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What's the strongest acne medication you know of?
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your face so soft and clean

well go to the drug store and look at the drug content of each one, whichever one has the most benzoyl peroxide (the stuff in acne medicine) thats your best bet.

i have tried alot because my acne was really bad. proactive is ok but differin Gel is definatly the best by far!!

Jacob C
Proactiv, it gave me smooth skin in about 3 days or so.


Proactive for me


i used to have bad acne. so i used proactive.. its gotten less with time so now i just wash my face with neutrogena face wash.
id try neutrogena first

Danny K


Emma A
differin Gel

try to read this article

retin a

Trisha T
Proactive but it only works if you continue to use it because it only helps with the problem at the surface and not beneath the surface.... So I have been told by many who have used it.

I use clean and clear acne spot treatment (it's in a small silver and purple botte) and it makes pimples ago away overnight. I also use proactive, which works fairly well.

Accutane is a pill for acne, but it has to be severe, and your doctor has to prescribe to to you.

definetely clearasil! its non prescription and works great!

Over the Moon
PONDS... thats the name of the product...... its hard to find it here in US. i think youll have to go to pharmacies to find it. and its really effective. they make different kinds of beauty products

I am 22 years old and feel like I've tried everything on the planet. Proactive, Neutragena, Clean & Clear, etc. didn't work for me. I got so frustrated that I asked my boyfriend's mom if she could help. She sells Melaleuca products and I've been trying it for 3 weeks and it works better than anything I've tried. Don't get me wrong I still get one or two pimples, just not as often. If you try it, use a face lotion like Olay. Your diet also effects your skin so try eating healthier if you don't already.

Chris I
First of all if you have serious acne - see a dermatologist. Don't waste your money on OTC products. The dermatologist will prescribe something for your type of acne. I think Accutane is a Miracle Drug for bad scarring acne but birth control pills can be very effective for girls.

Everyone has different skin so that really plays into whether it will work for you or not. That said, I've tried Differin (prescription) and that worked for awhile but my skin really burned. Since then I've been using Proactiv (for about 3 months now) and that has really helped a ton. I don't want to sound like a commercial or anything but I kinda gave up because nothing seemed to work. My sister kept telling me over and over to try it and I did and I'm pretty happy with it.

smiley =)
It depends what age area you are. If you are 12-15 I recommend clean and clear morning burst. 13-17? Oxy wash (CAUTION: very strong). 18+? Neutrogena Skin ID.

Ricky J.
The strongest junk I ever use was called Phisahex. Two things to consider. This was waaaaay back in the late 70's and it was issued to me by a navy dermatologist. It felt like I taped a hundred books of matches to my face and just lit 'em. In hind sight I think that the stuff was just lye with color and scent added. It took a whole month and it hurt like I was on fire but it worked. The drawback? It burned out all of the sweat glands on my face so now I have to keep an alkaloid based lotion on my face all the time.

Maybe you should try easing up on the cleansers.

Like any other body system, your skin oils will become heavier and thicker the more it gets used, or in this case, need to be replaced.

Sometimes cleaning too much (overcleaning) can cause your skin to produce more oil, as your body can't figure out why it's all being stripped away.

Also, lay off the sodas and colas. I pretty much stopped a while back, and it's done wonders for me.

Try drinking some more water, too. It will take some of that pore-clogging crap out of your system when you pee (which should be clear).

Oh, and go easy on the deep-fried and breaded foods, too.

It takes a concerted effort and a few weeks, but if you actually do all these instead of just saying you will, you can actually get much clearer skin.

No over-priced crap needed!

From my experience prescription Accutane was strong but does come with some unwanted side effects.

Non-prescription- not really sure, none really worked that well for me.

Brian L
Accutane is the strongest perscription acne medication on the market. Be warned though, dermatologists avoid prescribing it at all costs because of its nasty side effects (infertility/birth defects, sterility, depression, thoughts of suicide etc...). My advice is to go to a dermatologist and have them try you on several drug treatments until you find something that works. Only if the acne is severe and persistent will they give you accutane.

there is this one REALLY REALLY serious one. you have to go to a dermatologist and its like a couple month long program. its called acatene i think or isotretinoin.

its like...the last resort for horrible acne cases. its really really realllllllly serious. theres a whole book they give you about it and everything.

its legal and all, you need to go to a dermatologist for it though and prepare and stuff. its very rigorous but its the most effective thing you can possible have.

th4t k1d
i say proactive and clean and clear

hope that acne goes away fast


Michael R
accutane!!!! only thing that actually works on 90% of people no joke. and never comes back

dont listen to any of that beauty **** or the doctors lotion it DOSNT work.

proactive might but it didnt work for me

ACCUTANE trust me


Lisa Marie
Accutane (Isotretinoin) is the strongest pill you can get. Most dermatologists will only prescribe it for severe cases of acne (cystic acne). The strongest topical acne treatment I've come across is Differn Gel .3%. You can also get high doses of a benzoyl peroxide gel, up to 10%.

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