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 I have a dandruff problem and i need help getting rid of it?
I have dandruff and i use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo everytime i shower and it still doesnt go away can any one help me ? People that know about the scalp.
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What could this rash possibly be?
i have a rash that looks a little like poison ivy but doctors say it isn't because it doesn't ooze. they say it is an allergic reaction but the only thing i have changed is i went to a public pool. what could this be? could i be allergic to chlorine?

Jennifer Aniston Qq

chlorine rash. you doctor should have told you that.

Pup Baby Wilson
is it your entire body? because if it was chlorine it would be everywhere you got wet. You went to a public pool where there was a lot of people who each use different shampoos, and detergents, and perfumes. There are a million things it could be. have you considered having an allergy test ran? Does benadryl help? if it doesnt it may not be an allergic reaction


maybe the sunscreen you use

Optimistic Prime
yup. a guy i used to swim with is allergic to chlorine. could be atopic dermatitis as well

Chris S
Allergies can develop overtime. It could be a lot of things, chlorine is probably your best bet.

Or your skin is just sensitive to the chemicals in the pool water.

John R
Could be Rosetta Pyretheus. It starts with basically one spot " A Rose" they call it. Then Spreads all over the place. It is Only in the Springtime that it appears and it is Not Contagious. Call your Doctor and ask him if that is what you have. My daughter got this a month or so ago. It took some medication and about 3 weeks to go away. Not Everybody gets it. It is Really kinda Strange.

could be a rash from almost anything...chlorine, something in the pool, something YOU wash with...use some Cortaid and/or take some benadryl

IDK. My sister got something like that too, she got scars from it...
She hadn't been to a public pool lately though.

Yes, you may very well be alergic to Chlorine. It may also be a small heat rash, i get those. Or you may have picked it up when in the showers at the swimming pool. Rememer, things can easily be passed around in a public place like a swimming pool x

Rabo Reid
BTW? did you use any of the pool equipment like floats or rubber rings cause that will cause a rash if your skin rubs off of it happens to me a lot it should vanish in 2-3 days i promise

well, it could be poison ivy if its a blister, but again it could be poison sumac or poison oak. i dont think its possible to have an allergic reaction to chlorine

possibly yes but it could be anything. to give you an example i got a rash 1 year ago because I changed my clothes' washing powder.
if you want to continue using this pool, you will get rashes every time but finally your organism will get used to chlorine. don't panic just use a baby rash cream and everything will be great

could be, the chlorine may have just been higher that day than normal. Aveeno has some good lotions that help when I get the psycho itchies.

Rebecca R
It is very possible that you are allergic to chlorine. But, the most probable problem is your skin is irratated. Have you bought any new clothes made from a different material then you usually wear? How about your bathing suit? Also there could be someone who has a contageous rash that visited the pool. Anyhow an easy solution is to apply anti-itch or anti-biotic cream to the area. Cover it up, and continue for the next couple of weeks, if doesnt clear up after that, consult a dermatologist (skin doctor). I hope this helps!

Sheila Nicholls
i need more detail like is it itchy or sore? yes if itchy then gets sore you could be allergic to chlorine and if that is the case you could use a barrier cream to prevent chlorine interacting with the skin a really good one is epishield available from all good pharmacies. if that works then you have your answer, you could also try and antihistamine tablet eg clarityn to help with redness and itching. Otherwise go see a specialist and get referred by your doc for proper diagnosis! Hope this helps!

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