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 Can someone tell me why my armpits feel itchy?
I've been using the same deodorant for 3 years, so I know it's not some kind of allergic reaction. My pits just randomly start itching during the day, and itching them is painful and doesn&#...

 how do you get rid of stretch marks?
Im 15 no im not pregnant and no i never have been but, i use to be overweight! but now i only way 115 pounds. i decided to get my belly button pierced but one problem i have these stretch marks that ...

 Can my little sister go swimming with a wart on her foot?
My sister and I are supposed to go swimming this afternoon and I was wondering if she CAN go swimming?
she went to the doctor today and the doctor, erm, froze it down. IT still has some healing ...

 Cheap way to cure acne?
Okay. I have always had acne and im only 11. It's not severe but it never seems to go completely away...

I have used clearasil (if thats how you spell it)
clean & clear

 How to cure a dry nose caused by tissues?
I've had some sort of awful cold, and my the outside of my nose is completely raw right now from having to blow it so much. I have tried using vaseline to help keep it moist, but was wondering ...

 Acne question?
In two weeks I am leaving for college. I really want my face to be clear when I get there. What ways can I change my lifestyle (such as what foods and drinks I take in) in order to be clearing up ...

 scars on my legs, help!!!!?
ok well during the summer, i went to thailand, and they have ALOT of mosquitos, and i got like tons of bites on my legs, i scratch them so much they bleed they scars come up, the scars on my legs are ...

 how to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?
i have millions of blackheads on my nose and chin, i squeeze them but then it makes spots. i also have blackheads but they look like spots but without the redness and it hurts if you squeeze them. i&#...

 Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!! ?
I have a lot of breakouts on my forehead and chin. I start school in a week and I want to have clear skin for the first day of school! Any tips, tricks, or solutions will help! Thanks soooo much for ...

 Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?

 Is this true (Sunburn question)?
Sunday I went to a Cleveland Indians game and got burned on my chest and my face. My school nurse told me the next day to take the hottest shower I can stand for about 5 minutes, and I was wondering ...

I have gotten about 24 mosquito bites along my calves and some have started to turn hard and red. They all itch like crazy and i want to get RID OF THEM! I have been using caladryl to stop the ...

 I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this?? ?
I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this. its like a mosquito mark but more bigger and to fang like mars in a line that are just a bit bigger than pin ...

 um...kinda awkard question....?
um, does anyone know how to get rid of warts? I have at least 8 on my left hand!! It's very embarassing. I have tried duck tape, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed oil, proxide, etc. PLEASE HELP!!...

 very itchy skin from tanning??
I just got a month package to go tanning this past week... i've tanned tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. the 1st 2 days i was fine and then my stomach and chest started getting itchy. A...

 acne help?
okay i want clear face by highschool
that is in 3 months.
drink alot of water
use clinique face treatment 2 times a day
wear NO makeup
use medicane prescribed ...

 What is causing my dry skin?
I moved into my apartment in september '07 and ever since i've been getting horrible dandruff and dry skin everywhere. I've never had dry skin because i was wondering if it could be ...

 I'm going to a prom this upcoming Saturday, and I need to get rid of my ashy/dry elbows and legs! How can I?
Any lotions or other remedies that can get rid of my ashy/dry elbows and legs in five days! All suggestions are welcome!...

 can u get acne if ur stressed or tired?

 what is the best cure for chapped lips?
my lips are really chapped and peeling. i just want to know a if there is a way (other than chap stick) to help it. and make it stop hurting! thanks in advanced=D...

What's a good acne medication for zits and blackheads?

Blahhhhh =DD
Proactive, or your fingers to take them out (better for black heads) Proactive good for your zits. WOrks wonderfully, but make sure you arent a lazy person or else you wont use it. lol

i don't believe in that acne medicine stuff. it either does nothing or makes you worse. plus, many stuff out there has side effects.

Proactive. Clean and Clear. My personal favorite is Acne Free.

♥ I love my dog ♥
i have tryed everything and most did not work for me

even proactive dident work it made my skin so dry and red and break out more!

so for christmas my mom bought me arbonne clear advantage and it works wonders for me anyway

some people say proactive is the best and some people can get but on clean and clear, clearaseal, zap ait etc


Proactiv worked nice for my niece! Or if you have patients, time will play its toll!

OXY 10 tinted and OXY10 facial cleanser

i think the best acne medication is proactive.

c u l l e n
PanOxyl, clearisil or St,Ives

proactiv, clearasil, any blackhead scrub, like w/ micro bead cleansers

try Freederm. it really works. and stops them coming back. it may be a bit pricey though.
hope everything works out.

class of 09'

if you want a great idea and 'if you want a permanent fix to your acne I have seen what Arbonne intelligence's set and their nutirmin c deep pore cleansing mask in the anti-aging section it has done a lot for the teens and they are so pleased with this line of products made by the top skin care chemist in the world it will leave your skin so very soft an ph balanced and i think you would love it too,and see a great difference in your skin. you can get it off my profile and it will come right to your door in 2-3 days and your welcome for being introduced to an awesome product that cleanse's deep below the skins surface to open pores and minimize them and leaves no scaring and we are pure swiss safe and botanical great product if you need any more advise or help let me know

Did I just answer this question...sorry if I did but here is a useful link for real acne beating advice:

salyscilyc acid is the main active ingrediant in most acne washes. i use clearasil on pimples and they usually go away in a couple of days

International Spy

selinium sulfide works well, but don't keep it on too long or it will leave a burn.

Ask your dermatologist about a pill called "ACCUTANE" When i was about 12 i had HORRIBLE acne! Nothing worked not even Pro-Active. But in about 6 months. My face was totally cleared and its been 2 years and no acne at all. It took it to work so long because my face was so bad, that i had to take 2 a day not 1. But it should work in about 2-3 months for you.

Clearasil Ultra.
It contains Salicylic Acid which is best for removing blackheads and zits. Try to get the whole package (Cleanser, medication, moisturizer, etc). It worked for me.

you can get a perscription for it from your doctor.
put it on before you go to bed at night.
my face cleared up in a week.

If you want to pop a white or black head put some steam on your face or take a shower and put your face under warm water, as warm as you can stand it.

That'll soften it up so you can pop it. Works like a charm.
I use Zapzyt they have a kit thing.

It took a little while to get results. It doesn't work immediately. But patience is key.

Good luck.

Avon True Porefection

Emily rose
proactiv and diffren

Two fingers and some pressure.

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