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 Acne question?
In two weeks I am leaving for college. I really want my face to be clear when I get there. What ways can I change my lifestyle (such as what foods and drinks I take in) in order to be clearing up ...

 scars on my legs, help!!!!?
ok well during the summer, i went to thailand, and they have ALOT of mosquitos, and i got like tons of bites on my legs, i scratch them so much they bleed they scars come up, the scars on my legs are ...

 how to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?
i have millions of blackheads on my nose and chin, i squeeze them but then it makes spots. i also have blackheads but they look like spots but without the redness and it hurts if you squeeze them. i&#...

 Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!! ?
I have a lot of breakouts on my forehead and chin. I start school in a week and I want to have clear skin for the first day of school! Any tips, tricks, or solutions will help! Thanks soooo much for ...

 Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?

 Is this true (Sunburn question)?
Sunday I went to a Cleveland Indians game and got burned on my chest and my face. My school nurse told me the next day to take the hottest shower I can stand for about 5 minutes, and I was wondering ...

I have gotten about 24 mosquito bites along my calves and some have started to turn hard and red. They all itch like crazy and i want to get RID OF THEM! I have been using caladryl to stop the ...

 I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this?? ?
I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this. its like a mosquito mark but more bigger and to fang like mars in a line that are just a bit bigger than pin ...

 um...kinda awkard question....?
um, does anyone know how to get rid of warts? I have at least 8 on my left hand!! It's very embarassing. I have tried duck tape, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed oil, proxide, etc. PLEASE HELP!!...

 very itchy skin from tanning??
I just got a month package to go tanning this past week... i've tanned tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. the 1st 2 days i was fine and then my stomach and chest started getting itchy. A...

 acne help?
okay i want clear face by highschool
that is in 3 months.
drink alot of water
use clinique face treatment 2 times a day
wear NO makeup
use medicane prescribed ...

 What is causing my dry skin?
I moved into my apartment in september '07 and ever since i've been getting horrible dandruff and dry skin everywhere. I've never had dry skin because i was wondering if it could be ...

 I'm going to a prom this upcoming Saturday, and I need to get rid of my ashy/dry elbows and legs! How can I?
Any lotions or other remedies that can get rid of my ashy/dry elbows and legs in five days! All suggestions are welcome!...

 can u get acne if ur stressed or tired?

 what is the best cure for chapped lips?
my lips are really chapped and peeling. i just want to know a if there is a way (other than chap stick) to help it. and make it stop hurting! thanks in advanced=D...

 itchy belly?

i am a 17 year old female.

over the past week or so i have developed a very itchy body but mainly on my belly. i get itchy thighs which i think i can just put down to ...

 dandruff cure :D :D :D?
is there any way to get rid of dandruff without washing your hair like every day?


 Does everyone sweat no matter the condition of the climate?

Additional Details
Well thank you everyone for answering... I know that everyone sweats I learned it back in high!!! lol I had to prove my buddy wrong that everyone does... now that I ...

 Do black people get black dandruff?
If so that would be awesome, cause I had scractching my head and getting white specs on my black t-...

 Does any one know anything good to drink or eat that helps prevent or get rid of acne?

What is the best face scrub?
what is the best face wash, i have mild acne and i'm attempting to get rid of it through various over-the-counter scrubs and prescription pills. which brand of scrubs work the best?

oxy, or clean and clear

Brillo Pads

Mark J
clean and clear,


I like Oil Free Clean and Clear

I LOVE Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub...

Definitely Proactive. It works perfectly for me, and everyone else I've talked to who uses it. It's a 3 part system, though, including facial scrub, cleanser/toner, and lotion. Definitely worth it :) Just make sure you use it every day.

Rachel K
I like Clearasil Ultra

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
It's strong so it can really go deep into your pores to clean. It's great. After popping a pimple, just dab it on & rinse and it's all gone :D

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
St. Ives apricot scrub:


it all depends on your personal skin type. for me, neutrogena acne scrub (about 5-7 dollars at target) works great for me. keep in mind however that acne medication usually makes skin worse before it makes it better. as for perscription pills, ask your doctor what topical scrub would be suitible for use with the pill. some combinations will cause your skin to flake, peel, or redden due to over exhaustion. a natural alternative is to wet your face with warm water and then rub table sugar on your t-zone (chin, nose, and forhead) it will exfoliate your skin gently without salycylic acid that is commonly found in over the counter scrubs.

Clean and clear! I bought all of the expensive stuff. The best is clean and clear.

Free Falling
I got this stuff at Sams Club and it's better than Proactive and although I don't have acne it has evened out my skin tone and made my skin softer.

It says it works on acne too...Acnefree I believe it's called.


-What? No, it's not a brand...?...??

The animal... GOSH.


it maybe better to not use a scrub if you have broken skin just try a good cleanser, as the scrub can aggravate the already tender skin. I have always got on very well with Mary Kay, (so well I started working with them)

I use Aveeno exfoliate or scrub pads. If you have a lot of white or black heads I HIGHLY recommend cleaning your face really well and then dabbing tea tree oil on the blemish. I swear by this method.

Good Luck

RaRa The Great
noxema in your case would work the best

I love the Saint Ive's apricot scrub.

i ♥ doggies
cleaasol ultra acne pads are the best

St. Ives makes a good apricot scrub specifically for acne.

st. ives

Whacckkaa :DDD
st. ives apricot scrub or Clearasil clean and clear Noxzema

Kiersten .
CLEAN AND CLEAR! it is the best! they have zit protection exfoliating, morning burst and soooooo much more. Def go with with clean and clear and if that is to expensive just go to target and get the target brand clean and clear! hope this helps ♥ ♥ ♥

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