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how do i break my habit for biting my fingernails?
i need a sulution!

hehee i used to bight my fingernails.. well what you do is tell yourself youll die if you bite again .. or something like that you know..or ill get a diese... or one other thing you could spray perfume on your hands, it tastes SOO BAD so youll nails 'll taste real bad so you wont even put your mouth to them.. lol you should try it!

What really helped me was putting clear nail varnish on them (wasn't allowed to wear nail varnish to school so it had to be clear!) because I hated the taste. If you don't mind the taste, you can get special varnishes with really, really bad tastes designed specifically to stop people from biting their nails.

You could also try thinking about why you bite your nails - in what situations do you find yourself doing it? When you're stressed? Bored? Impatient? Then try and stop yourself from getting into situations like that. For example, I used to bite mine when I was stressed. So whenever I got stressed and realised I was biting my nails, I sit on my hands and then work out why I was stressed (usually because I had to do something I didn't want to do) and deal with it straight away, so the need to bite my nails would vanish.

I managed to break myself of the habit after a couple of months, and I'm sure you will be able to as well!

nailpolish doesnt work dont try it

I have the same problem, i'm trying to keep something like germ-x or lotion on my hands (germ-x tastes horrible, lol) or you could paint your nails. It's working so far :)

Good Luck!!

TX Mom
You're a girl, right? Get acrylic nails. Get a manicure once a week.

TX Mom

Ethan M
Put some lemon juice on them or something sour. Anything that tastes bad will work.

Amy M
There's this really nasty clear polish that you can buy that prevents you from biting them. It tastes really bad! I don't remember what it's called though. You can buy it at Drugstores though. My cousin used to have the same habit, then her dad bought her some of that and she stopped doing it. I even put some on my nails once to see how it tasted, and it was sick, but it really helps. And don't listen to the other people who told you to do drugs. I wish you luck!

J Baudrillard
I've been doing it for nearly 10 years now, I ve tried fake nails, foul tasting nail polish and hypnotherapy 6 times. And I still have no nails at all!

well what i done was take my hands and pour them in petrol for a couple of days and stay in the house after a couple of days trust me you wont bite them again it worked for me

Eric Dursteler
Put red pepper sauce on your finger nails. Everytime you put your fingers to your mouth you'll be immediately reminded.

I did that for a year and did not bite my finger nails during that period. Once I achieved what I was trying to achieve I went right back to chewing. I like them.

Even when I was not chewing them, I cut and filed them as close to my fingers as possible. Sometime they bled

Remember T
i used to bite my fingernails for FOREVER!! its a really hard habit to break. i tried putting pepper around my nails so when i bit them it hurt a bit so i would stop, buying nail polish that tastes bad so you dont bite, putting bandades on yourfingernails, wearing gloves all the time. it takes 30 days to break a habit so you can try those and see if it helps. good luck:)

Steven M
habenero juice (sorry im not a good speller)

You could get that nail varnish, however when you pick things out your teeth and stuff its horrible.

Also get your nails done, but you may bite them off so that could ruin them.

If you don't mind paying i suggest gel nails, it allows your nails to grow underneath, it looks lovely and does not damage them!!
Then when they start to grow out you can get them refilled dead cheap.
And when they are taken off your nails will look so nice you won't want to bite them!

Hope i have helped!


megss :)
Get a manicure so your nails will look so nice you won't want to ruin them. Or cover them in a horrible taste, like nail polish remover. Hope I helped.

Caroline T
my friend used to bite her nails all the time but she started getting her nails done and she didn't want to mess them up so she stopped biting them.
now she never does it

Just tell yourself that it is nasty to bite your nails and stick to not bting them.

I know this may sound completely nuts but it worked for me......Pretend that you are a plumber and you have lots of poop under your nails.....every time you take a nibble it'll gross you out!

i used to have the same habit! what i did was i put bandaids on the top of my fingers and had them like that so i couldn't get to my nails. sometimes that was annoying like when i had to open like a ziplock bag so i sometimes put on gloves. when you need your hands for something, i just took off the gloves. the work kept them busy so i wouldn't chew my fingernails. then i slipped back on the gloves. it is one of the most common habits and hard to get over. i hope this helped a lot!

lindsay brooke
dip fingers i polish remover i have done it after a while you will stop

My girlfriend recently found a way to beat this habit. She had tried everything before including putting tabasco sauce on her nails so she would know when she was doing it (it was a nervous twitch sort of thing). She finally managed to grow them out through sheer will power. If you really, really want something and focus on it you can achieve it. After she grew out her fingernails once she was able to paint them and liked having nails so much that now she no longer bites them.

They make some stuff to paint on them (completely clear) that tastes super bitter. You can buy it at the drug store.

catch your self every time. "STOP BITING!" yell it if you have too. after about a week your brain will get tired and quit (this is a watered down remedie for quitting smoking)

Just think of what's under your nails. If you scratch you have dead skin cells under them. When you use the bathroom and you don't wash your hands you could have crap under them. When you eat you get food under your nails and may not see it and you eat rotted food left under them. Not to mention all the communicable diseases you pick up along your daily routine just by touching things other people have touched. Think about how nasty it is every time you go to bite them.

get that nailpolish stuff that is like clear nail polish but isn't and tastes like bleck! when you taste it.....Sally Hansen brand

hard candy i do it

paint your nails,
find a hobby and stick to it (something that involves you being active and moving your fingers, rather than being static--which makes you more vulnerable to biting them)

OLENA™ soccer is love ♥
Get fake nails done. Get Acrylics done at a nail salon. They're only about $15 and they stay on for 2 weeks.

o0 GooF 0o
I like this question. I do that alot and can't stop. Thanks for the tips people.

Jonny Dangerously
my sister bit her nails for years and she said what worked for her was having a baby and not wanting to put the same fingers she just used to change a diaper into her mouth.

so umm have a baby.

Princess ♥
Get a manicure.

chew gum instead

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