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home remedies for poison ivy?
Anyone know of any home remedies for poison ivy? Someone recommened using facial astringent?

Additional Details
I have four patches of it on my big toes and top& side of my feet...and trails of bubbles on my toes, legs, wrists and fingers. I've been using Band-Aid Anti-itch gel and Betamethasone Dipropionate cream as well as cleansing the areas with facial astringent. I have the MethylPREDNISolone tablets (generic for Medrol pack) which I haven't taken yet. When I had a poison ivy breakout in june my dr said to use the cream and if it got worse to take the tablets. I'm also going to try the Aveeno oat bath.

Aus J
The baking soda soak...also, if you do an oatmeal bath/soak that might help! Good luck...had it so bad when I was a kid my eyes swelled shut! YUCK!

hi. was glad go see that you're hip to aveeno oatmeal bath. when i was a boy, i came home from camp with p.i. so bad my mom didn't recognize me! I got it BAD every year. an aveeno bath, pat dry gently, then calomine lotion or something similar. and, if you like, i'll tell you about my "tough s**t" philosophy.

Ohf! nice, i just rid myself of a patch of the good stuff. lol. I got some ways. first, to dry it out without irritating your skin, you could use white toothpaste on your affected area. let it sit there and dry up, try to leave it on as long as possible. another way, you could mix some backing soda and water (3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.) and lather it on as a paste around your affected area. another way is to soak your affected areas in WARM, not hot, or cold. but warm water to soak the poison pus sacks out of your skin.

I have had poision ivy so bad that my eyes swelled shut. (I went to the doctor of course and got LOTS of medication!!)

Poision Ivy is very uncomfortable. First thing you need to do is buy some vitamin C take it like candy. If you take to much the worst thing that will happen is you will get diarehh. So take the Vitamin C it will STOP ALL itching. It will dry the p.i. up very quickly. This will get rid of it!! It could take up to seven days but usually not that long. Also whatever part itches the most on your body...get an ice pack and put the ice pack in that spot. It Helps!! Believe me it helps!! (After the p.i. is cleared continue taking the v.c. for about 24 hours.)

Now for future reference...a lot of people said don't go near it. Even the one that said her brother got it through the air. I get it that way also...how else do you p.i. in the winter time when the snow is blowing...the doc said it was from hay or straw...go figure. Anyway when you know that you are going to be around p.i. start taking vitamin c 24 hours before you are going to the woods or wherever and continue taking it for another 24 hours after getting out of the woods. You won't get p.i. I found this remedy in a Natural Home Health Book.

Try it, it works!!

Not a home remedy but you should be able to purchase "Ivy Dry" at your local drug store.
Now for a home remedy, My Grandmother taught me this one. If you can find some nightshade crush the ripe berries into a small portion of cream and make a paste, put the paste on the infected area. When its dried wash off.
CAUTION: do not eat any of this plant because it is poisonous.
I've heard of the bleach treatment but it needs to be diluted.

Try apple cider vinegar, works for sunburn as well. Gold Bond lotion does a good job on the itch, or Benadryl; the important thing is not to scratch when it itches, so get rid of the itch first.

Just go to the country and pick your self some milkweed .Open it up and rub the milky stuff on the poison.
PS > Do not use clorox !Also warm or hot water causes the pours to fill up with the itchy stuff.
If you can't go to the country try a natural food stoor that sells natual things.

jay m
lots of bendryl, while taking several oatmeal baths a day. two cups in the bath and soak for twenty to thirty minutes each time. also you can place oatmeal in a long sock and dampen the sock tie the end of it , squish it around till it lathers up, keep applying as often as possible in between baths should start healing in a couple of days. my daughter had a severe reaction when she was little, eyes swollen shut, the works. all the instructions above came from a family doctor. so much luck

Jason W
Oatmeal....take a little regular oatmeal and add just enough water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to the affected area for about 30 minutes.

The oatmeal, when partially hydrated will continue to absorb liquid like a sponge. When applied to the skin, it will pull moisture through the pores (and along with it, the poison ivy causing the itch). You may need to do this a few times to completely treat, but you should notice an improvement each time.

This also works for insect bites.

Mark J
Try some calamine lotion. You can find it a your local drug store. It will stop the nasty iching and dry up the area.

Some traditional remedies call for soaking in a tub that has oatmeal in the water. Real oatmeal... not the instant stuff. It helps to dry out the blisters. You can use unflavored yogurt or a cold milk compress to cut the itching. You can also apply apple cider vinegar and golden seal to help dry out the area.
You can use baking soda with a little water to make a paste that will also achieve the same effect.

Scroll back up & read the response from"zippythejessi." YES, make sure you have scrubbed your hands & under your fingernails ... to get the plant's oil off you (this is best done *as soon as* you realize you've been in contact, not 2 days later).

I make a paste of baking soda & just a little bit of water. Works great. Make a little batch of it in a paper cup & take it around w/you. Smear it where you need it (but not in/near your eyes).
If you still want to scratch your skin off, take some benadryl - to relieve the itching & to mellow you out a little.
Personally, I save the prednisone/steroids stuff for when there is a REALLY bad reaction - like poison ivy on the face so bad that your eyes are swollen shut.

Sounds like pilgrim has the best answer. I used bk. soda It was so-so.

Calamine Lotion
It's GOOD for calming
down skin irritations. Works good on
Chicken Pox to.

NEVER use Bleach on the skin
it will eat skin up.

Li sen i grew up around poison ivy every time me or my two brother,s got in the stuff our grand maw had a remedy for every thing . for poison ivy go to the grocery store get you a quart of butter milk a box of baking soda, pour some of both in a small bowl make a thick paste rub it on the spot,s of ivy the itching will quit right a way and the rash will leave . this sound,s silly but try it it work,s promise.

Winters child
I have true empathy for you, as, I have had Poison ivy, several times in my life. very badly...

steroids from the dr. will cure it. the other remedy that worked wonders for me, was, after work, I went to the beach, and, went into the salt water, and let it dry overnight on my skin with out taking a shower. and, it really worked...(thats if you live near the ocean)...otherwise see the dr. save yourself the suffering you have, because it will spread quickly.

Yes, yes, yes!!!!! Mine is definitely the best answer, so I hope you try it. I've been allergic to it all my life and only recently have found the perfect antidote. When I was younger, I used to run hot water over it. For some reason this takes out the itch for awhile, but it didn't last very long.

Here's the cure:

Then I talked to a nurse about it, and she said I should use cold water instead, because hot water increases blood circulation and allows the itch to spread faster. Cold water decreases the circulation to the infected area and restricts its growth.

So, with me and my experimenting ways, I stayed with the hot water treatment (just because it felt good and it did get rid of the itch). Then I would follow it with running the cold water over it and then maybe a cold ice pack and you know what? IT WORKED!!! In fact, it worked beautifully. The itch went away and stayed away.

But then I still had the redness and a few ugly scars to deal with. So, for that, I used Gold Bond powder or the cheaper alternative "Equate". I'd put it on at night before going to bed or just when I was sitting around resting for a while, and always right after the water treatment. It kept the oil from the poison ivy dried out and was therapeutic and helped heal the skin faster.

CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I would get rid of the bubbles and surrounding redness overnight. Never have had to worry about the ivy since then. :)

stay away from just plain water or oil based liquids or creams, these only seem to help the ivy run its natural course which I've always found just makes it worse.

I've tried rubbing alcohol too but that makes the skin way too dry and seems to cause more damage than its worth.
I've seen people try to use just cold water and find that it doesn't work that well and salt water can potentially make it very worse, so I use hot and cold fresh water - it seems to kill it. It doesn't have to be too hot, just as hot as you can stand. Just make sure you don't scratch it when you first run the hot water on it. Scratching will irritate it and cause the oil and the itch to spread. Then run the cold water over it and / or a freezing cold ice pack afterwards for awhile (before drying it out with the powder), and BAM!!!!!!!!! IT'S GONE BABY!!!

I'd be interested to try the acidic fruit treatments people have suggested here (tomatos and lemons) to see if the acid works on it. There seems to be a lot of good suggestions here (except for the bleach, don't use that!!!!!!!)

However, I hope you try my remedy and make it your own, and if it is the best for you, I hope you give me ten points.

Thanks for a great question and allowing me to offer my perfect cure to you. I hope it works for you.

Try a hot bath in oatmeal. It really helps!

What works for one may not necessarily work for another but I got it really bad last summer and I used Purpose soap (for faces and comes in a blue box, it's like $4 at Wal-Mart) and after I got out of the shower, I'd spray straight distilled vinegar on my skin and allow it to air dry for about 5 min or so. After it dries the odor from the vinegar disappears. It helped stop the itch for me. Just remember to keep it really clean and not scratch (you don't want to spread it) and take some benedryl. Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon! :)

Answer Fairy
Sounds like you don't have it too bad, so be grateful.

The reason poison ivy itches like crazy is because there are oils on the leaves that stick to your skin. Anything that would strip the oils off your skin will work. That includes facial astringent, alcohol, citrus (limes or lemons), epsom salts, bleach (bad idea- bleach is BAD for skin), rubbing alcohol, baking soda, vinegar, etc. Since it's pretty much on your feet,just soak them in warm-ish water and dump one of the previously mentioned thing in there.

Once you have soaked the affected areas and stripped all the oils off, use lotion so you don't get itchy.

Naturally, the best thing to do would be to go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacy to help you find the proper topical ointments to treat your rashes. Those home remedies are for people like my grandmother who lives 50 miles away from a town with a pharmacy. So, go to the drugstore and just ask for some help.

James S
Best thing I've learned is learn to identify it and STAY AWAY FROM IT, FAR AWAY
I'm super allergic to it. Several times I've had it on 80-90% of my body.

joe m
You need to use calamine lotion on it until it dries out. and take benadryl it will help the itching


Hope this helps you !
Also take a benadyrl or any over the counter anithismie 'if you are not allergic to them!

God bless & Feel better soon I pray!

Concoct a poultice of baking soda and warm water, and spread it on the affected area. re-apply application every two hours for a total of 3 applications each day. Soak in a warm bath with a cup of baking soda in it before going to bed. It will help you sleep easier.

Jewelweed. It is natures cure for poisen ivy, and it is often found growing right next to poisen ivy.


angie h
Try puting 1/3 cup of baking soda in your bath water...it really helps.

The best remedy for poison ivy is Neoxyn. It can be purchased at any Rexall drug store.

The directions are to swab on with cotton or a Q-tip and scratch!

Within a minute, the itching stops and the poison ivy turns to scabs which heal quickly.

In my younger days I spent alot of time exploring the mountains behind our house. I got poison ivy ALOT! I've been covered from head to toe with poison ivy more than once. Until I found Neoxyn it was nothing short of pergatory. This stuff works so well, you'll never again fret about poison ivy as long as you have some of this in your medicine cabinet.

Amy V
Bleach?!? Ouch, don't put that on your skin! I hope you're kidding. It's really not safe.

Try a solution of baking soda mixed in warm water. It will help soothe the itch. If it's on your feet you can just soak yourfeet in a big bowl or buket. If it's on your face or somewhere else that you can't soak in a bowl, put the solution on a washcloth and apply it to the affected area.

I think you can use calomine lotion, too, but I'm not positive. There are some over-the counter remedies that work well, but the best cure for poison ivy is time.

Just make sure you're not scratching the blisters and then touching other parts of the body... It will SPREAD!

My brother gets it so BAD - all someone has to do is burn the leaves and he's covered in it.

First thing to do - wash your hands (get under your fingernails too!) and your clothes to keep it from spreading. (The oils from the plant can hang out for a LONG time, and anywhere you scratch or touch, you could spread the rash.) If someone else touches your rash, it's not contagious - unless you haven't washed off the oils from the plant.

Go get some Benadryl, either oral medication or a cream, it should ease the itching. (It can make one sleepy, and it always makes me goofy, so don't plan on doing much - like driving or thinking too hard - if you take it.) Plain calamine lotion or cortisone cream - like Cortaid - is good too. (If you use any Benadryl product - DON'T use Caladryl - it's got Benadryl already in it - double dosing is NOT recommended!) The Aveeno (or other brand) oatmeal bath soaks are also soothing. There's an anti-itch lotion called Sarna that you can buy in almost any pharmacy that one of the doctors I work for swears by for ANY itch. (It smells kinda gross, but it works!) None of these will dry it up, but they'll hopefully keep you from wanting to rip your skin off.

Someone said put bleach on it. THAT's a little harsh on your skin, and can cause a NASTY chemical burn, but if you have access to a chlorinated swimming pool - take a dip or twelve. It does help dry it up. (I don't know how or why exactly, but it has worked for my brother.)

If it's on your face or you have major swelling of more than one body part or it starts to ooze, you'll need to see a doctor to get steroid treatments to make it go away.

I actually took my son to the doctor for treatment. He plays soccer and had games coming up and to ease his discomfort I took him to the doctor and asked for the Medrol Dose Pack - or Prednisolone (generic version). The doctor also told me that lightly spraying Lysol in the bath water will kill any bacteria that may cause infection. We also added an oatmeal bath solution & of course applied calomine lotion. But what really dried it up & quickly (within a day) was the Medrol Dose pack, which if you have insurance is quite inexpensive. I paid $9.00 for the dose pack, atarax, and triaminicolone cream.

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