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Kay kay
Please help me heal my sunburn?
I have a bad sun burn my nose is swollen and so is my forhead . I have a photo shoot on the third. Is there any way to releave this pain Fast and for good and is there anything i can do so I dont peal and just tan

PLease help me THANKSS <3

take a good cold shower and like put cream like vitamin e
good luck i hope ur sunburn goes away i know that it hurts bad but at least now u will put sunblock

+aleo vera
+make up
+computer (to airbrush)

hope i help!


Tickled pink
Aloe Vera. Works wonders.


smother your self in aloe for a couple of days that always helps me. good luck!

think photoshop

Shep Dogg
use after sun with aloe vera. Then sit with a fan blowing on the gel, it feels so good and cooling.

Applying lavender essential oil to the area will reduce pain and itching. Check out http://solutionsforsunburn.blogspot.com/ for more details.

After-sun lotion and/or aloe! But you will probably still peal, sorry.

try some Vitamin E gel, or oil.
take cool showers
and take a tea bath, with tea herbs.
trust me, i have had this happen before.
best of luck girl! and if you have any more questions please just ask :)

Aloe plants are the best! They will heal your burn right away! I have used it.I believe you can get them in a store.

I think your going to peel, but, try to use some vitamin E open up the pills and squeeze the E unto your skin.

aloe vera

use aloe`!

I don't know if your pharmacist has access to Silver Blue but it works extremely well on burns and is used in burn therapy. If not I like to use the juice from an Aloe Vera plant, which can turn you slightly green but washes off. I like to take the heat out with cool wet (just water) washcloths first and never use oil or butter products.

animal lover
aloe helps really good
if not try getting some sunburn medication

Put some aloe vera in the fridge and it will be very refreshing and cooling

Aloe gel...also you can get it off the leaves it comes from. It feels good and heels within days.

aloe vera. ITS LIKE MAGIC BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get aloe vera jell that has no alcohol, coloring, or anything like that added to it. I found some at CVS - check the travel size also. Keep putting that on your nose like when ever it drys. apply it like 38 times a day.

Erick C
aloe vera

Murat A
I always use Aloe Vera, works the best, cools it immediately and also heals it much faster, try that and you will be fine.

forever young
Make sure you moisturize a lot, that will help with the pealing ..

Jeremy S
try yogurt or anything with aloe in it. solarcaine works good too

i burn very easy so i know how you feel try these - they are the best at reliving the pain but take an aspirin first ..that will help a little!

if you don't mind the smell ... soak a rag in white vinegar lay it across the burned areas!!

mint toothpaste works great..the mint in it it helps (also pure peppermint oil mixed with aloe gel )

pure aloe from the plant is great

good luck i know these help i got 3rd degree sun burns once andi used al of these at once lol .... hope ya fel better!!

Rachel S
Use lotion.

use aloe vera, like right from the plant if you can.

try to take a really hot bath, i know it will hurt at first, but it gets the heat out of your skin, it works... i know. I ALWAYS burn ;)

lotion. mix baby oil and a Original kind of lotion and but it on there i should help

no there is not way to permantly relieve but aloe can get rid of the pain and put lotion on it every few ours to keep peeling away no grease lotion or u'll get zits

Get and aloe vera plant - snip on of the leaves and apply the goo to your face.
Works wonders.

I got scorched on Sunday and after a few days of aloe you can hardly tell.

An aloe plant should only cost you $2.00 and will work wonders.

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