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What's the best way to treat canker sores?

Carmex lip balm

A product called Abreva!!! Works wonders!! But its expensive though.

burn them

What is a canker sore ?

Retired Punk
Orajel canker relief

Jason F
Lick your finger, put some salt on the tip of it, and stick it in your mouth on the sore. It burns like hell, but it dries them out.

*White Girl*
thats funny i just got one out of no were the other day. keep putting orajel on it and numb it untill it goes away, that way you dont mess with it and it wont bother you

gargle with salt water three times a day. works big time....

I use warm salt water,,,,but I suggest you try WebMD.

Cancker sores are caused by dehydration and stress.
Drink lots of water (helps to dull pain as well).
Don't drink caffeine. It's causes you to pee, which takes water from your body.

Time will heal them too, but water is faster.

Also something for the pain. I use Abusol (probably misspelled)

ouch canker sores!

I've been getting them for years, the best thing to do is use a strong mouth wash, like listerine, I use crest because listerine makes me cry. anyway, gurgle after everytime you eat and before and after sleeping.

stay away from spicy foods- those just irritate them.

if they're really hurting, there's numbing cream but be careful when applying since if you get it all over your whole mouth will be numb.

best of luck!


I use alum, which is a powdery substance you can buy in the spice aisle of any grocery store. Alum helps to take the pain out of canker sores immediately, and it also helps them to heal faster. I've suffered from canker sores for years, and I've tried a lot of different "remedies." This is the one that works the best for me.

rinse with warm salt water. any rinse with alcohol will not let it heal. alcohol kills the good bacteria needed to heal. leave it alone, brush your teeth and give it a week it will go away soon.

Gargle with salt water.
they also make a bonding medicine for
them. They have it at Walgreens.

grind up an asprin, add a little water to make a paste. put a small amount on the canker sore. it should help for most of the day if done in the morning, and again at night before bed.

some people use salt to make a paste too, as done previously with the asprin

both sting initally.

there are also over the counter oral care meds just for canker sores at a pharmacy or grocery store.
these don't hurt as much, but are more expensive and not any more effective overall.

Orajel worked well for me. Don't swallow it though....I did that once when I was young. Nothing happened, my mom just had to call Poison Control. So if you do swallow some of it, apparently you should drink milk until you actually think you will explode. But it did get rid of my canker sores.

i just had them like a few weeks ago!
so this is how i got rid of them
i took a q-tip and i put some bakingsoda on a napkin
then i made the tip of the q-tip damp and put it in the baking soda so that it would stick, then i applied it to my sores and the next day they were gone!
i tried salt water and all but they didn't work nearly as well as baking soda

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