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 How can i get rid of acne/zits in a week?
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 uhhh i need help someone please awnser?
ok in my forehead i have 2 bumps next to each other. They dont hurt, they wont move, their rock hard, and they wont pop. kinda scars me does anyone know what they are
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 How to cure acne naturally in 3 days?

 ugh, i'm so sick of acne medicines CLAIMING to work. ):?
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 Werid question about zits?
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 blackheads on my??????????????
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 does anyone know anything about eczema?
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 Why would an adult start getting acne all of a sudden?
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 i have a mole that keeps growing and growing?
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 HOW CAN I GET RID OF LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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 how do you get stretch marks?
im jw i just discovered i had stretch marks...how did i get them?

im 15 and 150 5'' 7'
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do a lot of people have stretch marks?...

 why are my hands cold and purple?!?
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 How do I get rid of poison ivy on my infant?

 I have had Acne since I was a teenager now I am 26. I am desperate?
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 my face looks disguisting?
i have a pet cat who has fleas.
so i imagined that my WHOLE face is covered with flea bites!!
can you help me with it?
and how long do you think it will go away?
what products ...

 I spilled bleach on myself?
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 Wart, on left hand first finger. How to get rid of it?!?
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Why does my face dry and peel enormously after a shower? Any help on getting rid of this?...?
After I take a shower, my face starts drying and peeling heavily. I'm ok later on in the day when my face starts getting oily, but I look like a monster right after I shower. Any tips on getting rid of this... I've had this condition for many years and I've done everything...Face lotion right after a shower only is temporary and I feel like I'm only hiding the problem, plus I'm getting annoyed from putting face lotion on every single time I shower.

tarel i
thats nasty try lotion or go to the docter

If you're a teen, that's probably normal. Sorry, but live with it.

†100% Angel†
Palmers Cocoa Butter cream is your answer. :)

Green Tea Turtle Baby
I think it's just the steam drying out your face. That sometimes happens to me as well. The only thing you can do is moisturize.

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This happens to a lot of people when the weather starts getting cold. Especially if you have darker skin. The only thing you can really do is use mosturizer, or cocoa butter cream. If they don't work, I suggest you see your doctor about it, and maybe he/she will give you some type of medication cream to get rid of it. I hope that helps, and good luck with your skin!


you could try using a moisturizing body wash to wash your face instead of soap because soap dries your face out..
i hope i helped.
Good Luck hun!

I have a similar problem. This has worked for me. When you get out of the shower or even just washing your face, do not dry your face with a towl. Let your face air dry. It really really helps. Try it.

Might be an Allergic reaction to the soap your using, try a softer more mild soap. If that doesnt help you might have to see a dermatologist.

Aveeno (dark blue color) bath oil works great. Sometimes you have to do a nightly regimn to keep your skin healthy. Maybe try to put a mosturizer on before you go to bed too.

Taylor C
try using a moisturizer

this happens to me in the winter. get a face moisturizer and when im in the shower i use a cloth to scrub my face hard removing dead skin and when i get out my face isnt as dry now.

probably a reation to the chlorine in the water which as you know is unbelievably drying and poisonous. Try taking quicker and cooler showers.

Do you use soap on your face? Or any kind of acne face wash? I've noticed this dries my skin out. It could be from having the heat on since it's winter (assuming it's winter where you are) in which case you may benefit from a humidifier in your room while you sleep.

Philip T
check your water source....can you put a purifier in your shower head...especially something that will take out the fluoride...

what are you soaping with?...

wndrlnd mom
youre face wash is too strong! Use a creamy cleanser,and cream exfoliator. Annoyed or not you must put lotion on your face daily if you want it to stay in good condition..Do NOT use cocoa butter on your face,IT CLOGS YOUR PORES!!! SO does Shea Butter,they are great for the body but never your FACE!!!!

Have you travelled? For instance, my sister always seemed to have a red face after a shower. She never had it before she moved from MA to MN as a junior high kid. We were in Hawaii some years ago (extremely soft water) and lo and behold, her face was not red. When she started moving around after high school, some places caused her problems, others did not. Our theory is that it is because of the chemicals they add to city water to make it safe. You may be overtly sensitive to it. The only way to check is to have a filter or temporarily go somewhere else and test the theory.

Are you sure you're not trying too hard to cleanse your face? Are you sure it's your skin what's coming apart and not pill from the towel? Face lotion is not too bad. I use it every day, but you can try a glycerine soap that will avoid the dryness after.

Showers often cause dry skin, especially if it is a hot shower. Most people do have to apply lotion after a shower as they have dry skin on their legs etc. Face lotion would be the best thing to help you or try taking a shower that isn't too hot. Also if you are using anything such as face wash or soap that dries out your face, that might also be a factor. Try using some type of soap like Oil of Olay or Dove that contains a moisturizer..

My boyfriend has the same problem. What type of water do you have? We live in the boonies (farm area) and we have well water with iron and sulfur in it and we buy the salt to go in the softener. He went to the dermatologist and gave him eczema cream to help, he also said use bottled water a gallon at walmart is 64 cents and wash and shave your face with it. It helps for him. But he also has sensitive skin specially when he shaves. So ask your doctor about it and try the bottled water and if if that helps, the cream is called
Hydrocortisone Ac Powder Cetaphil Vehicle.
Its not powder its a lotion and its only Rx.

Maybe a soap allergy, or maybe something in the water you are sensitive to. You say you've done everything, have you consulted a dermatologist? You might want to do that if you have not. It may be a type of eczema.

try using pine tar soap to bath with and luke warm water instead of hot to shower with...
my son has been using pine tar soap for a over two months now. it has really helped clear it up. he had it really bad. huge sores on his face, flaking skin, acne on back and some on his arms and chest. you can get it thru your pharmacy. it costs about $4 a bar and a bar can last 3-4 wks. His skin is 100 percent clearer now

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