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So today I was outside swimming for about 3 hours and got a really bad sunburn. I know I should of used more sunblock. I have a really bad headache and am hurting really bad. Does anyone have any soothing suggestions??

Slap your sunburn really really hard so your skin peels off and u no longer have it.

Sam H
I know a little about tending to sunburns....
First, you need to soak in a tub of cold water..this will relieve most of the burn and speed the peeling...
Second, you should get some Aloe Vera (which can be found at convenience stores like CVS, Wallgreens, Rite-Aid etc.) and massage it on the sunburn.
Then you need to take some Benadryl to relieve the itch and some Tylenol PM for you headache, it will also let you fall asleep!

I hopw I helped! ;)

Cool shower or cool bath with aveno and use aloe vera with lido cain drink lots of cool water, for extreme creasote burns I found Ruli gel use to have the most soothin effect.After a fan and cool wet towel will help soak up some of the heat.

ALOE VERA GEL i burned my nose really bad last year and i got a headache and i put aloe on it and if ur headache is really bad take and advil or asprin whatever you use to get rid of your normal headaches will do

Shannon B
i haven't tried but apparently tomato juice helps also you can get soothing creams from the chemist

ask & I will answer
Aloe, or somekind of after sun lotion, You might have sun posion, which is not fun.

Also when you sleep try to make your house warm, because you chill easy and the covers will hurt your sunburn.

Good luck.

Drink plenty of fluids. Get some aloe vera gel and apply it very liberally over your skin.

CWs Wifey
I don't burn cuz i am naturally beautifully brown skinned(woo-hoo!) but i work at a pharmacy and we usually recommend aloe vera gel(green or clear)..you can find it with the sunblock.

[email protected]!
There is this stuff called AbsorbineJr. Its a rub on liquid that is amazing for any kind of pain, be it sore muscles, backache, sunbrn, athlete's foot, bug bites, whatever. I LOVE this stuff and carry a bottle around with me!!

Never More!!
aloe vera based sunburn releif gels.

take some tylenol-that will get rid of the headache
rub aloe vera gel all over sunburn-that will cool down the burn
sleep-that way you cant feel it

oh and i like to put the aloe in the fridge so its really cold and it feels even better when you put it on :)

hope this helped :D

that aloe vera goo, a luke warm bath with cornstarch in it, noxzema (that really works), baby powder, honey in samll amounts.

oh i feel your pain!! the same thing happened to me! try to put some baby lotion or aloe on it to help it not itch or peel. thats what my mom and grandma said

Stephen T
Lots of Ibuprofen. Next time use Coppertone. Also, Aloe Vera helps and Solarcaine Spray.

aloe and advil always do it for me :]

Well it helps me and a few of my friends to mix water with vinager to sooth the sunburn. Just dunk a washcloth in it and it works wonders. =]

Crazy Vixen
Get some good after-sun, something with aloe vera is always soothing.

there is a first aid spray that works wonders on a sunburn. Any grocery store, drug store or department store should carry it.

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