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Brittany M
What's wrong with my face?
So, I noticed something earlier. I keep griping because my face is broke out, I've tried everything, blah blah blah but I just realised. My face isn't broke out with pimples. I mean, they're pimples but not bumps. You can't feel them. You can see them. They are red spots and blotches under the skin. There is maybe one or two you can feel and that's it. Is that different than acne? Should this be treated differentlty? Maybe I've been trying to treat acne when I do not have acne at all. Help? Suggestions?

the phenom
Proactive !!!!

Kaitlyn a
you should go to the doctor!!!!

Alaska Jac
You may have eaten something that you may be allergic to, see a doctor.

trust me hun thats acnea but its sub dermal just start taking tetracyclean or how ever u spell it and if that fails take acutain that works 100% of the time =)

well i have that too and i use the neutrogena acne kit and it helps

Lauren E
After googling and reading i thought you had herpes simplex but then i found the answer!! http://firstaid.webmd.com/tc/bruises-and-blood-spots-under-the-skin-topic-overview

(but you might want to go to the doctor)

it could be excema my big bro has it and the dermatologists gave him a special cream and it went away

could be chicken pox.

I get them just like you. I think they are pimple but don't have a "head" on them. I just use some over the counter acne wash and they go away in a few days.

I would suggest seeing a doctor about it, it could be a viral case like impetigo but i don't know. So definitely get it checked out, sorry if this wasnt any help.

you mean rashes or hives it's an allergic reaction or acne you have to see a doctor right away!

star 70
They treat rosacea with accutane

hmm..just try to get proper sleep and healthy food...it will probably disapper

yours truly

soccer basketball edward
that sounds like a job 4 uhmmm a dermatologist

i have no idea, but i really think you should see like a doctor or something, not to be funny, but really..

get acutane from your doctor. you will never have zits again, for real

My friend had the same problem and she just went to doctor and he gave her a cream that takes it right off. Good Luck!

Shiela Lawliet
1) you should probably ask your doctor
2) you can have ingrown pimples (weird, huh?)
good luck, but the best thing you can do is get a little check up.

It sounds different to me, I think you should see a dermatologist that way even if it is acne you can get something to help it.

night thriller
go to a doctor..... he'll probably tell you whats right for your face.

Uhm. what I do is get one of those little corn bag things that you heat up and place it directly onto the 'irritated spot/s' for a couple minutes and then within a few days it gets a head and you can pop it...

I have this kind acne the pimple isnt fully grown to like "pop" i was treating with neuotregena u have to use one that has alcohol
But i think u should just leave it if its not bad

It could be a form of rosacea which worsens depending on diet etc. Either that or maybe an allergy which you could try taking anthistamines for. This could be caused by washing powder or cosmetics etc.

If really worried ask your doctor as he can give a proper diagnosis.

See a dermatologist. It is probobly rosasia or however it is spelled. She will give your a prescription to lessen the redness and nerve blood flow to your face causing the red appearance. Or maybe it is blackheads and clogged pores under your skin that dont swell to pimples. Sometimes my blackheads would do that and never form a pimple...just a little red circle. See a Dr. :) They help, that is why they are the pros.

shawty 2 bad
You should try consulting your doctor or a dermatologist, Maybe your just having an out break of some serious acne. these are some of the products you should use.

-clean and clear
-Acne free

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