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Sioned P
Why am i so itchy all the time?
Am all ways inching but i don't no why??

The One and Only!
Dunno, you tell me.

take a bath

Try some good lotion.

the capybara
cos you are looking for Scratchy..:o)

Jenny J
is it winter where you are, are you taking hotter showers or baths lately, did you change your soap or washing powders.

Rebecca Hi

Rachel R
You could be stressed, or not used to your enviorment if you recently moved. Or you could even have flease or some sort of bug in your sheets.

Dr Abs
Don't scratch! That just irritates the skin further, leading to more itching and more scratching.
Take cool or lukewarm (not hot) showers or baths. If you use soap, make it a mild type without scent or deodorant, and rinse it off completely.
Try adding a little baking soda to lukewarm bath water and soaking the area for several minutes.
Keep the skin from drying out, especially after baths, by applying a mild lotion without scent or color.
Lay a cold compress over the irritated area.
Stay away from heat and humidity. Clothing and bedcovers should be loose, light, and nonirritating. Cotton is probably best.
Avoid scratchy fabrics, such as wool and rough upholstery.
Apply an over-the-counter preparation designed for minor skin irritations, such as calamine lotion or Burow's solution.
Try an over-the-counter oral antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine. Such drugs are designed to control allergic reactions and itching. But they can also make you drowsy, so be careful about when you take them, and follow the directions on the container.

Hope it will get better for you soon!

liverpool lou

it could be a numerous a reason, but you want be the first to experience this either. Make a doctors appointment first and get them to check you for allergies, then you can do a follow-up with a dermatologist. If you can't make it to the doctor then just use a good lotion and try something like Benadryl, claritin or Zyrtec.

Switch soaps. The one you are using might be drying your skin too much.

dry or sensitive skin. try using natural soaps without perfumes even to wash your clothing. also use aveeno lotion on the itchy parts to help moisturize. if this does not work go to your dr's to get a referral to dermatologist.

Chazz W
if you have been by some one whos realli dirty and unhygieneic then you can get something called scabies it makes you itch all the time anbd is vcery uncomfortable i would go to the doctors about it or even clean you whole room/house and disinfect all your bed covers every night this gets rid of them.... also dont go near any unhygeinic people and tell all your mates to do this too cause they nmight have it

not gd stuff

but go to the doctor first they will be able to tell you more than me

its probably dry skin, especially if you like hot showers/baths.

you can try making the water cooler (it should really just be warm, not hot) and then after you get out, and before toweling off, apply lotion, it will help keep the moisture in.

you could also be allergic to your laundry detergent or fabric softener. you can try switching them to something more hypoallergenic (but do one at a time so you can tell if its one or the other)

rosalina c
dry skin-use a good lotion like e45

hi There,well it could be alot of things,depends where you are itchy the most and i don't mean that cheeky it could tell where the source is,you may of ate something or you may have flies from an animal or human ones sorry the doctor will know.many many different things.

good luck

you could be allergic to some product you use every day..get an allergy test by your dermotologist
you could have exxima..ask your doc about it
use hydrocotizone cream

You probably got bit,
or you're allergic to something

try cleaning your body (shower)
wash clothes, or whatever you sleep in or on
and apply anti-itching cream

hope this helps

Sarah H
maybe you are allergic to something? go to your doc's for an allergy test.

dehydration makes you itch. It could be excema or a skin problem that needs looking at by dermotologist. Ask doctor to have look and he might refer u to skin specialist if needed. Apart frm that, no spicy foods, less coffee, chocolate and foods that dehydrate i.e. olives, garlic and spicy foods and more water in your diet i.e. fruit juices. Coffee and tea are known as DEHYDRATING so when they say fluids they mean HYDRATING things so no coffee or tea. If u want tea, then have decaffienated. It could also be your washing liquid or powder you are using. If it isnt washed off properly, it could make u itch.

There could be many reasons but, at this time of year, many people get winter itch. It comes from colder weather taking the moisture out of your skin.

My doctor recommended only warm, not hot, showers and baths using either Oil of Olay or Dove soap. I have found that those two brands also make a liquid soap with a big stripe of moisturizer in it. He said, when getting out, to apply the lotion of either brand BEFORE YOU DRY OFF. This will help to keep some of that moisture from the bath/shower in and prevent itching.

There are OTC and prescribed meds that you can take (but watch out! All of the anti-itch meds make me ITCH! Weird, eh?)

old know all
Is it just where your clothes go? You could be having a bad reaction to your washing powder or (more likely) your fabric softener. Try giving your underwear an extra rinse by hand.
If that's not the case, it might be your soap. Try Dove.

Marin Vielli UK
Dont mess about go and see your doc , only way to know for sure.

Lily's Mommy!
Dry skin possibly? You didn't really give enough information for us to answer.


MYTH BUSTER Mission Accomplished
maybe its because your the president of the itchy and scratchy fan club lol. Ask your dermatologist.

Kevin Gu
If you sweat a lot, the salt on your skin may make you feel itchy.


Check your blood sugar.

Cosita Rica
You might have dry skin. Gold bond is great for dry skin(=^-^=)

you could just have sensitive skin that reacts to changes in Temperature. I have this but have managed to get it some what under control the worst time of year is the winter when you go from being inside with heating etc to the bitter cold outside.

Doctors have suggested keeping the skin soft and use an intensive moisturiser but that's all they could give me and this has been going on for about 28 years.

It is truly annoying at times and no one understands but I totally emphasisewith you.

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