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Why do my feet itch after a shower and how do I make it stop?
Whenever I take a bath or shower in my own home, within a few minutes of getting out (And, sometimes, a minute or two before) the soles of my feet begin to itch to the point of burning pain. So badly that, at one point, I chipped a tooth from clenching my jaw so hard at the itch/pain. Scratching does nothing to alleviate it, and it goes away on its own within 5-15 minutes. It occours in both my tiled shower and my plastic bathtub, and has only started occouring in the past few months. Cleaning the bathtub did nothing to stop the problem, either. What's going on and how do I stop it??
Additional Details
I don't think it's athlete's foot...I've had that before, and this isn't the same. It only happens RIGHT after I get out of the shower, and goes away on its own within minutes... it's only the shower, too, as I don't seem to have the same problem at the pool. There is no redness or obvious physical irritation, either..to an outsider, it would appear that nothing is wrong with my feet when they itch like this.

Maybe its what you clean your shower with? You may be allergic to it? Next time shower with thongs on and see if it helps

first u should ask other people to take a shower at the bathroom u usually use to take your shower.and ask them if any problems occur.and if nothing u should try this second opinion.

second u should base or wrap your tiles with the tiles wrapper as in the hotels.the plastic one but it great.it's strong wrapper.if it work and if u have enough money u should renovate your bathroom's tiles or the bath tub.maybe u're allergy with that kind of tiles.

third, u should ask doctor for knowledge.

that's my opinion and i hop it works.i hope so.

My first gut response is that it is possible that there is a soap scum buildup on your shower floor. If I were you, I would clean area thoroughly first. Then I would start with moisturizing your feet after you have dried them off with a bath towel. We certainly don't moisturize our skin as we should and with winter and cold here, our furnaces dry out our skin. You might even consider a humidifier setup in your home. Sometimes it takes several to get the job done but if your furnace is in the home or apartment it is much more efficient if you place the humidifier close to it so it will circulate throughout the home/apartment better. Even keeping a pan of water on a radiator or on the stove on a low flame off and on during the day emits steam into the air to help with the dry air.

But, as I said, sounds like your shower/tub floor just needs to have a good scrubbing. This happened to me once and I thought I had athletes foot come to find out this is one way that you can get this and usually in a public shower. A shower/tub should be cleaned at a minimum of once a week if you live alone and possibly 2-3 times per week if a family or couple live together. Hope this works!!


I had this problem before and what I did was a lot of exfoiating and use some good foot spray or lemon or vinegar on your feet to help kill the bacteria that's causing the problem in the first place. It will go away pretty quickly if you just keep repeating the process. I imagine the ped-egg is probably a good thing to use for the exfoliating part of it, but I just used a regular pumice stone. I think the main thing here is to get rid of the build-up of dead skin and kill the bacteria. What I've told you worked for me... but, I'm sure there's other ways to take care of it. I don't believe in spending a lot of money on products that claim to help alleviate or cure problems like this. I tend to stick to the more practical methods that are sensible and affordable. Give it a try... it can't hurt!

K.K. A
If you are superstitious, it probably means you are going to travel. If you do not want to travel so much, do not cut your hair on Saturdays.

bacteria of all sorts can make it into our foor area hope this site help
go ALL herbal though chemicals do nothing but dry out and burn

Super Saiyan
clean your shower really well

yeh it sounds like Athletes Foot

Have you changed your cleaning agents? You say that you cleaned your shower floor, so I'm wondering if maybe you got a new brand of shower/bath cleaner that might be causing the problem.

You could try drying your feet really good and applying a moisturizer...oatmeal works really good at soothing itchy skin. Or you could try hydrocortisone cream or something with a histamine blocker (like Benadryl allergy cream or something of that nature).

Super Mom
Its not Athlete's Foot or bacteria in your shower!!!

My daughter and I both get the same horrible itching on the palms of our hands after showering, and sometimes after doing the dishes. Painful doesn't begin to cover it, because once you start scratching it almost becomes obsessive. The lotion does help a lot. Aveeno is great - no perfumes, etc. This has to do with the dry skin and circulation combination. When it starts, put on the lotion and put plastic baggies over your hands, or cover them with socks to prevent yourself from scratching. Good luck!

athletes foot can be treated with regular vinegar, thats what my dad uses whenever he gets athletes foot.

Its your soap. Any sensitive skin will be irritated if not all the soap is removed, or if it is very sensitive it can itch just from the power of the soap. Soaps with moisturizer like to remain on the skin, even though they are supposed to help out, they do not.
Soap is easily caught in between the toes, so make sure you have gotten all of it out and see how you feel.
Try regular soap, nothing with special additives, like just plain irish springs soap, and see how that works.

j K
just go to the doc if your concerned always better to know than to guess

Did you change your soap recently, maybe you are allergic to it.

that could be footgyteis. Go to your foot doctor

Hot water actually activates the histamines in the skin. Once you cool down, the itching will stop. Try using cooler water.

Sometimes when I take a REALLY hot shower, my feet will itch... could it be when you take a bath or shower, the water is TO hot?

You don't use bath mats do you? I have an allergy to some types of foam rubber and elastic. My feet get huge blistery welts if I take a shower with a bath mat. Doc just gives me some topical steroid.

A little trick from basics. Its gross but it works. Pee on your feet the amonia in the urine will actually stop the burning and itching. Give it a try, I know its gross but it works.

Have you been overseas recently or on holiday and used a shower or spa ( or other communal facility)?

It may not be athletes foot (tinea) , it could be foot worm .It generally manifests with an itchy foot.

Infection occurs when the parasitic guinea worm resides within the body. Infection is not apparent until a pregnant female worm prepares to expel embryos. The infection is rarely fatal, but the latter stage is painful. The infection is also referred to as dracunculiasis, and less commonly as dracontiasis.

This parasite eats the flesh just under the skin making geographical lines if you don't address it quickly, so for goodness sake go and see a doctor as soon as possible.

this use to happen to me im pretty sure its not athlete's foot, it happened to me when i put the water to hot try putting it a little bit cooler it worked for me might work for u

Desinex type spray works good for Athletes foot.

If you don't have it, it can also be helpful to use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), this helps clean and dry out the area on your feet with the fungus.

Maybe the next time you take a shower wear some rubber flip flops and see if the itching comes back... maybe that will help determine if it is the chemicals on the tub floor.

me too
Talcum powder your feet. That'll stop the itch.

I recommend giving your bathroom and shower a BIG clean all over, bleach, disinfectant, and a good scrub should sort any nasties out that could be infecting your skin.

Sarah J
ur feet might be dry. try using some jergens non scented healing lotion which u can get a walmart or the grocery store and keeping them nice and moist if that doesn't help then go ask the doctor wats up with your feet he might have sum thing better for u to try

You have athletes foot. You need too go too the foot doctor. Trust me i had the same problem and u can either get spray for the athletes foot.

Try cleaning the bathtub floor with white vinegar to kill any fungus on it. It sounds like maybe there is some foot fungus on the tub and it is getting on your feet.

oh yeah
The reason why people itch there skin is to remove dead skin cells. This means your skin is dry. Try putting lotion on your feet or where ever it itches after you take a shower, and see if that helps. Eucerin works really well, it has oatmeal in it to sooth your skin, it is rich, non-greasy and is made for dry, itchy skin. You can get it at your local pharmacy.

I had the same problem tonight. My boyfriend said that he has it sometimes and the Doctor said it was because of winter and your feet being dry. After they are removed from the water in the tub it gives you that feeling because your skin is cracking or something. but whatever the best thing is to just not touch them and wait for it to go away,which it always does within a few mins.

Dry your feet when you get out.
Moisturize your feet for better results.

The First Dragon
It doesn't sound like athlete's foot or any kind of infection to me, since it stops in a few minutes.
I can only imagine that bathing has some weird effect on your circulation or peripheral nerves; on this theory, I might try using a cold pack or plunging the feet into cold water to shrink the capillaries and/or calm the sensory nerves.

Sounds to me like you're taking your bare foot which has been under hot water and applying it to cold tile. This is a normal reaction for it to feel itchy and sting. It would be no difference than the exact opposite, taking a cold foot and placing it in hot water. May I suggest using a rug or some sort of carpeting like a towel when you step out? Not only will it help you not contract an infection whether it be viral or bacterial, but it will also alleviate the pain by providing a much warmer surface for you feet. Give it a try, see what happens

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