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Additional Details
yes, from wiping it all day....

What's the best poison ivy remedy?

Jesse S
Add rope and chicken nuggets to a barrel of boiling milk.

♥ cαяℓy ♥
I dont know because I am immune to poison ivy. Sorry!

Donkey Punch Gang T
ham and pickles...

Sentimental heart
Take a warm shower, then put some calamine lotion on it. Cortate helps, too. If you can't sleep tonight when you go to bed, take an antihistamine, it'll help the itch.

nicole g
My boyfriend always rubs straight bleach on it a couple times a day. It probably burns, but it works for him.

Take a knife, scrap it and pour bleach into the wound. Wait 5 minutes than cover it, little hillbilly but it works.

this is this crazy kids friend........don't do it!

I'm also immune, but I heard that if you walk through it, and then soak the area of contact with water within a minute or so after you touch the plant you'll be fine.

I don't know if it works, but someone told me to dab a little diluted clorox bleach on the spots and it helps dry it out sooner.

Blue Haired Old Lady
A cortisone shot from the doctor. It will clear it up quickly and completely.

Yinzer from Sixburgh
Avoidance. lol

If you have it terribly bad you should see your doctor because you may need a prescription medication.

Poison ivy rash typically goes away on its own within one to three weeks. In the meantime, you can use self-care methods and over-the-counter medications to relieve signs and symptoms. If the rash is widespread or results in a large number of blisters, your doctor may prescribe an oral corticosteroid, such as prednisone.

There are several over-the-counter remedies. I can't say any are better than others. Just go choose one. Some you apply, others you soad in.
Make sure you've washed all clothing whcih may have come in contact with the poison ivy plant. It is a myth that touching the rash speads it, but anything which has the oil on it can. Clothing, pet, car, towel, etc.

I hope you feel better soon.

I'm a Fermata, Hold Me!! :)
jewel weed. it always grows near poison ivy, its poison ivy's antidote.

Maleluca Oil.

Joel T
I was told nail polish remover breaks up the oil and stops it from spreading. However there is this stuff you can pick up at cvs it's like 50 bucks but my mother said it works she had it bad and figured she would try it and it was gone in 3 or 4 days. still had a red mark but no more itching or spreading.

just me
Chicken urine works great.

Oatmeal bath
Calomine Lotion
Mix baking soda and water into a paste and rub it directly on the rash

There's an old laundry soap called Fels-Naptha. It can be hard to find at local grocers but its available online-check soaps gone by.

It will dry it out in no time. I had a severe allergy to poison ivy when I was a kid-then they came out with the allergy shot against it which worked for me but you can't get them anymore.

You also need to wash your clothes in it-simply grate it into the washer and wash on hot (including shoes). The oils can cling to materials for a while after regular wash so you can keep getting it.

The reason you dont want to scratch is because you damage your skin and increase your risk for infection. Scratching does not spread the poison.

Stick with cool water when bathing. Hot and warm will feel unbelievably good...at first. Then after about 15 minutes the histamines come rushing back and you'll be miserable.

If you are extrmely swollen or the poison is in your mucus membranes (nose and throat) or eyes you should see a doctor for a steroid to help keep your body from reacting so strongly to it.

Rob G
Calamine lotion rubbed into infected areas.

Deanna D
When I get poison ivy i use a piece of paper towel soaked with burrows solution (you can get it at any pharmacy) and let it sit there and it will dry it up.... One thing that i have a major problem with is i am highly allergic to poison ivy so i usually have to go on antibiotics, and if your area that you have poison ivy on gets all sore and pretty much blowing up like a big balloon you might have the same thing... not fun, but antibiotics for like 2 weeks does the trick for me......

keep your skin cool, heat stirs up the blood flow and makes your skin crawl. Aloe may help or benadryl. try not to scratch. Hate to tell you, but time is the best healer. and it doesn't spread once you wash it off

THE PINK STUFF lol it works good i catch that and posion oak alot and thats what i use

Oatmeal Bath


Keellaayy ♥
oatmeals bathes :)

Put some Windex on it. Wash first in dish detergent. Poison ivy is an oil-based irritant, so dish soap will break down the oil. Windex will also break up oil and the amonia in Windex acts as an astringent. You can also try lemon juice. And take some Benadryl.

stay out of it,better yet stay away from it

calamine lotion worked for my sister's poision ivy i would try that

Matthew P
Just got over this and found that IvyRest is a really good solution to apply to it.

Once Upon A midnight
Calamine lotion, benadryl or aspirin anything o help you stop itching. Oatmeal and water plaster.

Amy W
aveeno bath or calamine

There are two portions to any remedy. Control the spread, and control the itch. First, you must clean the area to remove the oil which irritates the skin. I have found that "Cortaid" poison ivy and poison oak cure works the best. First, it has a scrub that removes the oil from your skin, second, it has a spray that sooths and prevents spread of the infection.

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