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 after applying nail polish remover do u wash it off cuz i didnt was that harmful?

 Can smoking cause dry lips?
I'm 35 and have smoked a pack per day for 15 years. I have to apply lots of lipstick to mask it....

 What do iI use for my acne !!I've tryed every thing!?
I've tryed everyhing!!ineed some help from someone who is n the same situation as me.where your face isn't that bad but it still has acne and you what a clear complextion..plz help me

 What could this rash possibly be?
i have a rash that looks a little like poison ivy but doctors say it isn't because it doesn't ooze. they say it is an allergic reaction but the only thing i have changed is i went to a ...

 I have acne on my back, shoulders and chest?
I am only twelve and my back, shoulders and chest have acne on them. I am a girl.
I am worried that it's unusual for girls to have their shoulders covered in spots. I can't wear ...

 What acne solutions really work?
I don't trust ads.........

 how 2 get rid of pale skin?

 Who thinks 50 years ago, less people suffered with acne? or is it similar to how it once was?
My science teacher told me more teenagers suffer with acne today then back in the 50's, anyone know why? is it to do with diet? the air around us? thanks ...

 Is there a natural cure for psoriasis?

 How to get rid of a foot wart ?
I have two on my foot and i see two more forming.
I dont know how to treat it. I am using this Compound W liquid thing and its so annoying because it just hurts whenever i get out of the shower ...

 What is something to put on burns that will help?
Yesterday my chem partner spilled boiling water on my leg and it's burnt quite nicely and even though our schools nurse said not I was wondering what is a something I could put on it?...

 how long do i need to lay out in the sun to get rid of my acne on my face?
i have mild acne but i want to get rid of it and i want to get rid of it quick so how long do i need to lay out in the sun to get rid of it?...

 any tips for me?
i have really dry elbows. they are so dry that they look dirty although i take a shower everyday. they get a lot worse in the winter. what can i do to prevent this?...

 Does soaking in milk help you?
I heard soaking in milk can help your body,is that true?I needa know!!!!Its really bugging me!!!...

 I have a dandruff problem and i need help getting rid of it?
I have dandruff and i use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo everytime i shower and it still doesnt go away can any one help me ? People that know about the scalp.
Additional Details

 ACNE! please help..i cant take it. easy 10 points?

Okay so,
I Have mainly whiteheads and blackheads,
but I've been using Differin for about 4 weeks,
and over this ...

 Why are my hands always so cold?
I'm afraid to even touch people because of how cold my hands get and the only time they ever get warm is if I'm really pissed or if i put them under warm water. They turn white, purple, ...

 I have a infected toe. its red around the spot and nowhere else. what do i do?
its my left foot big toe and its and its on the left side on the big toe. its swollen only at that spot. and its red. it looks like there's a 1cm blood bubble its GUSHY and red. its doesnt hurt ...

 what could be a reason why i'm itchy after showering?

 How do i disguise cuts on my shoulders?
I self harm. I dont need crap about I need counselling, just advice. The cuts look pretty livid and the skin is raised. Need help making them less eyecatching, any suggestions good peoples of the ...

can someone give me a good hand cream?I'll give u 10 points?
my hands are always dry.i need it to soft.

Lucky 7
Vasaline-oh yeah

Misty L
eucerin, nivea, curel are very good but they are not better than Vaseline.

Vaseline is it.

satin hands from mary kay. it works really well.

Norwegian Hand Cream by Neutrogena is good if your hands get cracked. But it takes just the smallest dab. Also, something that is really good is a bee wax cream that you can just buy from honey farmers at the Indiana State Fair. In fact, that is the best (unscented) hand cream I've ever used. It isn't too greasy, it heals skin and soothes it almost immediately. So try to find something like that. I bought some Almond Burt's Bees stuff-don't make that mistake.
In the winter, my hands would crack from the weather. So those are the best for heavy duty healing.

Eucerin is an excellent moisturizer. At night, wash your hands in luke warm water, pat them dry, apply Eucerin, and put on a pair of cotton gloves or socks. It will work like a compress. You can take it off in 30 min or keep them on overnight.

aquaphor, i have the same problem. I have like 3 different kinds of hand cream.

i use uremol 20 excellent for cracked skin in winter

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. I work in a cafe, wash dishes alllllll day, and never leave home without this lotion.

It's pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

try anything with coco butter in it
works reallly gud cuz i also have really ddryied hands and it went away once i used coco butter

neurtogena hand cream try it

Use "Corn Huskers Lotion" and you'll see and feel your hands literally absorb the lotion and love you for it. It has a lemony scent and is WONDERFUL in softening and moisturizing your skin. I also use it on my forehead after a shower. It's great!! God Bless you.

I have dry skin also. Love Aveeno and Huggies baby lotion in the pump.Mary Kay satin hand treatment is great too.

Ruben n
NIVEA!! or baby lotion. its makes your hands feel soo smooth!

kelly e
Corn Husker lotion or Vaseline (Brand) cocoa gel in the shower will soften your hands dramatically - (never use pure vaseline as it's harmful for your skin it's pure petroleum)
Also Norwegian hand cream is good and suggested by top skin doctors.

Bad Kitty!
I've tried everything, but Aveeno Intense Relief Overnight Cream really works, and it's not greasy.

dippity do
It is hard to find but it is the best I have found.
Try duluth trading co..

Eucerin and Curel are both very good.

Burts Bee's Hand Repair smells strong, but good. It works wonders. (Its not the almond burt bees- that stuff does stink)
So does Neutrogena Norweigen Formula, but it kind of oily, and a little goes a looong way.
L'Occitane hand creams also work very well, though are a little watery.
I have the same problem. I have extremely dry hand, even in the summer. I've listed them by my favorite. Burt Bee's works really really really really well! Just use it as needed and it should be "repaired" in a couple days! (can i please have 10 pts? :-D)

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