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Why is everyone's blood red?
i just always wondered

your blood is really blue look at the veins in you arm
but I guess it turns red when it mixes with something in the airI think Oxygen

Cemre Tas
Blood cell's contain iron in it, and iron is seen as a red pigment.
Just like yellow blood will be full of copper, and I think green blood of insects is full of tin.

Good enough answer?

Oxygen + Iron

♥ ME!! ♥
It is blue actually..

Crazy KB
your blood isnt red the oxygen reacts with a chemical in ur blood that makes it appear red... it is actually blue, and all colors appear the way they do because of the way they absorb light
light has every color in it when it hits grass all the colors absorb except green which reflects back makin it appear green same goes for the sky with blue and blood with red

Melissa H
Blood is blue and turns red when oxygen hits it.

its really blue but when the blood comes out of ur body it just turns red.

i think its blue inside of you but when exposed to oxygen it turns red..
Wait its not? I swear I learned that in school!

Hair Stylist/Disney Fanatic
your blood is actually purple/blue. it's only red when it comes out of your body.

When the oxygen molecules (O2) stored in the red blood cells is "used up", then the blood takes on a blue tint.

oxygen+iron......by the way do you know why poop is brown? its dead blood cells being expelled from your body.

take a look at the veins in your wrist. HOW RED does your
blood look??????

Its actually blue. When it hits oxygen it turns red.

It is blue on the inside and turns red when it hits oxygen.

I think it's because the majority of our blood cells are red. I think it's just the way they are.

[email protected]_s1d3
no... mines black lol j/k

p.s your blood is actually purple until it is exposed t oair then it turns red =D

That's how it comes.

1 Flavor only.

It just happens to be that color. God's choice. So we would notice if we, or another person were wounded enough to warrant attention. I know it's blue and turns red exposed to the air, but that is not "why" it's red. Also all earths creatures from birds to fish,reptiles, mammals,insects all contain iron yet insects many of them have green or purple plasma, blood. God's choice.

So we can all see if you are injured.

Red is a bright color .

She Who Must Not Be Named
Blood has a transparent liquid called plasma with a lot of tiny RBCs (red blood cells). They are actually blue-green. But when we get a cut, and they are exposed to oxygen, they turn red.

It contains hemoglobin, a pigment that turns red when bound to oxygen; without oxygen it is still red but a darker, almost purple color. Veins appear blue because the color is being filtered through your skin.

Red Blood Cells.

blood is red because of haemoglobin.

haemoglobin is a pigment that sits on red bloods cells that makes your blood red. haemoglobin carries oxygen to tissue.

blood is not blue even when there is no oxygen. It appears a darker red when there is no oxygen present. Veins make it look like its blue.

blue blood is a myth

youve been given alot of misinformed 'guess answers' by alot of people

Paul B
hemoglobin, and blood is deff not blue or purple, everyones blood is always red. Why is it when your blood is taken in a syringe, which is air tight, blood comes out red. Blood is never going to be blue/purple

A chemical reaction makes it red out something

The blood plasma alone is straw-colored, but the red blood cells change color depending on the state of the hemoglobin: when combined with oxygen the resulting oxyhemoglobin is scarlet, and when oxygen has been released the resulting deoxyhemoglobin is darker, appearing bluish through the vessel wall and skin

The protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood, changes shape when
it binds oxygen. When it changes shape, it absorbs different wavelengths of light,
making it change color. When blood is exposed to air, much more of the hemoglobin
absorbs oxygen than had in the vein the blood came from (in the veins, the hemoglobin
has already given up most of its oxygen to the body). Therefore, the blood turns red.

A.O is the pro
because the redblood cell contain somthing called heamoglibin

The red blood cells have Hemoglobin in them and this makes your blood red. Red blood is oxygen rich while bluish or dark red blood is lacking oxygen.

Haemoglobin in red blood cells , oh, and everyone who answered before me is a fool (except those who talked about red blood cells) . Why would you think blood is blue? You idiots.

Edit: Looking at the answers after mine, I am very glad that at least a few people aren't so very stupid. Seriously, blood is RED. Seriously.

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