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I have used clearasil (if thats how you spell it)
clean & clear

can I pierce my ears safely at home with a needle?
I talking about ear lobes

NO you will get infected, spend 30 dollars and go get them done professionally

keith c
can you yes safely no ( if your asking this ? im guessing uve never done it)

no - why dont you just go to a professional. you wont get infected that way.

certainly not!

Not really. There's a high risk your ears would get infected. I wouldn't just to be on the safe side.

All knowing
I did it at home and my piercings did not get infected just use ice to numb your ear lobe and make sure to disinfect the needle, your earlobe, and the earrings you plan to use with rubbing alcohol and keep them clean while they heal.

you can but it might get infected. just go somewhere to get it done because you need special earrings.

Katie P loves metal
I put ice cubes on my ears for a bit, got a hot needle and did all four of mine when I was like...13 or 14. Then I successfully gauged them to 0 plugs, and now they are back to normal.

I would clean with alcohol before and make sure your needle is sterile. But I never got an infection.

Of course, the safer thing would be to go to a professional.

He's my everything;; ♥
if you're careful yeah... that's how my mom did it... and my grandma used a knitting needle.... (i don't recomend using a knitting needle)

Nikki D
yes and i refer u to a scene in grease were frenchie does it to sandy.................GREASE LIGHTNING GO GREASE LIGHTNING

Patrick W
yea i did it.
it's prolly worth it to just go and pay for it tho....
make sure you use a clean needle! and keep the hole clean afterwards!
also make sure you put the holes in the crrect spot....i pierced one of mine too low lol

your have to stick it over a fire for a second until it get black at the tip to sterilize the needle. then you take something that it can puncture when it goes through your ear, preferably and apple because it's cold and easy to puncture

everyone always says dont youll get an infection. personally i've pierced my own ears (lobe and cartlidge) several times and my own lip, and they healed better than the piercings ive gotten done professionally, but maybe im just lucky. as long as your sanitary about it, i dont think it matters

Dam you could, but holy crap it will hurt, i mean it hurts when the pros do it but gosh, you've got guts. anyway get it done by a pro cause then you get it done well and get the studs to go in them. Easy

You should have someone else actually do it,not yourself, but yeah, you can do it at home with a needle.

Adam S
YOU can peice your ears at home...


You can get infections by doing this.

The best way to do it is either numbing your ear with ice or if you can take pain use a needle.

But I do not recommend doing this. Just go get it done professionaly.

i wouldn't try it

.:viva la vida:.

just make sure the needle is steralized, and have a good earring to put into it, not just any old thing!

Yep Can Be Done Safely :)
me and my friends did it just poke it through :) with some ice

i have pierced mine at home. i numb them up a lil and then use my earring.

Sure - that's how everybody used to do it.


clean the needle, burn it, use hydrogen peroxide, just CLEAN IT!

you will succed if it is clean, and you dont get an infection.

ʂơɱɛɖɑƴ ♪
yes, make sure the needle is CLEAN first. You should numb your ear lobe with ice so it will hurt less too.

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