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Faye S
how can u get rid of sunburn?

put some plain yoghurt on the burned skin. rinse after an hour or so. repeat

aloe vera. (: it really works cuz it has lidocaine and menthol in it and it'll cool and soothe your sunburn. i used it when i had a sunburn and it reaaaalllyy worked.

hope it works for yoouu too. (:

Cheerleader Emily
I got sunburnt too, but I put foundation over it on my face and didn't wear any tanks.

It doesn't go away for a day or two. Stay out of the sun, it helps.

Liam S
well i got bad sunburn i look like a TOMATO but it is going slowly it is just time and stay in the shade

John D - OMFG
Moisturise regularly - mornings and evenings minimum. If it starts to peel dont pull away at it. I'd go bare chested round your house if you feel the need as clothes can irritate it

Best way is to wait for 7 days. It will be gone, guaranteed.
Next time, use sunscreen cream or oil or spray.

and vaseline aloe fresh body lotion

You can use lots of lotion and take a cool bath. If you have a pool do not use it...it will make the burn a lot worse!

You can buy all sorts of potions, some already mentioned,but a really good one that soothes,takes the sting out and helps turn the burn to a tan is Red Wine Vinegar.
I know what you maybe thinking,but a lady washed me down with this many yrs ago in the South of france when I burned my self in the sun. I was well impressed, and the smell wore off after a while,which didn't seem to matter because i was in agony.

You can't get rid of sunburn, it fades away on it's own. To speed up the fading away process, you need to moisturize you skin with lotions or oils. I have found for my fair complected children, Baby Oil works just as well as the expensive oils and lotions you find on the shelf.

Calamine lotion works very well. It smells and you look a freak, but it does relive the sunburn very quickly.

The best way to get rid of it is to not get it in the first place! However get some after-sun product and liberally apply it every hour or so. Keep the area covered from the sun as well to prevent further damage.

TIME! But aloe helps.

There are some really good aloe vera based cooling creams for sunburn, they really work.

You can get rid of it.

But, you can treat it.

Try Noxzema or aloe vera.

Good Luck.

Miss Honesty

just use aloe to calm it in the mean time.

u cant get rid of it but it soothes and helps to put on aloe vera and stuff like that

Chad L
Well I know of two options, neither of which are instant fixes. You can wait it out for a day or two and it should be gone. Depending on the degree of the burn. Or you can use aloe vera to help sooth it and make it go away faster

you can't get rid of it, it has to heal!
try putting some aloe gel on it

Melissa ♥
you can use aloe or solarcaine
i had a really bad sunburn and solarcaine is really good because its a spray and you dont have to rub it on.

Aloe Vera Lotion

It'll fade on its own. Aloe Vera Gel will help "cool" your skin if it is sore. Any type of non-scented lotion will help keep you moisturized so you don't end up peeling like a snake.

just wait. apply aloe vera and cold washcloths

Alana Kristen! <3
you cant get rid of it; but there are treatments
such as the aloe pant works wonders!!!!!!

You just have to give it time to heal, let your skin cells rejuvenate.

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