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♥♫ஐ ن٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ ღ ஐ♫ ♥ Gianna♥
after applying nail polish remover do u wash it off cuz i didnt was that harmful?

No I never wash it off. It's fine.

Jordyn N
it is best if you wash it off because your hands may get itchy. no it will not harm you but if you want to keep from getting eczema (very itchy skin) you should was it off

P.S wash with a lot of soap then apply any lotion not named brands like brittany spears but normal "dry"skin lotion

Riiko Izawa
perfectly fine(i hope)
ive used that too and i dont think im in the hospital :]

Accident Waiting To Happen
You don't have to wash it off. You can if you want but other than making your hands a little smelly, it won't do any damage.

If you die within the next few minutes, you will know why.

Lily E
nail polish remover is a chemical, but not washing it off after won't harm you don't worry :)

tan baby
its not harmful cause you will wash you hands eventually... but washing your hands after is best if you have a habit of putting your nails in your mouth

nope its not

Better safe than sorry. Wash it off.

i do..but sometimes i forget..but no its not harmful..just make sure you dont like...eat your fingers. ahha.

no you dont have to but if you want to you can its not harmful just make sure you rubb it off well

no u dont have 2 nd its not harmful

nah its fine

No, but if you eat anything with your hands you may get a nasty taste in your mouth so I'd wash it off anyway.

Rubber Poop
its best if you do .
polish remover is still on your fingers though .
if you happen of had eaten with your hand right after you removed your nail polish, it could be harmful.

Julia S
I always wash it off because if you're planning on painting your nails after you remove your old polish, it won't adhere to your nails as well if you don't wash your hands. Plus, it makes your hand smell gross :)

It isn't necessary to do so. However, I like to wash my hands after to get rid of the chemical smell, but thats just preference.

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