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 Cheap way to cure acne?
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I have used clearasil (if thats how you spell it)
clean & clear

 How to cure a dry nose caused by tissues?
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 how to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?
i have millions of blackheads on my nose and chin, i squeeze them but then it makes spots. i also have blackheads but they look like spots but without the redness and it hurts if you squeeze them. i&#...

how can i get rid of blackheads? what creams are good?

what works with me is put duck tape on them for five minutes then rip it off. trust me it works. then to make it stop stinging (from ripping the tape off) but lotion on it.

go to dr and get topical antibiotic

i suffered from acne and blackheads my whole life
i will give you very easy solutions:

2. WASH YOUOR FACE (i recommend sage by villa floriani)
*now below is an option: if you have money, i recommend:
-getting a facial in which you ask the facialist to do everything for you and when she has completed the first 2 steps to remove them with his or her metal tool made to remove blackheads
-or if you dont have money: buy the tool and do these steps yourself

Low Budget Options
1. St. Ives Apricot Scrub for exfoliation
2. Basic face cleanser
3. Metal tool

High Budget Options
1. Villa Floriani skin polish for exfoliation
2. Villa Floriani sage cleanser
3. Metal tool

Super High Budget Options
1. Have facialist do everything for you


-when done with all of these steps, i recommend a moisturizer

I recommend villia floriani lentative mositurizer, but if this is not good for your budget, try to get the best OIL FREE moisturizer you could find for the cheapest price

BIORE works the best for my blackheads and regular pimples. I usually rub it on during the middle of my shower and let it sit for a bit while I shave and rinse it off when I rinse my conditioner out. Your skin looks and feels so good after!!!

Rubbing alcohol helps close pores so it helps

Take a gun and shoot each individual blackhead

Clean 'n' Clear
any of those will help
or go to skinID.com

Don't squeeze them. It would give bad results in the long run, like bigger - and visible - pores.
A good home remedy is to just spread Elmer's glue on your nose and let it sit there until it dries out. Peel it off, then you should see the blackheads stuck there. I've tried it, and it works!
Also, washing your face with a facial scrub and applying peroxide to your nose can keep it clean.

Big D
A blackhead (medically known as an 'open comedo' , plural comedones) is a yellowish or blackish bump or plug on the skin. A blackhead is a type of acne vulgaris. It is caused by excess oils that have accumulated in the sebaceous gland's duct. The substance found in these bumps mostly consists of keratin and modified sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous gland), which darkens (resembling dirt) as it oxidizes.
Blackheads and zits are not the same. Similar, but not the same. But just like zits, you can't help but squeeze them. Both are made from sebum, the oil that causes the spots. So blackheads are a build up of this type of oil in the skin pores. Blackheads are different in appearance because of the reaction of the sebum when it is exposed to air.
This type of spot can easily be hidden by make up as they are not bright red like your everyday zit. And because it does not look like a zit, you may be tempted to have a good old squeeze of it. But as you can guess, this is not the best way to remove a blackhead. So what are some of the better ways to remove these blackheads?
Blackheads are caused by an over production of oil in the glands contained within the skin. What makes it worse is when dead skin is not removed, adding to the blockage of the glands. So instead of that good old 'squeezing of the blackheads' routine, go for clean skin instead.
Keeping the skin as clean as possible, washing away excess oil build up and dead skin particles is the best start. Choose a mild and gentle cleansing lotion to avoid drying out the skin. Also try to use a gentle exfoliater to shift the old skin cells away.
Something to remember is that blackheads will always try to return but how do you get shot of the more stubborn ones? If all else fails, you may need to think about squeezing, but very softly. The trick to this is to open the pores on your face by placing your head over steam. Then use a clean soft tissue and gently squeeze to remove the stubborn blockage. The important part to remember is to be gentle. Squeezing too hard may make the blockage go downwards, which in turn will cause a nice zit. So go easy.

Regular use of scrub and cleanser will keep your face free of blackheads.Clean & clear works good for me.

Mix oatmeal with egg white and apply it on the affected area twice a week. Wash it off when it is dry. Check out http://useinfo-blackhead.blogspot.com/ for more useful tips to control blackheads.

Bjore makes nose strips where you wet your nose, and put the sticky strip on. Let it sit 10-15 minutes, then slowly peel off. Use Clean & Clear Toner that reduces the visibility of pores after you wash your face each day/night. This should prevent more blackheads from appearing. These two products work wonders for me!

You can find both products at your local pharmacy or department store.

just squeeze those babies.

I suggest to use the Blackhead Remover from Clean and Clear
My friend has a lot of blackheads on her nose
once she started using this
they vanished soon.

the Short One
St. Ives Apricot scrub or Neutrogena

Yes,i do know something about it.

Why don't you try homemade remedies for blackheads instead?

1.Use sorbitol or glycerin soap such as neutrogena to wash your face twice a day because it is gentle in your skin.

2.Wash your face using warm or cool water.I mean "warm water",not hot water.

3.Always remember to keep your pillow and also your towel clean.

4.Drink 8 glasses of water daily as it is good for your health.

5.When you want to make up,use hypo-allergenic brand.

6.Honey is not only good in taste but also good for blackheads.You can apply honey in affected area in your face as it is more safer than any creams available in the market.

7.Last but no the least is your daily eating habit.Eat healthy foods such as veggies,fruits,whole wheat foods and nuts and avoid oily foods.Fast foods and junk foods is a big no.

Hope these information will be beneficial to you and the readers.

Instead of duct tape (ouch!) use Biore blackhead removing strips. They work great. Also, use a warming cleanser--it will open up pores and loosen up the blackheads. A good product to exfoliate would be helpful, too. My favorite: Mary Kay, but Apricot stuff works, too. Witch Hazel (found next to the isopropyl alcohol in the first aid section of stores) is helpful: use a cotton ball to swab some witch hazel over your face after cleansing and it will dry out blackheads.

use "biore" blackhead remover.

I love the walgreens version or clean & clear blackhead scrub it kinda burns a little bit (not bad or anything) but it works so well. I got rid of almost all my black head sin two days

PORE STRIPS! My saviors.

clearasil(sp?) and you should use blackhead strips

=USMC Wife=
St. Ive's Apricot Scrub.
I use it everyday, and never have blackheads. It takes a little while to get rid of existing ones though.

Hippie ♥ Chick [writer's block]
biore strips are always good.
You dont say where they are at. but the most common place is the nose. The make strips for that. they also make others that you cant just about stick anewhere on your face where there happens to be a cluster of blackheads. just be sure not to put it in too sensitive areas, such as your cheeks, unless it is really needed there.


there lists the three different pore strips biore has to offer

hope this helps =)

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