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i luv softball !!!!!!
does anyone else out there have a scar on your stomach from surgery??? please help?
i have a scar on my stomach from where i had surgery when i was a lil baby. i never wear bikins because of it , and i can never hardly find one that covers it up except for tankinis. what do i do. im 14 now and i had the surgery when i was like a few days old.
Additional Details
and i did need the surgery. if i didnt have it then i would have died. i was born 2 1/2 months early so i had to have it.

Um, maybe you could use fake tan to blend it in with your skin...

the Hammer
yes I do, but I didn't get it til I was 24.

Show off yoru scar, who cares...if someone asks, make up some cool story about how you got it. My son has multiple scars on his back from many surgerys....and he has many to come (every 6 months). He's currently only 3 years old, but when he's in elementry school, I'm gonig to tell him to impress the girls by giving a story about going hunting and getting attacked by a bear. lmao!

One of the best products for scars is Bio Oil. Im not sure where you live and if you can buy it there, but you can find at a local drug store!

Talyta Mayhara
Read : http://www.freewebtown.com/indexphp/www.blogspot.com

Amit Raj
since the scar is noticeable even after 13 years, i am sorry to say but i guess you have to deal with the scar the whole life.

But dont worry, we are not living in stone age. Your scar will vanish if you have a cosmetic surgery. Cheers

its just a scar, and if you are that worried about it then use one of those creams that get rid of your scars. they really work. i used it on my foot and the scar was taking up half of it and now it basically gone. you can buy them at walgreens.

free spirit
how big can this scar possibly be? I had a baby cut out of my stomach (c section) and can hardly see any form of a scar.

electric feel.
I had surgery a year ago, and my scars aren't fully healed yet.
They stick out like a sore thumb. lol.
But you shouldn't be ashamed of your scars, its apart of your body.
And if anyone has a problem with them, then thats their problem not yours.
Just wear one anyways.
Your only have that figure once. lol.
Go for it.

i have a scar on my stomach from appendicitis and i wear a bikini anyway

I have a large scar from an accident when I was walking my dog and the leash wrapped around my arm and gave me a rope burn and a keloid scar (raised. I used maderma skin care and after about two bottles (~18 USD) it went away completely and I did not start it for at least a year after the incident.

i have stretch marks all over mine... but i got my tummy back in to shape and looks good for having 3 kids! who cares what anyone thinks just sport a bikini and if anyone rude says something tell em you got in a knife fight and got stabbed..lol

Soph G
I have a scar too but it is reduced now =].
I used bio oil

highly reccomended =] !

My cousin does,

how big is it?

Nancy B
You can either hide the scar or wear it proudly. Or have a plastic surgeon reduce the scar.

Scars unfortunately never go away. With plastic surgery you could minimize the scar but you would still have a scar. Try to remember that everyone is not perfect. Be happy about yourself with all your flaws.

Boys like scars, it's a good way to strike up a conversation. You should tell your parents about your issue and maybe they can help you out. I think there is laser treatments that can fade scars.

interestingly weird?
you can use bio oil or mederma they both work very well ur lucky i have a birthmark on my stomach the shape of nevada and that's not going away ha ha lol

Nova Skotia
Love yourself as you are

I had a GF with a belly scar and it didn't bother me in the least. Lots of people have scars. Relax.

Brewer Girl
You could try some scar serum. Otherwise, you shouldn't be ashamed of your scar. It helped you get to where you are now.

i have one because i had surgery on my belly button when i was 2 but i wear bikinis and people are actually fascinated with it. They ask why, and it is not that bad, so I would wear bikinis if you want to.

Aww you poor thing, I have friends with scars from surgery =( and yes it does show so you're not alone. Don't be ashamed of it, don't let it stop you from wearing a bikini...it's not like you're doing anything wrong. And if people judge you then it goes to show how materialistic they are and not worth talking to. Just be positive and do what you want with no restrictions =)

omg same with my friend!! are you Sydney c.??? from somerset???

go to your local drug store, there are lotions that are available that will help with healing scar tissue. Laser surgery is another option.

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