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 Whats a good Acne Treatment?
More towards backne, but that will also work for Face Acne

Ive use A LOT of products, i don't just quit after i day, i use the full product for months or until it runs out; and they ...

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 Really need acne help??!!?
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 What's so great about a tan?
It is sun DAMAGE to the skin.I think people should be happy the way they are--no matter the color.I am as pale as can be--beauty comes in all shapes,sizes,AND hues!And at 40--I have no wrinkles yet,...

 What is ringworm , what are the symptoms , and how do you get it?

 Going to the doctor,My arm full of cutting scars..?
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nose can i get it amputated on the ...

 How can i get rid of acne/zits in a week?
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 Can anyone give me the name of a lip balm that really works to "cure" chaped lips? Chapstick isn't working.
I have a serious case (for me, anyway) of chaped lips (red and hurt). I've tried chapstick (medicated and moisturizing) and it's not helping to clear up the problem. I'd be greatful ...

 uhhh i need help someone please awnser?
ok in my forehead i have 2 bumps next to each other. They dont hurt, they wont move, their rock hard, and they wont pop. kinda scars me does anyone know what they are
Additional Details

 How to cure acne naturally in 3 days?

 ugh, i'm so sick of acne medicines CLAIMING to work. ):?
agh. So, I've had acne for 3 or so years (give or take).
It's so gay. Man, I've tried almost anything you can think of, except accutaine.
I'm not allowed/willing to do ...

 Werid question about zits?
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 if i have a scar on my face will neosporin help?
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 blackheads on my??????????????
vag...no inside but like below the surface of the skin...i saw blackish stuff under the surface and squeezed...i thought they were like black heads but what came out didn't look like the dirt ...

 does anyone know anything about eczema?
i have eczema, (for like 6 months now) and i tried the steroid cream and it didnt work at all. I wanted to try a pill for it, does anyone know what kind of pill i should take? i know there are pills ...

 Why would an adult start getting acne all of a sudden?
This is an embarrassing question. I am 23 years old and all of a sudden I started getting troubling acne. I use benozyl peroxide and salicilic acid to treat it with gentle moisturizer to balance ...

 i have a mole that keeps growing and growing?
i have a beauty mark on my forehead. it is getting bigger as i have gotten older. i want to hack it off! i wonder if i will really bleed to death....

lovely little me! :p
can u get acne if ur stressed or tired?

yeah definitely
answer mine !!! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Atd4T6zRmUVcR7UrkbneyHvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090528200025AAeL2X7

Yes actually while most think acne is mainly what u eat (a part of it is) stress usually causes ur face to breakout http://www.neutrogena.com/econsumer/ntg/productdetail.browse?segment=women&catId=1&subCatId=1&productId=375&target=/products/face/oil-free-acne-stress-control-3-in-1-hydrating-acne-treatment.jsp this is great i use it......im not sure tiredness causes acne but theres plenty of ways to prevent it :D

yep, i do


yes, b/c lack of sleep adds to stress and stress makes you sebactious glands (i think that's what they're called...something similar at least) produce more oil, producing more acne.

kind of but basically u get them from eating oily food.

you can't get acne from being tired, but what you eat like chocolate, stress, and puberty can cause acne also hormonal changes before your menstrual cycle can bring on an acne outbreak.


yes... here is why

One such study was conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2002. Although it was a small study, involving just 22 students suffering from acne, the professors involved in the study conclusively proved that the exam stress worsened acne in these students. According to researchers, their findings indicated that "Subjects who had the greatest increases in stress during examination periods also had the greatest exacerbation in acne severity."
They also noted that worsening of diet during stressful period contributed significantly in flare-ups of acne in these students.
Stress causes worsening of acne in two ways. First, by stimulating adrenal glands to produce more hormones and secondly, by slowing down the healing process.

yes! hate it, i'm stressed over school which causes me to lose sleep which equals acne :/

Yes you definitely can!!

Hippie Chick

Don't worry. Once your stressful situation is over it will clear up. ;-)

Both of those can cause acne yes.

чaнoo'ѕ ѕωєєтнєα?т?

yes and yes


Hollywood Ent.
I'm to old to get acne but when i was up for days on meth I got some so I would say Yes

mercy me!
my step mom says you can and my step sister gets stressed alot and shes got BAD acne

Allie A
accutane has ALOT of dangerous side effects and is only for SEVERE acne patients. Alot of acne comes from stress, or that time of the month. If your acne cannot be cured by over the counter products, I would recommend going to a dermatologist. They know best, that's their job. Do not waste your money on expensive hokey products like proactive. If something good you find in your drugstore does not work, you need to visit the derm.
Good luck :)

OMG it's K
Of course.... So I try to not get stressed, it's kinda hard lol. Stupid world.

I believe that stress does contribute to acne, check in with a dermatologist!

Sort-of, its actually stress bumps caused by access stress, also when u get stressed out, dont touch your face, your hands contain oils that get into the pours causing pimples and other acne>No-Problem

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