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I <3 life
OMG! How do I get rid of these zits?
I'm 14 and I'm getting tons of zits lately... Is there a product you use to get rid of them. I have very sensitive skin and I've used Clinique and Clean & Clear in the past and neither of them worked for me. What do you guys use?

Charlie R
Ok, go get the proactive overnight thing. The rest of the set will make your skill oily, so just get that one tube, it will be gone when you wake up.

Ashley C
proactive works good , but honesly, its not gross, for the very small pimples, if you can, pop them, its free and will clear it in only a few hours, pop away!

Ivy :)
proactive is good, but if you have sensitive skin, you might be allergic.

I used to have the same skin problems, but then I used proactive and my skin is baby smooth. ( it only works for a year though and then it wears off )

windex... it fixes everything

ok this is gonna sound kinda nasty or watever but some lady told me this and its been working!! ok so when u first wake up in the morning before u eat or drink something put some saliva where u have zits or pimples. leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash ur face. and then 2 times a week put together some honey,lemon, and the white stuff in the egg and then put it on ur face. leave that on for about 15 min and wash ur face. trust me it really helps!

sea water ! omg its awesome :D

Twilight fan and Edward lover!!!
Well what I do is wash my face every night. After that then you put the cleaning product on. You can use proactive I hear that works really well. If it gets to bad go to your skin doctor and they may tell you something you can use that will be better for you skin type. I hoped I helped!

Corey M
i tried many products, and proactive works the best.

OMG same problem but I don't have tons, I have a few pimples,Okay this is what you should do, take an egg out of your fridge, take out the egg yolk, so that you're only left with the white/clear stuff. (Put in a bowl obviously) take a plastic knife, and scope up the white/clear stuff and put it on your face. Once it drys go to bed, and leave it on during the whole night. (The white/clear stuff drys out the pimples) When you wake up wash your face and but on a moisterizer the endd. Do this everynight until you pimples are almost gone.

Calm & Collected
just stop eating junk food such as Burger King or Jack in the Box. Also stop woofing down Snickers bars and Nestle Crunch.

Oh yeah and Accutane worked really well for me. I have Kaiser and it wasn't expensive either.

i use the neutrogena wave. im also fourteen and it made my skin really really soft but sometimes i still have acne, like right now.. :(

L!√£ [email protected] Lø√£
hmm idk i think clean and clear is the best

Raj T
ummm... go to ur derm. n try to get on accutane .. its works really well .. n 90% of d teens don't get acne again ... n i also u ice cubes on my face... which really helps wid the swellin . n it also takes of sme redness off ur skin ..

check out www.acne.org

it has reviews on things that will work and won't work.

I used to be the same way i used a homemade mixture of salt ,basil,pepper ,lemon juice,an egg and water put it on your face in the shower for abuut 1 minuet every time you take one for a week oh and ont more thing try to keep your hair off your face it just makes your problemo worse hope this helps and IDK what guys do my guy friend says that they just deal.. althow i dout that a lot....LOL

Revolution of Truth
those clinical products are bad stuff. the secret is get a lime, cut off a slice of rub the lime on your face. the part you cut of. make sure you apply it well. it will eventually dry on your skin, leave it for like 4 hours. after the first use you'll see that half the zits are gone. those clinical companies are trying to get money out of nothing. do this for a week each day. but the end of the second week it will all be gone.


Try not to worry over them to much, stress causes more breakouts.

don't pop them, it will leave scars in the future.
gently rub them with a hot steamy face cloth every morning and night.
don't use products with benzoil peroxide in them- they cause irritatioin and red ness

I'm the same age as you and I have a milde condition of acne * a few pimples a week * I don't really uses acne products, I use face washes that keep skin fresh, or a acne srub with a daily moisturizer
" the scrub gently rubs away drie skin and opens up the pimple "
=] hope this helped

Sarah Bean
good old fashioned noxzema. actually i have no idea how to spell that. if you are getting them out of no where, it may even be from something you are eating or an allergy. try washing your face with a sensitive wash like cetaphil and warm water, pat it dry and put on a light, sensitive skin moisturizer. repeat for a few days. if that doesn't work, you might have to pull out the big guns like whatever that stuff is that jessica simpson uses. if you are wearing makeup, this may also be a problem. you might try switching your foundation. one that i love (and i have sensitive skin too) is bare minerals. a bit more expensive, but it lasts a long time and is worth the extra cost.

I use clenzaderm. I got it at my face place and I do not know if they have them in your city but I would look up clenzoderm on google because trust me it is worth it. I havent gotten a zit in 4 months :)

Go see your family doctor and he can prescribe you to a simple cleansing wipe that truly works magic.
I used Clindex, and I love it. Although it kind of dries your skin, it's worth it. Besides, you can always work in an every other day (or only when needed) schedule, to give your skin a rest.
If all else fails, consider talking to your doctor about birth control, preferably one with a higher dose, which should help acne.

mz. babyblazer
well what i use is a neutrogena face wash like the orange bar soap. I use the AVON Solutions(toner, day and night lotions). I had to order it from someone that sell the product. For me it worked well and I also have sensitive skin. The Proactive did not work for me, it made it worse and then I also tried the Neutrogena skiniD and that didnt do it either. Its a trial and error thing so keep trying. Drink lots a lot of water which helps as well...good luck;)

Caleb T
Well since your a girl, you probobly Have a lot of lotion at home. Even though your face looks gresey and gross it really needs lotion and I garente that u will see improvement within a day!

Noxzema seemed to work really well for me.


Hey that was not very nice....but yes sugar and dairy can worsen your acne. I use Meleluca Zap-it You have to special order it from meleluca.com but I would not suggest it for you because it is very acidic but i like it. Also poping them is a very good way to get rid of them, you need to get rid of the puss, some people say it just goes away, well if it really does, that puss goes back into your skin (eww) I just pole a small hole in a zip with a sewing needle. Them i use my fingers a sceeze the puss out. It will hurt but it the only way to get the puss out......

try to put toothpaste on em (over night) it dries them out

Cissy Y
acne free (can get at drug stores)
or go to the dermatologist and get something from a perscription

The first clue to your ZIT ATTACK is your choice of words. . . you start off your question with OMG! This shows me that you are stressed out about your complexion. THIS IS WHAT'S CAUSING THE ZITS.

Calm down about this. The zits will go away when you stop worrying about it.

Just wash your face twice a day with regular ivory soap and water and your beautiful face will show up in the mirror and you'll soon become the most popular person in your school.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
question: do you drink a lot of water at all?
if you don't already, start drinking water daily.
ever since i started drinking water (I drink about 2 bottle daily), my skin cleared up pretty well. :D

as a note - sensitive skin, you might benefit from Cetaphil.
But I started using that AFTER my skin cleared up, so I don't know how much of a zit-clearer it is.

Marty McFly
Try Proactive Solution....if not make an appointment with a dermatologist and seek prescription medication.

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