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‚ô•Proud To Be Canadian‚ô•
any tips for me?
i have really dry elbows. they are so dry that they look dirty although i take a shower everyday. they get a lot worse in the winter. what can i do to prevent this?

jj l
u look bomb baby go out with me skip that guy that said lotion u look good baby go out with me baby

Skater Angel
Swith your soap to Dove and don't forget to use body lotion everyday!

lotion, to give them moisture. don't stop showering, but washing them dries them out.

Vitamin E, I believe.

Cocoa Butter.


Jia K
use e45 cream (not lotion) and massage it in straight after you have a shower when your elbows are still a little damp....if that doesnt work try cocoabutter or hemp cream....should work! sometimes if i dont have any of the above i use vaseline, it works pretty well!

raheeme i
i use Aveeno for my dry skin. it works well specaily in the winter. the air is thin so it makes your skin dry and itchy. go check that out! it might work for you.

Have you ever tried "Corn huskers lotion" its in a yellow and clear bottle and looks kinda like dirty water? I use that when i get really dry skin and it seems to help.

Vasoline and cut out some socks and sleep with this on over night even on feet or hands too.

If you don't prefer a specific brand, I would try any normal lotion or cream. Neutregena, Lubriderm, or any brand that can be found at your local grocery store is probably reasonably cheap, but if you want to go for more of the stylish brand name type, you can try purebeauty.com, or any makeup company like Sephora or MAC. From personal expierience, I've found a lotion called "Shalimar" is very effective, but I'm afraid I've forgotten where its from. Any sort of lotion will help with dry elbows, but you'll most likely have to apply it often, probably about every few hours, depending on what the side of the bottle of lotion says. You can, if its really bad, always go to a skin doctor, and they can probably perscribe something much more effective, but much more expensive. Hope that helps!

James T

use lotion for dry skin daily, use Vaseline after showers before bed, and use an exfoliate scrub and a loo fa in the shower

First, exfoliate your elbows in the shower with a scrub of some
sort, or even a paste made from salt and water. Then, if
they still look dark, you can "bleach" them by cutting a lemon
in half, and resting each elbow in one of the lemon halves.
Then, before you go to bed, moisturize them really well. It


rita g
vasaline intensive care works magic.

tuff luv
read tips on skincare and home remedies to help you better on this site

Don Hobo
Don't they feel a little bit like sandpaper? I've got it bad too. I just itch and the skin is so dry. Vaseline has a new product on the market that claims it is the best moisturizer on the market. You might want to look for it. Ask yor pharmacist for good up to date info. If it gets real bad you may want to see a skin doctor.(dermatologist)

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