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Drunk Driver
My ribs are showing through my skin. How do I make it not show?
Whenever I take off my shirt and raise my arms, you can see my ribs there. I am not skinny or anorexic, I go to the gym a lot and I have a fair amount of muscle. However, My ribs still show...any solution?

I am the same way, it happens as long as you can't see your ribs through your shirt you should be okay. Just try eating more meat it sometimes helps.

Start eating more and gain weight.

drink beers and start eating two servings of oatmeal in the morning

recycle b
I believe you when you say you are not anorexic or skinny. For many people when they raise their arms, ribs that they never thought they had suddenly start popping out. I have seen many people of average weight raise their arms and one or more ribs suddenly pop out. As long as your ribs are not constantly showing even if your arms were down, you have nothing to worry about.

Free Man
There are muscles that cover most of your ribs and you apparently haven't developed them. Chin ups work the muscles along the sides of your ribcage, do both overhand and underhand chin ups. Bench press works the muscles in the front, especially close vs. wide grip bench press. My ribs used to show too and the best thing that helped me was doing underhanded chin ups. You will be amazed to see those muscles popping out on the sides of your ribcage in places you didn't think muscles were even there.

Dillon G
do some sittups
but on some people its just like that because of your body shape and size

SkaterChick. (:
gain weight

Christ is the Saviour!
do to mcdonalds and fatten up

You have no ideia how I wish to be in your situation.
Talk to a fitness instructor, they know how to work on certain parts of your body to sculpt it.

You can try to bulk up a lot more; you don't have a lot of fat - or muscle, sorry - to cover them. There are many solutions to that, such as creating a new cardio plan to focus on building your pectorials and abdominals. And if you wanted to go this far, try eating more carbs.

well its not totally bad to have ur ribs at all. That doesnt mean ur too skinny or anorexic, or belemic it just means that your not fat or overly mucular. Many people are like that, expecial teens

You need to chow down and eat some food, that is a sign you need more nutrition especially if you don't want them to show.

Pokemon Luver
you might want to eat a bit more until your ribs dont show....

eat more and work out more so that you can gain muscle over your ribs; it'll look better AND you'll have abs!

its not that bad:) my friend has that same thing n i still think she is hot:)

Thats not a bad thing, my ribs show also. If you gain weight, you're ribs wouldnt show anymore..?

Jess B
I'm pretty sure thats normal, where else are they meant to go when you reach up? In?

Timothy H
assuming your a guy then your ribs should show when you raise your arms...or else you'd be fat

eat more

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