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 Help me i'm itching like mad!!!?
Hi please help me please.
i'm itching like mad its driving me nuts i'm itching as i'm typing this!!!! i've tried everything E45, hydroquartzone, salt! everything. it starts ...

 HELP! What do you do when acne treatment has left your skin dry?!?
im between 13 to 14 and i get mild acne. and i wash my face everyday with neutrogena followed by acne pads and a acne cream or i just skip the pads and use the cream. WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE HELP REA...

 I found some rash on my sunburn i've never seen before. It's white and leaks if picked.?

 The arm on my skin is bubbly. What's the problem?
There's tons of little bubbles on both of my forearms, nowhere else. I didn't notice until I was outside mowing lawn. No known allergies and I'm not taking any medications. What's ...

 ugly red bumps on the arms?
so i have red bumps on the back of my arms and my legs, im 95% sure it's not acne. Does anyone know how to get rid of them quickly?
Additional Details
about the leg part, they just ...

 Omg please please PLEASE HELP?
I am going on holiday tomorrow and i have 4 red blotches on my nose, they look disgusting

I need advice on how to get rid of them overnight? any home remidys that work? I cant go out now ...

 can you have a bath or shower when you've got chicken pox?
my son woke up with them this morning,he's not very happy....

 if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
i cant go to the docter.
and im freaking out.
what do i do?


 what can i do about my acne?
i've treated my acne with stridex and it works great but i have like red spots from where my acne has been and i still have a couple zits what can i do about them the red spots make me look like ...

 Head lice...Need some answers!?
Okay my niece had Head Lice but, the thing is she still has nits. Now if I go over to her house is there a chance that I will get nits which are eggs will that will turn into Lice? im ...

So today I was outside swimming for about 3 hours and got a really bad sunburn. I know I should of used more sunblock. I have a really bad headache and am hurting really bad. Does anyone have any ...

 What are ways of getting rid of acne?
I have acne one my nose,forehead,few on my left cheek.I used acne-free products,toothpaste,and maybe tried to pop them and wash it with alcohol.And each time some go away,more come in.Some of them ...

 I am scratching my skin off!!!?
Hi. I woke up all itchy this morning. I have been this way for two days, allthough the worst of it is comming today! I have scratched my skin off and bleed in places.

Should I go to school?...

 My friend has yellow hands, why?
She's 14 , 15 in less than a week. Shes not fat, she's heal;thy as far as i know, she's quite fit....

I have like 3 little lumps on one of my elbows and they were quite itchy then i took a shower and put moisturising cream on them and now they don't itch, my mum said it looks like ex-ma and she ...

 What's the best acne treatment?
I'm a 14 year old girl. I just recently am getting major breakouts of acne all over my forehead. I never had acne this bad. I don't know what the problem is or how to treat it. I tried all ...

Ive tried everything Clearasil, neutrogena, proactive nothing is working anyone have any ideas for products diet changes or ...

 I have a wart on my right thigh, and I'm afraid it will get bigger. How do I get rid of it? Please Help!?

 ACNE, I saw my dermatoligist today and she gave me?
differen gel and an antibiotic 100mg and I go back in two months and if that does not work then she will try the Acutain I think she said. Do you think the differen gel and antibiotic will work? I ...

 how do I get the burn mark off me?
I was accidently burned by an iron maybe a week or so ago and a thought the mark it left would go away but it's still there how do I get rid of ...

There are little red bumps on my hands, lower arms, neck and now they're spreading to the rest of me. help!
i'm on vacation on florida right now...it could be an allergic reaction i guess, but i haven't been eating, drinking or around anything new that could have caused it. they're really itchy, but they hurt when i scratch them. i'm kind of freaked out

kassie m
You are dieing yea yea!

It could just be heat rash, I get it when I am out in the hot sun for too long, it's nothing to worry about though, goes away in a few days.

If it isn't itching and you don't feel nauseous or anything than I would wait before going to see a doctor.

could be bedbugs...

anthony c
i beleve you might have chicken poxs because when i ahd the chicken pocks same thing happened to me so

poison ivy

It could be Scabies( microscopic parasites) go to the doctor

What you describe could be several things... Having practiced Medicine since 1975, It's recommended you go to an Emergency Room near you soon... Good Luck...

umm if youre on a vaca why are you online?? go to the doctor, dont ask a bunch of teenie bopper yahoo users

Proud Nana
go to ER

Adam S
It could be scabies. They are tiny mites that embed themselves under the skin. You can get rid of them with a special topical cream, but the doctor has to prescribe it. Go to the doctor!

You need to go see a doctor right away. Could be some virus. You just never know.

Travis and Kelly C
if you are pregnant it could be PUPS i had it, it spreads and man does it itch, the only cure is after you have the baby, but if your not pregnant it could be food allergy or depending on what the place you are staying in cleans there sheets in and such it could be a reaction to that.

I think you have hives. See a doctor.

Have you touched any plants lately? Poison oak or stinging nettle might be the cause of that. Or maybe you ate a food your allergic to. Again, consult a doctor like..right now.

Some sort of food allergy. Maybe pinneaples?

Go to an area hospital, asap!

im not so sure but those bumps could be chicken pox!!! go to the docter and if not got to walgreens to buy a bottle of benedryle itching cream to help stop the itch!!

Megan G
Are you using sunscreen or lotion that you don't normally use? A different soap? Different shampoo?

It may be stress related.

Try taking Benadryl to help control the symptoms.

go to the docter. or it might be a big misqueto bite or something. or just put lotion on it or something.

it sounds like an allergic reaction.. take some benadryl.

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