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 Cheap way to cure acne?
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I have used clearasil (if thats how you spell it)
clean & clear

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J.c <3's R.k :)
how can you get rid of white heads on the face quick and easy?

well you cant really, but maybe try clean and clear to try and treat it.

Katie P
As in the spots, that is a good sign as its the white blood cells getting rid of the spot cell stuff...science stuff lol

sir j
What u should do is determine if your skin is naturally oily or not and if it is like mine i would wash my face once or twice a day depending on my activities and afterwords make sure i didn't put my hand on my face as much as possible. and I would not put any lotion on or anything what so ever after i cleaned my face and the white heads stopped. Keep in mind you will have to find good cleanser for your type of skin.

Sarah <3
Pop them!

make sure after you pop it to clean it up and then wash that area or your whole face so it doesnt get in surrounding pores.

i take a q-tip and get peroxide on it and then put a drip on the popped pimple and leave it for a minute or two so it cleans out the infection.
seems to work well for me =)

H man
you can take a pin and pop the white part. then clean up the stuff that comes out. and at night, put on Neutrogena overnight acne control.

MsScary x]
use a vanishing spot cream they work on everything black/white heads, spot, pimples,blemishes everything.

Hey, I know exactly the cure for our acne problems!!
Don't go out and buy stuff like clearisil, and clean and clear, they only work for about 50% of teens.
Instead, use something called Apple Cider Vinegar.
It's all natural, and is mostly used for cooking, but when used with the right ingredients, it can do wonders for your body!!
So, to cure acne, you need 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to every 10 teaspoons of water, in a bowl. Use it every day, and guaranteed in a week, your problem will be almost cured!

If I personally put more ACV in the bowl than water, by skin goes a bit red and blotchy, but it does wear off by the next morning.
Make sure to exfoliate before using it, to get the best possible results!! Leave it on overnight, so it can soak in.

Hope this helps,
Nat x

(By the way, it does smell a bit!! But don't worry, a good wash in the morning, will get rid of the ACV thats left on your face!)

Toothpaste never works for me.

Unless you want to wait for them to disappear, the faster way it squeezing/popping. It can cause scarring, but I never met anybody who got scarred from squeezing.

You can get something that looks like a lipgloss, a roller, that you roll over the white head a few times daily and they get rid of the spot. I had one and I used it when I could feel the big red bump coming that turns into a whitehead like 3 days later. Some were gone by the end of the day, so if squeezing isn't for you, I'd definately reccommend one of those roll ons. They aren't cheap, but they do work.

Beat a egg white and apply it on your face , until it dry wash it with warmth water . after the egg white mask apply aloe vera . Its cheap and easy though , you should try it !

tylenol =)

If you mean white heads on spots, then you should leave them as picking will eventually cause scarring.
If you mean white heads, millia, then only a dermatologist can remove them properly, don't pick at them at all or you will be permanently scarred :)

put toothpaste on it. I swear it works. I use it all the time.

toothpaste? will any brand work? sounds like a good home remedy.

Miss Peachy
jcx2525 !
Removing Whiteheads - tips on whitehead removal

Follow these remedies in case you suffer from frequent whiteheads:

1. Wash the skin 3 times a day with medicated soap, if the skin is greasy.

2. Have a balanced diet. Do not take fried foods, chocolates, pastries, spices and aerated drinks.

3. Unclogs skin pores by steaming and applying face pack.

For more visit

Toothpaste. Trust me, it works.

i dunno :-s i just pop mine haha

pop them then put some ice on them to reduce the redness, then leave them alone - don't touch them or put makeup on them . if you keep irritating them they will get dirt and worse.

Angel xxx star
Keep it washed do it 3 times a day

Keisha f

~*~Manda Leigh~*
What I do is pop them (yes I know, you are supposed to but hey) with tweezers. Get as close to the base of the white head, and squeeze until a clear fluid comes out. As soon as this is done, hit the spot with so strong astringent. Also, to prevent future break outs, use St Ives peach aprocot medicated scrub for blemishes and black heads. It is availble at Wal-mart and most other stores

squeeze them

I honestly cant figure this out... what I do is just poke them with a clean sterile need and pop them... it hurts but it works

I love Andrew!
Pop them then wash your face and hands immediately so nothing spreads. =)

Angie C
There are these pimple popper things you can buy anywhere you buy makeup. And they get rid of white heads. But if you don't want to buy anything... Don't pop it!! You can do various things. Put toothpaste on it for about 15 min. That always works for me. Or you can put the silky part of an egg on it (which doesn't always work) for about 15 min. I think the toothpaste thing works the best though.

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