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Ratt Mice
Uhh...Hot or Cold showers??
I heard that Hot Showers open up your pores and flushes them out... but i read this about Cold Showers....


Sooo which is better??

Luke warm is the best. Cold showers can dry out your skin....and really...feel uncomfortable. Hot showers can make your skin too oily...let any tiny dirt or fiber glass inside your pores.

Lizzie S
I know that hot steam opens pores, but cold water makes hair shinier. Taking long, hot showers can dry out your skin A LOT.

i luv hot showers but in the summer, WOW a cold shower is so refreshing!

Hot showers dry out your skin, but hot showers do open your pores so. Cold showers make your hair shinier and close your pores. I suggest you take a warm shower then at the end you just switch it to cold so then you can close your pores so they're not so huge and leaves your nice and shiny.

No name
Cold, it increases circulation. But don't do it too extreme or often.

I take cool showers...not hot, but not cold...Like I said...cool

hot showers feel better but my skin gets too itchy..so idn

i like both so yea i only use both i dont use hot or cold i use BOTH ahaah lol

I take hot showers because they relax me after a hard day of work. Cold showers, that makes me think of camp and their ice cold showers. You would be crazy to shower in cold water. You would freeze your but off.

hot showers feel better

Cool heads prevail
hot showers open your pours to cleanse them, and cold showers close them back up.. that's why when men shave they use hot water, and then splash their face with cold water to close them back up preventing any infections!

at least I do

The best is to take a very hot shower then rinse in cold water for a couple minutes just before getting out. You get the benefits of both and you'll find your skin gets much tighter and thicker within a few months.

cool showers, hot showers will take away the moisture in your skin and leave it feeling dry...try Aveeno lotion after your shower.

I read somewhere that pores cannot open up. They aren't muscles and have no give. Therefor they can't get bigger or smaller. I think they only look bigger when they are dirty and smaller when they are cleaner.

Cold showers boosts your circulatory system, but I prefer hot showers.

Hot showers is the way to go.

Take a hot shower and then do a quick cool rinse to close bak up the cleaned pores.



i love hot showers

Ihr Lieblingsübersetzer: ICH
I suggest taking hot then cold showers (2 min. hot 2 min. cold). I do that and I'm healthy as a horse.


hot hot hot showers

if you want to live long: cold shower ?
although you might get sick and then live shorter.
wow. this is confusing. hahah.
hot shower.

hot showers

Mr. M
start off with a hot shower than slowly let it cool to a cold shower- i heard on the radio if you blast your self with cold water at the last few seconds of your shower that you'll actually loose weight. Because it takes your body energy to heat yourself up again- so you'll burn calories, since your body uses calories as energy.

Mr. M

cold showers are better for your skin but hot showers feel better (cold is also good for your hair)

Only the Good DIe Young
take a hot shower and then rinse off with cold.

Chelle s
Hot showers open your pores and cold showers close your pores...

Cold showers have the following positive effects:

* Brings blood to the capillaries, therefore increasing circulation throughout the body.

* Cleans the circulatory system.

* Reduces blood pressure on internal organs.

* Provides flushing for the organs and provides a new supply of blood.

* Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

* Contracts the muscles to eliminate toxins and poisonous wastes.

* Strengthens the mucous membranes, which help resist hay fever, allergies, colds, coughs.

Many health problems are reduced or even eliminated over time by providing proper circulation of the blood to the affected area using the cold shower massage.

Ellie M
put it in the middle.

Mr. Boombastic Mungbean
Hot water opens the pores and cold water closes them. It's good to alternate as this boosts your circulation.

Hot, after you're done turn it full on cold to finish off.

Cold showers for guys are bad...

Larissa H
Hot opens the pores, and then cold shuts then. So, it's good to start off hot, cleans, then rinse with cold to shut them so the dirt stays out. :)

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