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Penny Lane
Who doesn't use sunscreen?
I don't because it causes cancer. I know the common answer of .....no, the sun causes cancer...but it doesn't!..will probably but your answer.

New studies show that sunscreen may cause cancer...

Cancer rates went up after sunscreen was invented. Sunscreen is a billion dollar business. Imagine if no one used it, they would be OUT of business.

They say use a lot of things, but the same thing when Bush said there are WMD in Iraq,...lots believed, but what really was the truthhhh.
Additional Details

Then why do people who don't use sunscreen get skin cancer? (Even if they don't, they're prematurely aged big time.)

Let's agree to disagree on that one. Even if sunscreen does cause cancer (which I don't believe), you can't say that the sun doesn't... because that would be idiotic seeing as though the scientific community has proof to back it up.

I honestly couldn't care less if the sun caused cancer. The reason that I wear sunscreen (and most other people I know) is simply to avoid getting the horrible, nauseating sunburns that I get when I don't. I have pale, Irish skin and if I don't wear at least SPF 30, I turn into a strawberry.

I do on certain occasions. Although your statistics probably aren't completely correct by the way you are stating them. One reason cancer probably went up after sunscreen is because more people thought they could spend more time outdoors because they were wearing sunscreen and then caused them to have more contact with the sun.

I think cancer rates went up after sunscreen was invented because people think that if they wear sunscreen then they can go out in the sun whenever and be protected...but they won't.

Sunscreen DOES protect your skin, but don't just believe that because you have it on, you can be reckless in the sun.

What! A conspiracy theory about sunscreen? Have you not considered that the increase in skin cancer has come about in line with the destruction of the ozone layer? Hence the hot spots for skin cancer are not where there's most sun, but where the ozone layer is thin, like Australia. Highest skin cancer rates are not linked to people who use sunscreen, but to people who don't use enough and in the right areas, like tops of the ears etc. Pigs get skin cancer now, since the ozone layer depletion, and rates have been reduced by covering them in ...guess what...sunscreen!

Jordan D
There is no sunscreen conspiracy.

There are several factors that can contribute to the onset of skin cancer, including heredity and skin type (fair skinned and freckles!), but he undisputed heavyweight of skin cancer causes is still the sun's ultraviolet rays. So, one can only assume that the increased number of cancer patients is directly related to an increased exposure to the sun. This is not only the fault of the people, but also the fault of the planet.

The Ozone layer is a crucial element of our atmosphere. It helps keep us safe by protecting us from the sun's natural radiation. Consisting of triple bonds of oxygen, the Ozone layer envelopes the planet, decreasing the amount of ultra-violet rays that reach our surface.

Ironically, human beings have slowly been destroying this very layer that was meant to protect us and ensure our survival. Scientists are concerned because pollution and climate change have effectively eliminated as much as fifty percent of the higher layers of the Ozone layer. Approximately thirty percent of the crucial layer in its entirety has already been destroyed.

The depletion of the ozone layer has reached epic proportions, and more and more cases of skin cancer are being diagnosed. The United Nations’ Environment Program has estimated that for every one percent of the ozone layer we lose, there will be a two to three percent rise in the average person's chance of getting skin cancer. This serves as further proof that each one of us must take every precaution when exposing ourselves to the increasingly dangerous rays of the sun. When you venture outside in the sun, cover up as best you can. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head and face, and apply sunscreen with a high SPF factor to any exposed skin. Thin layers of light, loosely woven clothing do little to prevent the transmission of UV rays. Instead, choose tightly woven clothing, or look for fabrics specially designed to block UV rays.

Peter Griffin
Fact: you are mistaken... let me clarify.
Older sunscreens used to contain PABA, a chemical which was known to cause cancer. PABA is Para-Amino Buytric Acid... and was once thought to be able to protect against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
Since about the mid 90s, Sunscreens have become PABA free and now almost every brand out there is PABA-free, in fact MOST sunscreen bottles say PABA-free right on the bottle.

SO, to answer, it is PABA that once did cause cancer and once was in sunscreen, but modern sunscreens are totally safe... I know because I did an undergraduate research projet on Sunscreens and their ability to block different wavelengths of UV ray, as well as their "carcinogenic" effect on humans... we ran different grade sunblocks through a very precise instrument called a GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy) to determine WHAT exact chemicals were in the suncreens.
Its OK to use suncscreens, the sunscreen industry isn't hatching a plot to take over the world and run the US economy into the ground.... we are there already anyways lol.
Its your choice to save your skin or not.

I use sunblock 30 spf.

The Guy
my brother doesnt..

i always use sunscreen

Smiling JW™
Not me it is february

i just use what ive always used, Coppertone. Not the sunscreen stuff. Just use the regular brown bottle. Worked then, works now. People with a family history of cancer are probably more prone to getting skin cancer. Most people ive talked to that had cancer had a family history of it. Also, the sun doesnt cause cancer. The ultra violet rays can. Dont try to sun tan on awarm but cloudy day. Clouds block infra red but let ultra violet rays cruise right on thru.

if you think about it, after all these studies, almost everything causes cancer from the sun, microwaving in certain containers, to the char on the grill.
personally, i don't use sunscreen because i scarcely get burnt
you shouldn't ask what causes cancer, but what doesn't...cancer happens and we live with it or die
i choose to not care too much about it and live my life comfortably

David D
So the answer is don't go out of the house

I personally do not use sunscreen, but do not lay out in the sun either.

I use only organic sunscreen from Lavera. I didn't use to wear sunscreen, but when I got into my 20's one Summer broke out in dark Cloasma all over my face, so prefer to wear sunscreen and one day die of cancer and not look freaky because am afraid sunscreen may give Cancer, we will die from something one day anyway...

Christophe O
I'm black so I don't need to!! lol

I don't use chemical sunscreen, but you should get on down to a really good health food shop, and they sell sunscreens with zinc oxide which is natural and looks a little white on the skin, but it actually lifts the colour of my skin..
I also wear a sunhat..

I should but I always forget! I always get like halfway to the beach and then realize that it's not in my bag. I don't burn very easily.

I don't. I'm dark complected. 1/4 Cherokee.

i came across a few articles by accident and there is strong evidence against sunscreen. i think a lot of people cover them selves in all types of crap thinking its good for them. most toiletries contain nasty chemicals. humans have been around for millions of years and i imagine used to be out in the sun a lot longer than we are. i think people should question things more, everyone does what they are told (years ago doctors would recommend smoking to clear out the lungs!!!) best to use natural based sunscreen and stay out of the sun, why do ppl got on holiday for a week then spend the whole week on the beach?. eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water and be happy. i think that will keep u healthy. i don't think worrying about anything can be good for you.

I hate sunscreen. Never use it. Right on!

i have never used it ,i tan easily and quickly

not a user...

i use it, BUT sparingly. i use it the first few days of summer and then once my skin is able to tan on it's own then i stop using it.

i believe it does cause cancer because in places where it's sunny all year round (i.e.- Africa), people there do not use it and cancer is NOT the leading cause of death.

here in America, people use it and cancer cases are popping up everywhere.

conspiracy theorists believe it's one of the ways that keeps the medical industry going. they create products that make us sick so that we keep them in business. it's cyclical! uugh!

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