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 how can you get rid of white heads on the face quick and easy?

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 how to get rid of acne as quick as possible. Help!!!?
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 What do you do about Chapped lips! HELPP?

What kind of acne do i have? (Pictures Included)?

Here's 3 pics of me with the acne, and if your a rude person that is planning on saying "ew, your ugly" dont even answer.

So, I have been using Proactiv, and i guess its been working a LITTLE bit, but i dont want it to work a little bit, i want my entire face acne free. I have alot of scars that i want to get rid of from the acne, still a couple more pimples, and i'm just very depressed because of the acne, i can't even look at someone that much except my family. What kind of products (Good) can i use to remove pimples, and scars from acne, and whatever else it could do?


Patrick S

[insert cool name here]
you dont really have bad acne

try to the refining mask by proactiv works wonders

my hands may hand my hands this is good advice

its not that bad, just put some make up on it then waaa laaa clean face! :D sorry cant really help..i dont have acne.

it looks like you have that one kind of acne, oh your done... you should go see a doctor... Quick!

proactiv, prescription meds, corizone-10, and few others as for the type ...the same i have

Do you wash your make up off before bed? It doen't seem like you do.

the neutragena wave its amazing!

just plain old teen acne buy nelsons homeopathic acne cream 7.00 for 1 ounce then say buy buy zits

go to a dermatoligist.
i tried every acne product in wallgreens, plus practiv, plus zeno.
yours isnt even really severe.
2 years ago i would have been so happy to have your skin.
but i went to a dermatoligist.
and now im basically acne free.

Jasen H
You look young. May I ask how old you are? Because if your like 13 or so your going to have pimples like that. The best way (thats worked for me) to get rid of them is go to the doctor and ask them for some "CLINDAMYCIN PROSPHATE". Its a little white bottle that has a yellow covering.

I hope this helps :)

Sonia R
i would use proactive everyday even if it gets better make sure u wash ur face everyday before bed and when u get up

Hmmm ... looks like more than moderate teenage acne to me. Sorry, probably not the diagnosis you're looking for.

With acne like that, you're not going to see real results from stuff you buy at the store. That stuff is really for occasional minor acne. You're best bet is prescription medication from a dermatologist. When I was a teen I took "retin A" from my dermatologist and it zapped acne away fast.

Ask your mom about it. It may even be covered by your insurance.

Im really sorry you having that problem. I too had that problem and i found a product called renew lotion and some other acne products that completely took away my Acne. And when i thought it was just luck i gave it to my sister and it worked for her also. The website, if you are interested in information is www.themomteam.com/bushfamily. This isnt going to take you to the product but since this is a retail referral business you will have to fill out the form first. After you fill out the form i will send you all the products. I swear on my life and my kids life that it is the best stuff that i have ever used. The best part about it is that it is all natural and it is considered a "green" product.

You are not ugly for starters. Second of all everyone finds something different that works for them, I have had good luck with face wash followed by persa gel and then clean and clear oil free moisturizer with salicylic acid in the morning.

Really. See a dermatologist. You might need antibiotics for a while- maybe creams or maybe pills.

I took pills twice a day for 2 months, then once a day for a month. No acne. My doctor said to use unscented dove to wash my face, and a scrub with salicylic acid for blackheads a few times a week. But that's what was right for me- you see a doctor yourself.

well scars r hard to get rid of..the fact that they're, Scars. anyways ur ancne look like the kind that has been popped. u don't have that much,oh and lay off the eyeliner...the eye makeup =O

sticky J
If you can, go to a dermatologist.

He/she can fix you up with good stuff.

i think its not important its natural in your age.
everyday after waking up and before bed wash your face with soap and dry it with a soft tissue .
and do it when your coming home from outside

It really is not that bad, I`ve seen much worse. It would be good if you could see a dermatologist who could help clear your skin and do something to improve the appearance of any scars you may have.

Okay, so i had sorta bad acne, and still sorta do,, but not much. I had systic acne which is where some of the acne turn into large systs. Which is not good at all really. I tried proactive, except im alergic to chemicals in there, the active ingredient and benzanoic alcohols. So I went to a dermatoligist and got a perscription for doxycline, and then roacutane. However roacutane can be very dangerous with side affects, yet it does work very well. So if your desperate, try a dermatologist.

Ew your so cute:P

a rare type usually found in southern Mangolia

Well, if you have insurance just go to a dermatologist. I have hear of some people breaking out again when they stopped using proactive. I believe it's because it's an hormonal problem.

nothing to even worry about at all!

just dont wear makeup on your acne and keep the hair off of your face.

after using your proactive put on a moisturizer it will work 20 times better!

and you are pretty, so dont worry itll be gone soon

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