, if you dont wna go to the doc, wash your face regularly, TWICE a day. If you wash it like 3-5 times a day, you'll make it worse, because your face will lose all it's natural oil and it will be very dry. DONT try those "Creams" that says it will cure acne, those creams (unless prescribed by doc) is very harmful to your face as it contains harmful subtances. Keep your face clean and eat more fruits!


Stress can cause acne.....worrying about pimples makes pimples.
It's like a tooth ache...the more you mess with it the worse it gets.
Just keep your face clean, use acne meds. and stop worrying.

This may sound weird but it helps overnight. First put tooth paste on the pimple or pimples. Wait 15 minutes then take it off with rubbing alcohol. Then overnight it should be all gone if note mostly gone.

This may help Dr. john McDougall

Top of Page, (Rt. Side), Click: SEARCH
Then Type in Acne in the Yahoo or Google Search
You have your pick of Articles by Dr. McDougall.
Also on the site can go to the discussion board.
Hope this helps

i use this clearasil stuff and it works pretty good for me

Wash your face every night, especially if you wear makeup,it clogs pores and makes them dirty.

Try and keep your hands of your face because your hands have all kinds of dirt's on them..also keep your hair off your face too.Don't touch your pimples,including pick,press or rub them either

Get good sleep,stress causes pimples,and change your pillow case a lot too.

Peroxide and toothpaste works on them too,it drys them out

I have a friend who swears that Proactive saved her life.

Summer <3 God,Bball,art(;
first of all DON"T TOUCH IT.
wash your face often, and use clean and clear.
For you acne, theirs a lot of creams you can put on it that work, so you should proabably go to you nearest drug store and buy one.


Clinique's Acne System.

Kyle W
Find a good facial cleanser with salycilic acid, oil free, and hypoallergenic..I sugguest Aveeno products. Your also going to need a moisturizer with the same basic ingredients. good luck!

Martin G
Have you tried Acne MD?

Read about it here


it might work for you

well u could use acne free you could buy it at Wal-Mart its about $20 it really works you'll get results in a week besides it has the same stuff pro active has but it works faster n better!! trust me every1 in my skool are seeing the results

Stop eating food that contains any form of sugar. Glucose, fructose, sucrose. Eat lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of fresh water, avoid dairy products, and wash your face with water only, do not use soap on your face.

well i got this prescription called diffirn its for night time and it helps alot

Fred J
first you try a top brand like clearasil, if that doesnt work you try to pop it and if that doesnt work your pretty much screwed and have to deal with all the crap your friends give you

Try Murad. It's definitely better than Proactive. It did made my skin clearer. It has a cleanser with salicylic acid and then a gel with glycolic acid topping it all with a moisturizer.

If your acne is really bad, see a dermatologist. You may need a real good prescription like Differin, Retin A or RoAccutane in addition to topical Antibiotics like Clindamycin or Erythromicyn. Sometimes, the doctor will put you on oral contraceptive pills to stabilize your hormone.

Lastly, keep your face clean. Don't overwash. Sleep right and eat right. Don't stress too much.


Read and follow the following advices and you will have clear, beautiful skin soon, guaranteed!

The main causes of acne is toxins build up in the body and clogged pores caused by excessive oil and deadskin cells. The clogged pores, which contain toxins and oil, provide a fertile ground for acne bacteria to spread and thrive. This triggers skin inflammation, which leads to acne forming.

Most acne products only treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes of acne. Over the counter products such as Proactiv and other gels and creams only make your skin dried & sensitive instead of treating acne at the source. Prolonged use can even lead to premature aging and other health issues.

The only way to effectively fight acne and prevent acne from coming back is to treat the underlying causes of acne. First, you need to get rid of the toxins in your body. Certain herbs are very good at cleaning the bloodstream and getting rid of toxins in the body. By getting rid of toxins in your body and the bloodstream, your immune system is strengthened and you body produce less oil, therefore decreasing the chance of acne outbreak. Secondly, you need proper skin care to prevent dead skin cells and oil from clogging the pores.

So to effectively treat acne and prevent acne and pimples from occuring again, you need to use an acne treatment system that helps to get rid of toxins from the body as well as prevent your pores from being clogged. They should also contains natural ingredients since they're more safer to use and has less side effects. Check out http://www.amazingacnecure.com/products_review.html for review of the best acne treatment system that can permanently cure your acne problem and give you clear, beautiful skin, guaranteed.

Once your acne is cured, you must take actions to keep your body free of the toxins through proper diet and keep your pores clean through proper skin care. Follow these tips:

-Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins
-Eat 2 cups of yogurt a day - yogurt boost ur immune system and contain microbiotic organisms that help your digestive system and control the acid/yeast
-Exercise regularly
-Eat lots of green veggies and fruits (Use organic as much as possible)
-Stay away from coffee, sugar, carbohydrates, fatty and fried food, processed food.
-Stay out of stress - stress cause the body to produce excessive oil, which can clog the pores. Take some time to mediate and do deep breathing. That will help u to control stress.
-Wash your face in morning and evening gently with gentle cleanser. Use natural products if possible. Steam your face once in awhile and also do a mask to draw out excess oil if you have oily skin.
-Wash your face with clean, filtered water. Tap water contains chlorine and chemicals, which can cause your skin to produce more oil. Try not to avoid make-ups or use mineral make-ups, which is better for your skin.

If you follow the above guidelines, you will have clear, beautiful skin as well as a healthy body, guaranteed! To your beautiful skin!

well you can make a paste with baking soda and water then apply to ur pimples that are the most outbroken and let it sit on there fer a while. then to prevent future ones, try getting st. ives apricot scrub and use it once in the morning and once at night. then use witch hazel at night after u wash with the scrub. it should clear it up quite quickly. make sure to use a light moisturizer too so ur skin doesnt get too dry
good luck!

I just wash my face with a warm rag in the morning and at night. And at night put on a acne cleaner.

If you have genuine acne rather than a few occasional teenage spots, then go to your doctor. There is effective treatment available.

You can use cream or medicine to help it calm down (the active ingredient is salicylic acid). At home, make sure to wash every day with antibacterial or acne soap.

Here is one home remedy:

1) Wash and keep your towel on your face for a short time.
2) Take off the towel and get a cotton pad or ball. Put a little bit of alcohol on the cotton and dab it on the affected area. It may sting at first.
3) Wait until dry.

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