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cuts on corner of lips??
i have cuts or sores on each side of my mouth right in the corners of my lips. its like a cut from dry lips but it seems like the wont heal. i have been using chap stick cause my lips are dry. i have had the cuts for over a week. they are annoying and sometimes painful. what is causing it? and when will they go away?? thanks

Muay Thai Swede

I have the same thing right now. It is getting cold so you need to stay moisturized. Just try to keep you mouth not wid open. And use plenty of chap stick. Put it on right after your mouth absorbs it.

Super Bruin 2
the dryness dries out your skin and it easily tears on its own when you move your mouth which you always do.

Vitamin D lack of it but I would go to a Dr to get them looked at they can give you meds.

Change the type of toothpaste or mouthwash you're using.

If I use certain types, then I get cuts on the corner of my lips too.

That's what I'd do. :)

the cold dry winter air... try some vasoline, put it on before you go to bed, overnight they should heal

P i n e a p p l e δΈ° M a r t y r
hmmmm... i get those.

but, mine are from putting 2 knives on a stove, then putting weed on them, then bringing it up to my mouth to inhale, and missing, missribley, causing burns or cuts^_^;

so if you're doing blades....

Use Bacitracin on them to help them heal.

You need to stop using the chapstick.... your lips are addicted to it & aren't staying moist natrually.... I've been thru the same thing before... you just need to break the cycle & just use the chapstick occasionally... it will probably make them sore for a few days, then you'll be ok... use a plain vaseline when you need to instead

drink more water, be careful when you apply lip balm, use Blistex, and put neosporin on the wounds with a qtip.

Keep hydrated-- drink lots of water. At night, try putting Neosporin on it to try healing it faster. Winter makes these things worse. Also, avoid acidic/salty foods. Hope you feel better soon.

blonde vampire
its winter theyre probably dry
dont worry about it
if you want to get rid of it then you can try to put a little vasaline on it
it should heal fast

Priyanka has the right answer. You need more B Vitamins. Read that thread!

Chap stick actually makes chaped lips worse. Dont lick your lips, dont put water on you lips. I know it hurts, but in the end it will be better.

Your answer is in this thread -


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