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♥ :) ♥ :) ♥
My hands get really dry in the winter. What should i do?
Every winter, my hands get EXTREMLY dry. The get cracked and itchy and they hurt. I try putting lotion on, and i've done it about a bizzilion times a day, but it hasn't helped. And it just makes my dry, cracked hands burn.
Do you know what i should do to help it? And please don't just say to wear gloves when i go outside, because i do.

Help? Please. Thank you to anyone who answers with a helpful answer.

Denise the great

if lotion didn't help you should see your doctor.
i have sweaty hands and trust me, they're not that good either.

try using a different soap when you wash your hands. and wash your hands in warm water. during the winter, if you wash them i cold water, they usually dry out more.

Super Bruin 2
that happens to me its looks like burning rash on your hand. i dont get how lotion doesnt help, because when i put lotion on them they burn for a little while and then the next day they are much better although not perfect. just use medicated lotion and pray. nothing else helps.

Baby Boi
A+D ointment. It soothes your skin and those dry cracks, with no itch. Or probably go for a check up in your local hospital.

I always just wear mittens, but if you cant do that try using some oils or something

rebecca c
My hands do the same thing too. I found that perfume in lotion bothers my hands more. Try Aveeno lotion.

bath and body works has this lotion called "look ma new hands" ITS AMAZING

tifftari t
wash your hands an soak them in oil also u can try putting lotion an oil together like cocoa butter and you can soak them in plain oatmeal 4 about 5mins try that good luck

Mr. Goodkat
I use this stuff called Zims Crack Cream. Yes, the name is funny, but it is great stuff, and it works.

you ca use keri, it smells good and woks for really dry skin.

mix eucerin cream and a&d ointment. it should work great. i do that for my terribly dry feet. works wonders

Stephanie G
At night, I put lotion on. That way it sits on my hands all night. Try Eucerin lotion or something.

vaseline? my mom always has dry cracked hands because she washes her hands every five minutes(no shez not obsessive about it she just gets her hands dirty keeping her house perfectly clean) and her hands are always near the hot stove, cooking, when shez not cleaning so her hands get super cracked and dry. like yours. if she puts on a lot of vaseline, instead of lotion, her hands are less dry, but it doesn't fix it completely

My hands crack and bleed and I wear gloves, stay hydrated and use lotions and oils include vasiline at night. The only thing that has worked for me is Norwegian Formula Hand Cream by Neutrogena. My hands are still dry but no longer crack or bleed. It works immediately and if you use it and put on gloves while you sleep, your hands will be soft too.

idk what lotion you use, but use this one and its amazing on cracked skin. Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Its for fry, cracked, or irritated skin.
try it! i use it on my egzyma sometimes and it works wonders.

Snow Bird
Apricot Kernel oil, or almond oil, much more nourishing than lotion

It's healthy and it works differently, than any so called lotion

You're Not Supposed to Think

This is dermatitis caused by the cold and wind. A lanolin based hand cream, or something as simple as sorbitol will help. But it is better to have a corticosteroid cream that can be applied. For that you will need a prescribing doctor.

All the best. Sorry about your hands. Merry Christmas.

My hands get that way too. Have you tried putting vaseline on them at night and wearing cotton gloves to bed? I also recommend using Gold Bond or prescription strength lotion during the day.

I have the same thing
They get so dry they will crack open and bleed
Put lotion on your hands, and AT NIGHT when you have the lotion on, use non-powdered gloves
It's gross, but it will work wonders

I've never tried this, but i heard it works, and lasts a while.
Smother your hands in vasoline (thick) and put gloves/mittens on.
Sleep with your hands like this, for a night, or two if thats how many it takes, works wonders.

okayy use vasileen idk how u spell that lol
then put socks over your hands when ur about to go to sleep
they should be alot better by morning
and during the day do NOT use perfumed lotion
thats why it burns
(: hope this was good

Try Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy lotion, sold in most pharmacies. Make sure you are drinking enough water, since dehydration is linked to dry skin.

Also make sure you are getting enough omega 3 fatty acids. These help keep the skin oily. You can get omega 3's either through eating fatty fish like salmon or taking fish oil supplements(make sure you don't take cod liver oil with vitamin A and D, since these can be toxic in large amounts). Many people are deficient in omega 3's.

Try eating more leafy green vegetables like kale, broccoli or spinach, or drinking them, even V-8 might help since the nutrients it contains may be helpful for the skin. If you really want to make your skin better and become healthier in general, try juicing your own vegetables with a home-juicer. Fresh made carrot juice is delicious, and may benefit the skin. Maybe throw in some broccoli or kale. Or you can visit a juice bar, but this can be expensive if you do it often. I hope this helps...

*Again - No cod liver oil, unless it says the vitamins A and D were removed. They can be very dangerous in large amounts.

Buy a perscription level lotion like Eucerin or if you don't want to pay that much Lubriderm is the best choice and apply it twice a day.

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