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My nose is red and burns from blowing it all day. Any suggestions?

Additional Details
yes, from wiping it all day.

Jerry M
stop blowing it.

Born-Again Libertarian
Boil some water, pour it in a cup, add some honey, and steam your nose for a bit. Have some soft tissues on hand though, as it will also loosen things up in your head.

Griffin W
sounds like windburn, keep it covered so it doesnt get inflamed

Go to the store and buy Puffs Plus with Lotion. When I get sick, I blow my nose all the time. These really help with the chaffing and soreness.

Nurse Susan
1] use vitamin E capsules, ointment or pure aloe vera on nostrils
2] blow and BLOT instead of wiping
3] put Vaseline on at night
[ anything with lotion etc. makes my nose worse - if it gets REALLY bad, buy Baby Wipes to wipe your nose - the kind without alcohol ]

Try a saline spray. It won't help for the redness but it will soothe the burning and moisturize your nostrils. You can also try inhaling with a vaporizer.

It is due to cold. After a hot water wash and clean uo, apply some cold cream and it will vanish

Get a part time job playing Rudolph????
Sorry, couldn't help myself!
Sorry about your nose! Been there. Ouch! Good luck, hope it clears up for ya soon!

William S
It sounds like you have a severe cold or the flu. Did you take a lot of nasal spray? Usually that can happen from taking a lot of nasal spray in one day. Only use nasal spray once every 12 hours. If you need to, take some Benadryl it should clear you right up. Other than that, just get plenty of fluid and rest.

Yeah I vote for the neosporin. It's like the duct tape of the medical world...I stick it on everything.

~ Floridian``
There are lotion based tissues to prevent this, containing Aloe. Meanwhile, use a moisturizing cream or vaseline.

Yes please go buy some "Cold Care" Tissue...it has aloe vera & lanolin in it...so it will be soft & smooth to your nose.
Also try "Loratadine Tablets"...it helps runny noses. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon. :)

van kedileri
I have the same tiring problem. Use a gentle tissue and lots of moisturiser

Do nothing and lead Santa's sleigh through the cold, winter storms. Or you could take medicine to relieve the runny nose, thus eliminating your need to blow it all day subsequently reducing the redness. Vicks vapor rub helps too.

Apply Neosporin on your nose and take it easy; instead of wiping your nose just pat it.

♥ тнє σяιgιиαℓ gιяℓfяι∂αу ♥
Put some Carmex or some Vaseline on it - the skin is chapped. Keep it hydrated until it gets better and doesn't hurt any more.

veggie eater
lotion-if you really meant that it's red and burns from wiping it.

nathaya m
The red capillaries are swollen or broken. Try using a wet wipe or aloe vera in the tissue. Try NHS direct for more help.

rub some lotion with aloe and get the softest tissue

There are various ways to get sinuses to drain. I have had very good results with nasal lavage, where you sniff water with a little salt up your nose, and also with a cool mist humidifier to which I have added a pint of hydrogen peroxide. Once the nose is red, a good lotion or burn salve is some help.

put some aloe vera lotion/gel on it... and use softer tissues

wash with cold water, and or. use lotion, hope it helps

also, if u want to get rid of stuffy nose, boil some water with honey in it, put it in a bowl, and drape a towl, and like inhale the steam, but make sure u can breathe. and get lotsa tissues cuz ur nose is gonna get runny, but not stuffy

hope ti helps

Sounds weird, but medicated chapstick usually helps.

When in need! Use PUFFS indeed!!

hehe =D

Vaseline or Neosporin, yeah your nose will be greasy, but it will feel better.

Hear there's an opening for lead reindeer around the 25th of the month. Sorry its seasonal work though. jk-sorry, see if you can find a product called "nose better"-- that really is the name of it, its great for a sore nose-- feel better !

Roll up toilet paper and stick it in your nostrils and breath out of your mouth.

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