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 sore, dry lips? How can I get rid of it?

 a way to prevent bad BO + armpit sweating?
i already wear deodorant and a shirt under my uniform...any suggestions?...

 how can you get pale white,ice cold skin ?

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you could never have that kind of skin rigght ?
Vampires arent real .
ehh...Im just askin ifits possible ....

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Its for a ...

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i dont want something too strong, just something that will make a few pimples here and there go away....

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 Treatment for acne, I need help!?
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Which would you choose and why?...

 Acne please help just fast tips.?
What is some good things to try and also home remedies?
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Proactive hasnt helped me....

 Please help me heal my sunburn?
I have a bad sun burn my nose is swollen and so is my forhead . I have a photo shoot on the third. Is there any way to releave this pain Fast and for good and is there anything i can do so I dont ...

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 OMG! How do I get rid of these zits?
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 Does Urine get rid of acne?
I was watching TV again LOL
but yeah someone said that Urine gets rid of problems like acne.

Is it true?
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 bedbugs? plz 10 points?
ok my cousin is waking up with bite marks like mosquito bites every morning. the bite marks are like gathered and sometimes in a line.

and now they found bug like things under the bed and ...

 Health Problem! Embarrassing! HELP!!! ?
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 How often do you put body lotion?
i do it almost everyday after shower.... is this ok?...

 I have sunburn!!!Please help?
Ugh I'm in Florida and I got sunburned really bad all over the back of my legs.How can I get it to stop hurting and heal fast? Thanx :)...

 What's the strongest acne medication you know of?
What is the strongest, legal, acne treatment you know of. Prescription and non prescription. My skin gets used to whatever I use so I need something to kill the acne, and do it fast....

 What causes acne???? Dirt? Oil?
Is it dirt or oil?

And what chemicals help it? Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tretoin ??...

 What is the fastest way to get rid of a hickey?

Alice Luna Serling
can you buy the acne treatment called skinID in stores or is it only online?

it can only be purchased online

since it is "custom made" you can only get it online

online or by phone

Online!That's because you have to take some quiz thing to set your acne level.

Keith V
The Y/A website.

No problems since.. last ...

. Mandee :)
Sorry, it's only online or over the phone. They need to ask you questions to get the products that are right for your skin.

order it from www.skinid.com

or at 1-866-742-0201

Just squeeze it

online only you cannot go to the store and say every level you have


Well, I think I saw it in a store somewhere. I recall the store's name as Fairefout. That store might be exclusive to my area, though.

It is only online BUT it's a HORRIBLE system! I was on it for 3 1/2 months and nothing happened. My face stayed exactly the same.
My advice would be to get Proactiv or see a dermatologist. On SkinID i got so frustrated I wanted to rip my skin off so I made an appointment with a dr and with a couple cheap rx's everything is back to normal.

♥ Dancing Is My Life ♥
online or over the phone

You have to either order it by phone or buy it online. It's not in any stores sorry.

only online

alex p
only online. but atleast you dont get taxed.

Fghfg D
Only online. :( I want it too.

phone or online

kool gurl
since it is custom made for you , they would never be able to stock it in stores. You can order it online or over the phone. Good luck xx.

Just online. I heard its coming to stores soon :)

only online because theres so many skin types. so yeah... ONLY ONLINE :)


you can only order it from the commercial or online

only online

It's only online because they have so many different products available and you need to answer the skin analyzing questions.

only online. idk, my best guess; Hayden Paniettiere would Know.


Uniqueeee :]
online or call.

touch the sky with glory
online only

Alicia C
No, its only online. Sorry!

Esteban C
u could buy online or order it from the phone

It is an online only product.

From someone who uses it, I would strongly recommend it. The first time you buy it, you will get the 3 regimen pieces, a bag to hold it, and a free spot treatment. The first purchase will be $30 if you enter the promo code "neutrogena10" into the specified area at during the checkout.

After the first month, it will be $40 per purchase. They will automatically send you a new box every 30, 45, or 60 days as you please.

This product really worked for me. You should defiantly get it.

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