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Silver R
bedbugs? plz 10 points?
ok my cousin is waking up with bite marks like mosquito bites every morning. the bite marks are like gathered and sometimes in a line.

and now they found bug like things under the bed and stuff and wen they killed them red blood comes out. some little some little bigger but not tht big.
so wat bugs are these? and wat should they do?
Additional Details
i think one of our friends from new york infected the room. it started some were around there...
well im going to help my cousin we live few houses away.
thanks for tips and still looking for new 1s

could be fleas


They are most likely bed bugs. If you are finding them in the sheets you should wash them.

probably just normal bedbugs they are real bugs u know

yeah , that's what i have.

bed bugs ... theres this spray they sell my aunt had them ,

http://quickcare.org/misc/how-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugs.html ,

throw out the matress too

google it and put bug poison in the room and wash the sheets a lot then but up a bud net around the bed

mrs. answer key
wash the sheets and use bug spray and bug repelent

They are nymphs probably.
The website below tells you a lot about them.
Your friends should probably call Pest Control or something.
Also try this website:

Coconut B.
ew I'm not sure what type of bugs they are but just get a new mattress

One time when I had a vacation on a lake I woke up every morning to bug bites on my stomach. They could be Chiggers.

they could be bad flies, mosquito, spider bites, maybe ticks, tell them to put bug spray on or the weird bugs could be in their mattress so maybe check that out? or also look for some kind of cream?
if that doesn't work, ask a doctor, im sure they would know..

Those are more than likely bedbugs. Call an exterminator, or they'll plague them for years.

Bed Bugs that what i say. Info at Harvard School of Public Health bed bugs

put antiseptic on it so it doesnt get infected adn put the dead bugs in a bag and go to a doctor and show him, it doesnt hurt to be on the safe side.

Their characteristics match up to a nixter, they are completly harmful but still get rid of them.

They are Bedbugs.
They feed on the blood of humans and they're basically in every mattress - just some people get effected by them & some don't.
You can replace all the linen and the mattress etc but also get someone in to bug bomb the house, it does work.

Мала Принцеза
do you have a picture of the bugs? what do they look like? they could be ticks if they look like little black dots or fleas or maybe theyre just mosquitoes

Greg W
Tell him to CLEAN HIS ROOM!

Use a Kirby...those things are sick

ஜ ♥ Inez/Inescia ♥ ஜ
Get a new mattress, wash all bed linens and everything in boiling hot water.

ஜ ♥ Inez/Inescia ♥ ஜ

undeclared ;D
It's bedbugs if the bites don't have red dots in the center. both fleas and bedbugs tend to bite in lines. I would called an exterminator and ask him. If the infestation is that bad then they should get a new mattress and try a bug spray with DDT in it.

Dawn B
It does sound like bed bugs.. which can be difficult to get rid of. a friend of mine had to have his house exterminated and it took quite the battle to get rid of them. It entailed either getting rid of his bed linens and basically closing up his room for a period of time.

check this link out and see if this is the bugs you saw

vaccum the bed throughly

bob t
Get rid of furniture with holes. Cover mattress & box springs with plastic cover (bag). Wash everything and dry on hot heat. Get some bed bug spray, $25. Spray all corners & cracks.
Yes they leave spots.

It sounds like a case of bed bugs,]. What they need to do is clean the room really good. Get all the clothing and linens for the bed and wash them in Hot water. The water doesnt have to be boiling. Just wash everything.You probably should get a new matress but if you can't afford one just clean it thoroughly. Get some bug killing stuff"its for bed bugs, you can get it at mostly any drug store" and you use it as detergant to clean your clothes and linens. Vacuum nthe matress if you absolutley can get a new one. They cant harm you nothing significantly but the bites can get pretty bad. Theres even medacine for the bites. over the counter yes. good luck.

It does sound like bed bugs... During the day they hide in any cracks and crevices around the bedroom... Have a look at this website it tells you how to get rid of them...

~*ShareBear*~ =]
Okay, well that seems really scary. This is my opinion... probably not the best answer but I want to help.
1. Buy a new mattress and temporarily move your cousin into another room.
2. Kill them QUICKLY! And use something like Raid.
3. If they have red blood, chances are they are very dangerous (I saw a spider get squished and it had red blood... freaked me out)
4. Your mattress is too old. Old things (such as stuffed animals) tend to have dust mites in them. Yes they bite and you get itchy but in this case, the bugs you have are bigger when dust mites are microscopic.
5. Get allergen sheets to cover up your pillow and mattress (which btw get a new one)
6. Soak your sheets and pillowcase in boling hot water to kill off some bugs.

You should take your cousin to the doctor. They sound like bedbugs to me.

Jayden's Mommy
Take your vaccum cleaner and run over the bed with it plenty of times. They are hard to get out. flip the matttress and repeat.
They come into the house by:
A guest or occupant staying in an infected room
Luggage from an infected home
Luggage coming into contact with other infected items of luggage
Furniture carrying bed bugs or eggs
Infected clothing or bedding
Infections from adjoining properties in extreme cases

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