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 Does the acne medicine- PROACTIV really work. My daughter just began using it, she's almost 13.?

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What is the best ance treament?


Proactiv is the best but it is HELLA expensive

Laura T

proactiv! =]

use proactive!

listen to the instructions, u have to have patience and time. use it twice a day and u shall c improvments

I really couldn't tell you. It just depends what type of skin you have. But my friends love proactiv. surpirse surprise.

ANCE is nothing stupid learn to spell
to cure ACNE get some benzoyl-peroxide it is the chemical formula in proactive and all that bull **** they are all the same so buy generic...

I used ProActive and it DIDN'T work for me.
I use Differen now and it works the best!
You might need to go to a dermatologist if nothing works though.

Over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide...a cream that you just smooth on a pimple or beginnings of one...i use it everyday, and really works! It's cheap and all too! Wash and tone your face too first!

acne spot treatment from Kiehl's is pretty nice!
my bro and i are both using it!!

Proactiv's Refining Mask.
Clean and Clear 3 step system.

all my friends use these two :)

you can get it zapped off haha seriously. I use oxy pads and they work really really well, so try those.

you can go to the dermatologist and ask for differn. I love the stuff! If you prefer to go over the counter, get neutrogena rapid clear. That works really good too.

Nakia F
Clearskin cleansing pads.
I had acne scars and everythin and it took that out in about 3 weeks.

have an appointment with dermatologist so they can give you proper treatment of acne.

katie s
Depends on what kind of acne you have. Please describe.

Or go see a dermatologist.
I have people stop me all the time and ask me about how my skin is so clear. I use Clearsil daily face wash, and then use clinique toner and Clinique moisturizer, twice a day. And please don't get proactive. I know 3 people who have used that and it actually made their acne worse.

melaleuca alternafolia

differen, although it requires a prescription it works very good
proactive doesn't work for everyone, therefore its not the best.

i used differen and it worked great.
used proactive and it didn't do a thing for me.

I've tried many acne treatments in the past, and the one that really worked for me was called On The Spot. You can usually by it at Walmart and it's pretty inexpensive. It contains benzyl peroxide and has some other ingredients, but I don't know, but it works

chickens do fly
Anything with benzoyl peroxide, such as Oxy, found at your local drug store. It's inexpensive, ($5 a bottle; small bottle but it lasts awhile) and if used correctly, can minimize blemishes overnight. (Look at me, I sound like a sales rep)

Anything that balances out the over-production of oil on your face can work. And pore minimizers! Like mud masks. (They work for guys too :)

Ha a proactiv commercial just came on....lol. I don't recommend something so expensive..there are many other ways to minimize acne. Try out cheaper solutions before jumping head-first into top of the line products that may not even work for you.

My face stays relatively clear; here's how I do it:
Before bed -
1. I wash my face with warm water & body wash; I use Axe (yeah I know it's for guys, but it gets you soo clean AND smells good lol)
2. Wash my face once more with Velocity Facial Cleanser (from Mary Kay or Avon, I forget which.)
3. If I have any dots (pimples..I hate that word), I dab a small bit of Oxy on. The tinted kind can also work as a great concealer.
4. In the mornings, I use Velocity Facial Moisturizer to keep my face moisturized but not oily.

(I know it seems like a lot of work, but once you're in the routine, it really doesn't feel like a chore.)

It also helps if you lay off the make-up, sugar, & greasy foods, wash your face in warm water to clean pores, then rinse in cool/cold water to keep pores closed.

Chloe C
What i like to do is make at home remedies such as making a yogurt-oatmeal mask or exfoliating my face with sugar and water. It all works very well for me.
if you have oily skin, i recommend you to make the yogurt-oatmeal mask.
if you're in a hurry, you can dab some toothpaste on a pimple, and then place a band aide over it and go to bed, the next morning, it should be off. but you have to remember two things,
1. make sure the tooth paste is white, not blue
2. you should only use this in emergency situations because it's really bad for your skin.
if you want to buy something from a pharmacy, you can look for products containing sulfur, which is a very effective treatment.
more home acne treatments

i personally like home treatments, and they work. I hope i helped!

Liberalism has a delusional bias
I've never had ANCE. I have had ANTS though.

[email protected]
the best ACNE treatment has to be
refining mask from proactiv ( but proactive doesnt really work)
rapid clear from neutrogena
trust me i no from personal experience
acne myriad
if u want u can put mine as best answer :)

There isn't just one thing that is going to work for you. You have to use a few different products that will suit your needs. Now, I have always had bad skin up until 6 months ago. (I am now 25 years old). You have to buy the Clean and Clear Blackhead eraser, and use it 3-4 times a week only. It gets all the gunk out of your pores and makes your skin nice and shiny. And depending on your usual routine you have to use whatever acne wash works for you. I personally use Clean and Clear Morning Burst, St; Ives, or Neutrogena. Every time I run out I switch to the next brand so my skin doesn't get used to one product. They tend to make my skin slightly dry so I use the moisturizer of my choice depending on your sking type. Within a couple of weeks your skin will be noticeably healthier. So use the Blackhead eraser those 3-4 times a week, and use the face wash everyday, and the moisturizer, and you will be fine.

to tell you the truth, we all cannot tell you what is best for YOU. i know you don't want to hear this, but its the truth. Everyone is different, has different skin, and everything works differently on EVERYONE. most people don't understand this, and look to other people for guidance.

I went through 4 years of trying to find the right acne face wash and treatments and creams and gels and masks...i tried almost everything. Some things worked okay, some didn't at all, and some made my skin worse! but none of them gave me what i really wanted; clear, beautiful skin. I then went to a dermatologist, and they gave me pills, a lotion, and a cream. I thought that it wouldnt clear my skin up totally, but now i have clear skin that i am so confident about.

seriously, you should really try it out. they know their stuff.

P.S don't use names like "pore unclogging" and "stress-control". those are all just to try and make you buy it. And whatever you do, do NOT use scrubs. They harm your skin even more and dry you out, which can irritate skin. Use a light cleanser, made to clear harmful bacteria and close pores.

And, whatever you buy, for whatever you are going to put on your face, make sure it says on the back non-comedegenic (meaning it wont clog your pores).

Seriously, i was stubborn and didn't listen to these kind of things, but they are your best solution.

Casey <33
deep sea face mask 3-4 times a week

i tried everything and finally something that wasn't made for acne made my acne go away

ironic right?

Sexy Mcfun Bear snukums
queen helenes mint julep mask, sulfer or accutane

all these people saying proactiv have never had a pimple in their life

1. chance your pillow case once a week
2. use a separate towel to white your face
3. dont touch your face
4. try to keep your hair out of your since hair contains oils
5. drink lots of water
6. clean and clear oil absorbing sheets
7. neutrogena 8 hour pads
8. clean and clear morning burst.
9. birth control

Jack S
Acutain, it is a prescription but it will work miracles. It will work 100%

Mary L

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