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Selena G
a way to prevent bad BO + armpit sweating?
i already wear deodorant and a shirt under my uniform...any suggestions?

Wash your armpits with hot water, dry them, then put on deodorant.
Also, do it before you go to bed.

I've heard getting botox in your armpit temporarily paralyzes the sweat glands. Other than that, remove armpit hair, wash armpits with soap & water, and use a scent free deodrant, dont put yourself in situations were you sweatr in public

antiperspirant: doesn't cover sweat smell like deodorant, makes it so you don't sweat at all

First, I dont think the extra shirt under your uniform is helping.. Generally, sweating is a way the body maintains a constant temperature,especially in hot conditions or when you excercise.. Some people also sweat when they get nervous or anxious.

-Showering regularly, and using baby powder under your arms helps absorb wetness..

-They have these pads you can stick to the pit of your shirt that absorb sweat, so you wont have pit stains.

-Why not invest in a good deodorant? They have Clinical Strength deodorants now that you can be without a prescription..Walmart/cvs/wallgreens/gro… stores.. all sell them for about $10

-Otherwise, you could also go see your doctor if you sweat profusely.. they could prescribe you something, or a simple procedure to correct the problem.

RainbowZebra <3
Hmmm...maybe you could just, like, keep a small deodorant in your purse and use it throughout the day.

As your doctor to get you prescription deodorant the regular stuff just may not be working

I am assuming you shower and shave your underarms... everyday..... but try MITCHUM antiperspirant. It works great, really....it is a lot better than any of the new clinical formulas put out by 'Secret' or other companies.

Brandon C

Switch to a different brand of deoderant.

take a shower 3 times a day drink a lot of water eat your vegetables and eat right...wear real perfume and your good to go

shave ur arm pits, it might found silly but it really helps and why wear a shirt under you uniform, that will make u sweat more

take lots of showers and have a extra deodorant with you.

Raymond D1
you need an anti-perspirant and deodorant, no just a deodorant. For women, sure works great, and for men it's Mitchum.

medicated deodorant, it really works

use an antiperspirant rather than deodorant. Deodorant is more of a nice smelling cover up. Antiperspirant actually helps stop the sweating and odor.

Degree clinical strength the deoderant that comes in a box, i've been using it for a while and sweat marks never ever show and your armpits always smell nice and clean.

You might have a condition called hyperhydrosis. Basically it's a fancy way of saying you sweat too much. It's a very easily treatable condition. Talk to a doctor. In the mean time, try using a clinical strength deodorant/antiperspirant. Deodorants just cover up odor, but antiperspirants actually help you stop sweating so it's important to use something with a combination of both and a clinical strength one is your best bet. They cost around 7$ and can be found at almost any drugstore.

Carry a bottle of axe around

Theres nothing you can really do about how much you sweat , if you think you really have a sweating problem , there is this stuff called drysol that the doctor can give you , you put it on your armpits at night after a shower and it makes you stop sweating in your underarms.....;
if you really have a bad sweating problem the doctor will give it to you

ask your doctor about it

Some people sweat more than others. Some people have real problems with it and need to seek medical attention.

A friend of mine (female) got a prescription for deoderant from the dermatologist. She then switched to AXE, which she found even more effective. She showers at least twice a day and after workouts.

If the odor is particularly bad, by all means see a physician just to make sure that nothing else is going on.

Buy the prescriptive formula Deodorants.


No Monkey Business.
use the stubble-free deodorant.

Certain Dri is the best for sweating. You use it after showering everyday or every other day, plus your regular deodorant/antiperspirant.

I know a couple of people who use Dove Clinical Protection, and they used to have a similar problem like yours and they say that it works very well. I would try that.

Use deodorant then out on some baby/talcum powder. Also, stop wearing the shirt. It probably makes you sweat even more!

I use Certain Dri (The roll on kind, no Certain Dri AM) It's a special kind of antiperspirant, even better than the other "clinically proven". You can buy it at more drug stores or Wal-Mart. Be sure you read the directions!! It can be harmful to you, but really only if you use it right after you shave. Also be sure to apply it at night and then wear a regular deodorant in the morning. But this works wonders. I don't sweat period under my arms anymore. I also used to buy Maxim, which I could only find on the internet, but it seemed to have stopped working for me after a few months.

Sounds like you suffer from a condition known as hyperhydrosis. I used to suffer from it in my youth. There are a few different perscription antiperspirants that should work well, in fact I've heard that some are now available over the counter. Just using the antiperspirant should do it, however some people who have it really bad need to apply it and then wrap their pits in suran wrap for a couple hours. I should warn you. When you first put it on it will make you intch like crazy. Also you will sweat like a mad man for about an hour after the application. But after that you'll be dry as a bone.

Scott C
9 times out of 10 Body Odor can be controlled with diet.Try changing up what you normally eat. You're a girl so you nwill tend to be more acidic already. Greasy food eating girls are stronger smelling.

AXE antiperspirant works great. Remember that a deodorant is NOT designed to stop wetness too much, but to mask odor. You need an Antiperspirant(which also protects from BO), not a deodorant.

buy mitchum soild it works well

Indie Girl
Bathe regularly.

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