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dry lips, what do i do?
i have really dry lips and i've tried lip balm and lip gloss, neither of them work. i'm sick of havin' dry lips, do you know anything else that might help?

buy a chap stick idiot

Have you tried Vaseline? Put it on at night for about a week and see how it works. Also if you start drinking more water it will rehydrate your body and help with dry skin.

Vaseline, and other moisturizers, if you live in a cold environment the heat is usually on and it tends to dry your lips out. or your kissing a lot like a friend of mine her daughter is kissing her boyfriend and she has chapped lips all the time.

Using vaseline sometimes help.

emo eyes
try vaseline

vaseline (petroleum jelly) works great!

Try taking a washcloth, wetting it with warm water and gently rub your lips with it. It works as an exfoliant and can leave your lips smooth. Try that daily or whenever you need it. Then use lip balm. Also look for lip balms made for really dry lips, if you haven't already.

Blistex/blisteze works for me - probably get from the pharmacy. A small tube is best, although you can get in a lipstick type format. Drink plenty of water too as you could be dehydrated...

Stephanie D
Vaseline really is the best thing for dry lips. If you do not like that use Carmex.

Blondie Z
Keep using a good lip balm, but sounds like you need to really drink a lot more water. I think you are dehydrated.

Lip gloss is a no-no for dry lips. Most of them contain some alcohol, which is very drying.

The best thing to do is use Vaseline or any petroleum jelly. Initially, use it every hour or so, when things get a little better, then you can switch to every night, without fail, apply a liberal coat to you lips. Before you leave your house, apply to your lips. The nice thing about the Vaseline is its shiny, so it works as both a lubricant and a gloss.

It may take a few days for the Vaseline to really work, but, it will.

You should also drink lots of water, not juice or soda, but water. You need to stay hydrated.

karoline h
Drinking water not only hydrates your body but it also hydrates your lips. With that in mind drinking the reccomended 8 glasses of water a day could dramatically help. Also, try getting different kinds of balms. Look for ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, almond, jojoba, or coconut oils. You could even use Vaseline (sparingly). For your severely chapped lips I reccomend camphor-free Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Treatment with shea butter or Chapstik medicated lip balm with camphor and menthol. One last thing to remember is to stop licking those lips, although it may help for a few seconds your lips will get WORSE and crack or possibly get cuts. I hope I helped, good luck!

okay now from experience ive had dry lips before now all you have to do is take your tooth brush wet it and brush your lips then use light vasoline it works everytime.dry lips are usuallynothing more than cracked skin so dont use your lips balm or lip gloss until your lips have healed.
P.s. remebember to carry vasoline for those mid day retouches


You could be not drinking enough. Drink more water and avoid the wind and cold. You ould just be genetically predisposed to that sort of thing, so start using some of the more serious stuff that you can get at pharmacies. Apply it liberally and often, and hopefully the dryness and cracking associated with dry lips will subside.

If you don't have any lip balm on you, try vaseline or anything similiar to that. If you're desparate, try honey.

Diana D
Never go outside without your lips protected in winter/summer
they're very sensitive to both. But if your lips r dry now as you say
purchase a good lip balm and use it when you sleep to and in the house to keep the moisture there, as some houses are dry as well. If you can't efford Lip Balm, vasaline will in a small container will protect them as well.

Best of Luck,
diana d

you've got to try Cortibalm. Once you try it, you'll never go back to using anything else, honestly.

i've been answering any question about dry lips with this on Yahoo answers because it truly is a wonderful lip balm.

Ask for a free sample through the website by sending a SASE, and they'll send you a free sample in a foil packet.

After i got my sample and used it, i looked for it on Ebay and bought it for a pretty reasonable price.

Carmex any of the products are good. I heard Vaseline work, but never tried it. Blistex and Chapstick are good also

you may want to see a doctor.....or apply liberal amounts of lip balm every 15 to 20 min.

I use Carmex and drink plenty of water. Alot of times, if you just increase your liquid intake, the problem will go away. Hope this helps.

Put on a thick layer of lip balm, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then brush you lips with an old toothbrush - it removes all the dry/dead skin, and leaves you lips silky smooth.
DON'T use petroleum based vaseline on you lips - it might make them smoother here and now, but the petroleum actually dries them out, so you'll have to apply the vaseline more often.
It's better to find a good lip balm at stick to it. Try out different brands to see which one fits you the best.

Allison M
You should try Blistex. It works really good.

go to the doctor, i had this problem and they perscribed a cream to put on daily and it works

Well, there's this one trick that I do. I learned it from an article and Jennifer Aniston does it......but it does work. Well, you grab a toothbrush, dab it in vaseline and slowly scrub your lips. The toothbrush hairs will act as scrubbing material, while the vaseline will provide moisture. Then apply chapstick. I mean, it always helps me. Also, make sure you don't rub them too hard or you'll end up bleeding. A way to keep them from getting dry again is to always wear lip balm before applying lipstick.

i take accutane so my lips are really dry and my derm. gave me this stuff it is amazing. go to a derm.

yeah go to the drug store they have a kind of medicine called neutrogena

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