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 How to get whiter skin?

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 Why don't asians have acne?

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 how can u get rid of sunburn?

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My sunburn started peeling...?
So i had a sunburn on my shoulders from water country and then 6 days later[now] it started peeling...and i could not but to help peel it off too. Now it's all red, wrinkled. and stings a bit. What should i do?

Put some lotion on it and stop freaking out, Tittie

Sunshine <3
Aloe Vera works. But baby oil works sooooo much better and its not sticky and it well prevent more skin from peeling.

You're white. it happens to us white people. get over it

Go to the hospital immediately!! That is SO not the normal consequence of having a sunburn!!


I always use Aloe Vera and Solorcaine Spray w/ moisturizers. Peeling drives me crazy. I know its gonna happen but I freak out like its a skin disease!! Good Luck!

God is love

Its alright my sister had that, put cream on it works

Thomas M
Water and then lotion.

avoid the sun and try not to apply bandage and take it off. It might be a raw skin.

Use Aloe Vera like 2 times a day, once at night, and once in the morning. It's nothing serious. :)

thats called skin cancer

just put lotion on

Use aloe vera will take down pain and peeling, if taken with vitamin-E it will greatly help with the moisturizing of your skin.
Apple cider vinegar and aspirin will help knock down inflammation(redness,swelling) along with speeding up the healing time, there are tons more you can do to aid a sunburn, but i only wrote a few if you search.

Quarantine yourself

ALOE!! and if you start developing sun spots then go to the dermatologist. they have medication that will clear it up


Use moisturizer, like Vaseline Intensive Care. You should have started using moisturizer almost right from the beginning.

For a burn, you should use aloe vera in the very beginning unless it's blistered. However, you should use sunblock and avoid burning. Don't spend too much time out in the sun and follow the instructions on using sunblock properly.

aloe aloe aloe..
its the best.. and shaving cream takes the burn out of sunburns so idk if it would help now or not..

Use Aloe Vera right away!!

You'll be fine, just lots of lotion and don't pick at it!

Simon P
dont worry, only last a couple days and youl be fine, like others have said, use lotion, not much else you can do

It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again, :) Just kidding, Silence Of The Lambs joke, good movie.

The best and only thing you can do is keep it moisturized, either with lotion or aloe. Try not to peel it because you can peel beyond the dead skin and hurt whats still alive, and that hurts. Leave it alone and when you shower, gently scrub over it with a loofah. The peeling should stop within two days.

Noxzema works the best/

8 Azure �
Amanda's right. Use something to soothe the pain, and stop peeling. It's hard, but if you keep peeling it yourself, the skin won't be ready to be exposed, and it's going to keep hurting. Ice works, but definitely use aloe vera or something, and then you can put ice on top of that. You just have to wait for it to heal.

Amanda C
Aleo Vera. It will help heal it, and help with the peeling, it will also help with anypain, to soothe it

Noxema is amazing for sunburns - it refreshes and calms the burn/sting.

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