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What is best for Incect bites relief! I can't stop it itching!?
I was bitten on the leg at rugby training on Tuesday and the bite has swollen up, almost half my leg is red and it's hot! (I've been told by a friend it's probably a horsefly bite!)

What products can you recommend to stop the itching and reduce the swelling?

(I've got some incect repellent, so it wont happen again!)

Vinegar, it stings like hell but it works.

‚ô•sandpaper kisses‚ô• >^..^<
aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender oil or vinegar

get an anti inflammatory cream from the chemists.
it worked on my wasp sting.

Toothpaste, vinegar, tiger massage cream

rub some antihistamine cream over the area - you can buy this from pharmacy or most supermarkets. once it has absorbed spray with a bite and sting relief spray which will cool it instantly

Turd Ferguson
grape juice

lavendar oil

Most people get calamine lotion although tooth paste or baking soda will also help. This is gross but spit will also give you some relief until you get some products.

But if it is swelling tha bad then you are having a reaction and should take some Benedryle.

try some iceee man, it should be able to cool it down and then stop you from itching it and sorry man hang in there.

Raw onion followed by some calendula cream. It is a herbal cream made of marigold flowers. It is very soothing and it heals a lot faster than most other creams, up to 3 times faster. It can only be brought from a herbal store
But to give some immediate relieve put some spit over it. Ever heard how a dogs saliva heals its wounds, well actually....
your saliva will have a soothing effect on a bite, try it

Get some antihistamine cream, though I have a friend who had a bit of some kind and it flared up...she had to have a weeks worth of antibiotics. If it is not getting any better, see a doc

louby loo
try piriton from chemist will stop the itching

It sounds as if you are having an allergic reaction to the bite. You might want to take some benadryl (diphenhydramine ) but it will make you sleepy

camomile lotion usually does the trick
also try aloe vera gel.
Both of these soothes and relieves.
For u aloe vera might be better.
Go c your pharmacist. He can recommend some cheap products that really work.
If the swelling persists you definately need to seek medical advise. Do it now, you could have been allergic or it could have not been a flea which makes the whole thing worse. U get sick stuff on rugby fields, it couldve been anything.
Id go 2 da pharmacy immediately if i were u.

stick nesorpiiant stop the burn...because that really helps with the itching..cuz i had the same problem..it goes with in a day with that stuff

anti histamine should help priton is 1 of the best

hydrocortizone cream, you can buy in the pharmacy section

Lanacaine ointment has an ingredient that kills the sensation for a time. Best thing in the world.

try zirtac tablets and antihistamine cream you can buy over counter

Kristen H
Get Witchhazel Astringent. It helps makes the bug bite go smaller until it's gone.

Dances With Woofs!
Dip a cotton swab in ammonia and apply to bite.This really works,honestly!

Pink girl
Get to your nearest pharmacy and ask for some anti-histamines. It sounds like you've either had an allergic reaction to the bite, or it's infected. I'm allergic to most bites, and mine always swell up in this way. Not pleasant, so you have my sympathies..

tesco's home brand bite spray

rubbing alcohol it stings but it works.

take anti histaminics , believe me it works.

Lemon Juice mixed with Vinegar , heat it up in a pot and soak a cloth with it and wrap on top of the bite. Keep heating cloth in Micro if needed.

try a drop of pure lavender essential oil...this should help with swelling and soothe irritation.

Jess H

If you purchase something called 'click don't scratch' from most outdoor stores and chemists. You put it on the centre of the bite and press the button it admits a small electric shock (doesn't hurt)!
Or purchase some itch relief with witch hazel!
Or with your nail in the centre of the bite make a cross (prss quite hard), sometimes it takes the sting away!

Hope that helps!!

If half of your leg is red, please be careful you dont have a major allergic reaction and go into anaphylaxic shock. For a simple insect bite you need an antihistamine cream or a benedryl tablet that can be taken internally. Try a cream first because the tablets can really make you drowsy.

Star of Florida
ICE ! It relives the swelling and numbs the itch !

Benedryl cream will do the trick. Will reduce the itching and keep infection down too. Good Luck!

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